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  1. Wew "connecting...." So... U like stuff..?? 'Yeah i like stuff' Wat kind of stuff u like..?? 'Just stuff' Cool.. "Connecting...." Umm.. u like stuff..?? 'Yeah i like stuff' wat kind of stuff u like..?? 'Just stuff' "Connection with server has been lost..." So u like that stuff..?? 'HELL duckEN NO'
  2. A reply for POLEY.. GET A LIFE RETARD.. JEALOUSNESS ENVYS ME the reason ur char dies so qwik when im on the spot is coz of "VERBAL COMMUNICATION" we are diff sex and we met before she got introduced to this game by me TYVM.. So a couple suggestions to u.. "wake up to yourself and grow up","quit hating coz it only makes u look stupid","stop writing stuff that you yourself knows isnt true coz it proves to us your just an immature dweeb seeking attention" FOR THOSE WHO DO FIND LOVE THRU THIS GAME.. KEEP IT TO YOURSELF AND LET NO1 KNOW BUT THOSE U TRULY TRUST.. otherwise all sorts of shit names will be called upon u.. PEACE AND GODBLESS 8)
  3. Whats with this latest caching..?? I created a rogue to lvl10 just to find out i need to re-create..?? :facepalm: My ms skill is hopelessly unbelievably doing max hits of 0! u see that "!" crit hit of wtf..!! :rofl: And then theres my shamman.. OMFGOSH the prick cant heal himself or others.. its an insult to gank mode.. like when i tried to gank but then got ganked not realising my heal dont exist.. it dont even show the heal icon below my name when skill is activated.. Monday 4th is such a long way to wait.. in these cases it causes down rating of "suggested apps" especially for weekly paying customers such as myself come to forum cryin.. Wew look im cryin.. lolz
  4. My ozzi bro :friends: if u got the tools then please do.. all i have is a stupid mobile and a no good tablet.. :good:
  5. Almost useless hah.. define..?? Anyways.. update update update how long are u gona take.. :pardon:
  6. Haha yeah barbs charge now probably has a 65% of failing from 70% :bad: :wacko:
  7. Wheres the decrease in damage of bd's hamstring and their bs attack speed..?? :facepalm:
  8. Yo GM.. listen man i kinda miss nadir as the center of attention :( so i came up with a randumb idea or however u wana call it :wacko: lolz.. but anyways.. im idea was to have a seperate trade market which is only based in nadir and this market should allow both sides to interact (mc, forsaken ←→ fb, chosens) with trading but through the market :good: But anyways it was just a thought :pleasantry:
  9. Yay more money for aigrind and less unfortunate possibilities to get worthy items for paying customers :yahoo: :yahoo: :facepalm:
  10. Buahahahaa kowaru :facepalm: just coz she can kick ur ass while using lvl15 gears dude ur pathetic.. i didnt mention names but since u did it looks like ur the 1 cryin.. as for being a hacker or scammer.. dude.. i dnt look like a nerd like u do i :facepalm: :facepalm:
  11. Update is disfunctional :facepalm: nice gift I HATE IT.. :rofl: :rofl:
  12. Go anih its ur birthday, we gon murder elvs like its ur birthday and u know we don't giv a duck coz its ur wait wait.. wat..?? The sever is stil down :shok: wtf.. :facepalm:
  13. It's my bday on Wednesday how bout a gift :yahoo:8) make it :lol:good >:D please
  14. I can honestly say that I have helped many ppl and so what if I don't get mentioned.. but.. I'll have to agree with tuby's last post.. coz during the time of helping others u come across idiots who don't know wtf they are doin then mess's it all up then starts running u down with pathetic insults..
  15. Most hated part I hate all together is when elvs switch to mc then pm crying about "wtf did I do to u" lmfgdao :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :facepalm:
  16. Barb: Machote and Melzie Rouge: Fluguy and Mymelody Shamman: Atachi and Hopzz Ranger: Cleiton and Catherinem BD: Pliskin and Kowaru Druid: As for the other class's sorry I dont get time to judge u guys and as for the 1's above are "based" rated from pvp cave.. oh and sorry to the guys I didn't post up :lol: :lol: :rofl: ;D
  17. Better..?? Yet ur a newbie and talkin crap as if ur a pro wtf.. noobie.. :facepalm:
  18. Your obviously not reading right.. if hamstring can cancel skills then so can charge yes we all know that but... The damages that follows with the hamstring is what im on about, it causes some very hits compared to what barbs "chop" does.. So do u follow with me now..?? If not create a barb and go pvp dying :facepalm: :facepalm:
  19. Big question.. During pvp barb vs bd, why is it that bd's can cancel the barbs use of skills at the same time causing some very high damages then what a lvl20 barbs lvl5 chop does..?? I think that's so unfair, especially when being smashed by a lvl15 :bad: :crazy: :crazy: :lol: :lol: :lol: :facepalm:
  20. kuz or support please monitor player blaksmoke as hes being a real pain in the head by swearing, being racist, talkin bout other players who have done nothing to him and using sexual refrences and being aexually offensive.. :facepalm:
  21. What is the percentage rate on boss drops?? How do we increase the rate?? Why is most drop "spheres"??
  22. One day a couple months ago i was so happy that WARSPEAR-ONLINE released its update where all players in game could amplify their gear and weapons, everybody was so excited to have their gear amplified until a few days later they lost them and started posting mean and terrible words on trade chat game and on site forum until some got banned or hacked. The End.. :lol:
  23. many months ago i was getting mcoins cheap via sms and of coarse it was bugged but now, its fixed ;D So when the first release of amplifying gear and weaponry opened i straight away amped my sharpened labrys to +9, i had tested it and thought "duck yeah im gona kick some major ass now" then i tried to amp it to +10 my girl friend was buggin the hell out of me so when i tried to log out i accidentally clicked "no" for amping and got really furious because i was argueing with my gf and lost my +9 at that moment i threw my mobile to the wall and it broke :facepalm: from that time i was only lvl17 and didnt log bak in till a month later when i got "a" fone to use.. but when i logged in i wasnt able to buy mcoins cheap again so i got myself another sharpened labrys and use all mcoins i had to amp it.. soat that moment after thinking about what happened when the argueing and lost of axe and fone i ended up being happy coz with a +5 labrys i was still kickin ass but however.. my gf got furious coz she saw me gettin on WARSPEAR-ONLINE again then another arguement broke out :facepalm: as time flew past 3weeks ago i got her into the game and i created a shamman for her so we could farm together and now you know whats happening?? she addicted to WARSPEAR-ONLINE :yahoo:
  24. u guys who run ws shuld apply wages on arena against teams and apply a PVP( 1vs1 ) battle along with miracle coins wages :D Sounds bluddy awsome if u ask me :lol:
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