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  1. Lmao he thought we r afraid :lol: :lol: :lol:
  2. U were laughing and shouting in trade chat 'im amp my stuffs with SOMEONES signs' why cant u shout it here too ? Stole his signs , mace n other stuffs then deleted his chars. Wow shameless n shouting in trade chat. i want see u shout here too. PRETTY PLEASE. old scammer back
  3. İm in too :good: will be fun :blush:
  4. no we didnt die. and we r waiting for u at eye. come :blush: let me see wat gonna happen plz
  5. Lmao who killed us at eye :unknw:
  6. it doesnt matter maybe u r older than them in game but they are better than u. thats the point :good:
  7. just lord and me killed u and kiyomi at t5 many mc was there u both still dead. i think we dont need one party even kill u in town :blush:
  8. u r the one who doesnt know anything. i argued w analyze cause he sold out bd boots instead of giving postive. u dont talk better.
  9. yah so sweet scammer friends :rofl: i dont really care watever u say. as he said its out of topic. have a fun by talking urself.
  10. lmao i didnt try hack n beg pliskin. and and. how u dare to talk jaw. wat happened to ur old char? why banned? oh wait maybe cause of scaming ppl.? :shok:
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