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    342621117mk got a reaction from Higgings in Mounts   
    This is a mount.

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    342621117mk reacted to Ninja Owl in GMS LOOK THIS VIDEO   
    Great video! It clearly showcased desynchronization, the game's emphasis on 1v1, the fact that roots stun and that damaging skills kill faster.
    I didn't care at all that there was no contemplating effective counter methods, or even comparison with enemy skills. Because these are all serious problems and I'm really bad at this game.
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    342621117mk reacted to juuelikkas in mcs dropping bow   
    Oh it is you again   Dude, seriously, stop.
    I mean, you've been crying for ridiculous crap like this forever, and it has been explained every time why the situation is what it is. Pro tip: read Snowman's post above and, I beg you, try to understand this time.
    And about the 'unfair' skills of elves about which you really do like to whine (yes not really relating to this posts but don't feel like answering two times to this guy since he is spamming these posts again);  They are not unfair. Yes, some skills are better for arena than others; some skills work are totally op against certain classes. Learn to deal with it. Some mc skills are totally op in respect of some situations and on the other hand, some elf skills are totally op in other situations.  Nevertheless, that's how it is, and that's how it should be. If you are one of those 'hurr durr let's give everyone identical skills and identical damages', you're playing the wrong game. You can find almost every skill op if you evaluate it in the context that suits your interests. Yes, 4/4 counterstrike is deadly, but you're dumbass if you bang your head against brickwall.
    Btw, I've seen you dozens of times in the arena, and it is not about the op skills of your opponents, the problem is your horrible tactics and lack of teamwork. 
    And I play mostly with mcs so no need to use 'you're partial' card.
    Peace out.
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    342621117mk reacted to Ikafati in Let's talk balance   
    Before I begin, let me point out a few things.
    First off, I will mostly talk about skills. Skills of a class are pretty much the defining characteristic that make it unique. I could mention one skill and every Warspear veteran would know which class I'm talking about.
    Secondly, almost
    no skill is overpowered. Silence skills are OP? No. Secret Link is OP? Nope. Totem maybe? Nope.avi. Almost every skill on it's own is fine. I'm surprised people don't realise that it's the entire skillset that makes the class OP. Make a regular Barbarian and a Bladecancer with the best possible gear, but only with Counterstrike, fight eachother. The winner is obvious.
    Thirdly, when someone makes a skillbuild, they expect it to be useful. The glory of perfect balance is that any skillbuild you make will be good as every other one, but it will still be unique and may standout. Yet it's 2015, and we still have noobtraps.
    Lastly, this wall of text will be long, so just CTRL+F the class you want to read my opinion about. I won't always write an exact name of the skill so people would understand what I talk about quicker. Also, people hate when their favorite class is in danger, even if it's just an illusion, so I wonder how many people I will manage to piss off. Let's go.
    ...is a perfectly balanced class
    . It has 2 possible weapon routes, and therefore, more unique skillbuilds. Both routes provide great defense options, as you would expect from a tank type class and both routes have great offense, without anything sticking out. The only problem that it has is also shared with other 3 classes - it's Taunt. 1/5? Useless. 5/5? What changed? Hell, if a boss has less than half HP, and someone else began tanking it, the skill won't even work. Me and some other people suggested great ideas on how to change the skill. Make it a proper Taunt - if the skill is used on a mob, it will stay on the tank for the ENTIRE duration, no matter the damage dealt by others. For PvP, make a taunted enemy deal less damage for everyone in your party except you, so there would be more incentive to attack you and not others. This change should be applied to all classes that have Taunt, so I won't repeat everything again.
    Oh, Rogue is pretty much fine as well
    By looking at the class description, you would expect it to be a class that dishes out huge damage and has low survivability. Play as a Rogue and you'll get exactly that. Sacrifice damage for Gouge and in return, you may get a chance to stealth again after waiting out applied DoTs and deal even more damage. The class a an ability to catch up to people and DoT as well, so it's a well rounded class.
    These are more of a strange questionmarks, rather than balancing suggestions. Why Blind increases the Dodge % of the enemy? Also, instead of this % being reduced by studying the skill, it actually increases. This Dodge gimmick should be removed entirely, as it serves no purpose and no player actually takes this into consideration when studying the skill. Also, Earthquake's attack speed
    reduction is definitely unnoticeable, so this effect should be strengthened or entirely removed as well, because the skill is picked by most people for obvious different reasons. Aside from that, a great support class.
    Remember how I mentioned a skill being nothing on it's own but OP when combined with others? This class represents it very well. 4/4 into Silence and your enemy is just a punchbag for the next 7 seconds. This is not a Germany/Brazil football match review, but yes, that's SEVEN. "Ok, but the skill has a lengthy cooldown". This is where the skillset being OP part comes in. Pull the enemy to yourself and use Exhalation. Then use Silence. Mash all skills. After the Silence is over, stun the enemy again. If your enemy is not dead yet, you're either a low amp player or a complete loser. This combo has no counterplay and you cannot escape it. If you are still alive after the combo, you will be pulled, stunned and silenced again. Even bosses become regular mobs with high HP if silenced by this skill at 4/4. My suggestion would be to reduce the Silence duration to the maximum of 4 seconds at 4/4. I really couldn't understand how could anyone debate for more. Aside from that, Deathknight is a great tank class with 2 stuns, good damage output and great survivability. Only the Taunt should be fixed, as mentioned above.
    The only class that has good chances of winning against this class is a Ranger. Why? Because no melee class will touch a good warlock and almost no skills will be cast on him. Only Ranger can still do good damage, since it's a ranged class, which has huge damage without skills. The problem is similar to Deathknight's - low counterplay, except it's a bit different here. Puddle is a DoT. Drain is a DoT. Bloody Tribute is a DoT. Hex is a DoT. Melee are pretty much stunned from all of this and the class has 2 stun skills already, so that's a good 2.5. I'd recommend removing the DoT from Hex and leave it as a simple silence as it is right now. Puddle also doesn't need to tick 5 times, 3 are fine. Aside from that it's a very well rounded caster class.
    A support which is just too good. I'd argue that Nightmare is OP
    but simply reducing the duration wouldn't fix it. Can't give a lot of insight there. 8 second "stun" is too good, since you can heal yourself, refresh the shield and apply almost all debuffs without giving your enemy any chance to retaliate. Speaking of debuffs, many would say Mental Pit is OP, but it's actually not. It simply reduces your damage. In a lot of situations, Roar would reduce way more damage, but have you heard anyone complaining about that? It's clear that devs don't want to balance things around 1v1 fights, but still, the power of the skill could be a bit reduced. Right now, it turns a +10 player into a -3 one. Also, Infection's damage at the end of the skill effect is stupid and unnecessary. Necromancer is a support
    , so why not make the skill a bit more "supporty". Instead of dealing damage, make the skill spread on other enemies. Don't run away from the infected and you're dead for sure. The current damage the skill deals would be possibly conpensated with an added bonus by the damage your teammates deal. #1 support in the game for sure.
    Oh boy, I'm sure you skipped everything and CTRL+F'd here. Doesn't matter if you did or not, it doesn't change the fact how broken OP this class is and that you already know what changes I'll recommend. Such a seemingly simple and smooth combo makes everyone hate fighting this class. It has everything to lock you in place and make you kill yourself from a few attacks of your own. So yea, let's begin. Hamstring is too strong. Period. A 3 second stun
    and huge damage, which is also a DoT. Fixes? Keep the stun and remove the damage or reduce the stun and reduce the damage. Counterstrike is OP as well. The idea of the skill is logical and I like it. But 700 damage, even if it's 4/4? AND IT CAN CRIT? Why would I max any other expert skill? The fix is simple - make the skill counter the amount of damaged based on the amount received. No more newbies hitting the Bladecancer for 50 and getting countered by a 1.4k crit. Moving on, Sonic Wave, even at 1/4, deals too much damage as well. Since it's always used immediately after the Hamstring, you can't do much about it. Make it scale better, right now there is no reason to upgrade it. Aside from that, even though Parry is better than Dodge, it should scale better as well. Currently, just like Taunt, it's a noobtrap. Taunt changed themselves should be applied as well.
    The class which holds the title of the stupidest and most overpowered skill in the game. It's not Counterstrike folks. Remember how I mentioned that almost no skill is OP on it's own. That's why I said "almost" - because Ranger Blessing exists. You click 1 button. Just one. Suddenly, your damage output is doubled. 2x. 100% increase. Why would anyone need Ice rings or tournament awards with mere 6-7% damage boosts, when you can have 100% boost by clicking a button? Get unlucky, and you will die from one basic attack and one Power Blow
    which become 4 crits for some reason. Even skills proc it, and there 4 of them that can do it. Changes? Hell yea. Possibly
    increase the duration of the skill and make the bonus auto attack proc to be guaranteed, but only on every 3rd auto attack or skill combined. That way you will be able to try and defend yourself and not get unlucky by receiving 4 crits in your face. Aside from that, Explosive Trap needs changes. I fight in arena and PvP cave quite a lot and to be completely honest with you, I haven't seen this skill once. I assume the damage could be increased? Maybe the range of the explosion? Can't say much here
    Don't post how I never mentioned the fact that you can be completely stunlocked - it's not 100% precise and you can fight it, just get good. Aside from that, Secret Link heals too much, too fast. It is basically a free upgraded potion. Doesn't it go against the marketing? The healing power should obviously be greatly reduced. I'd also recommend changing the skill's healing into a % instead of a flat amount, with 4/4 healing 100% precisely.
    Straight to the point - make the Power Blow on par with other Power Blows. Everyone knows that for some weird reason it deals much more damage than other Power Blows. Combine that with Banner and you have a combo which is getting a bit OP. Also, improve Aura. Make it stronger than Merman's Aura, because right now, there is no reason for any Paladin to put any skill points there, since everyone and the Paladin himself can just buy a Merman. Currently, the skill a noobtrap as well. The strenght of magic affected skills could be slightly increased as well, because right now, there is no good reason to get magic rings and put a magic power crystal into your mace or maul, since raw physical damage is stronger.
    Big damage, more damage, even more damage, balanced by having no consistent stun and having mediocre survivability. Everything is fine aside from Dragon's Eye. The skill seems excelent - mana regen on auto attacks, more AS to boost that as well. And invisibility counter. Why? Doesn't matter if your Stealth is 1/5 or 5/5, you will be seen. And the stupidest thing about this is that it counters one specific skill of one specific class. No counterplay at all too. Remove it entirely - Mages have plenty of ways to reveal stealthed Rogues already.
    A good class with a wonderful stun that doesn't actually stun. Lovely support class, no changes needed.

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    342621117mk got a reaction from Hike Tyson in Amplifying - A Great Issue   
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    342621117mk reacted to Morgana in Amplifying - A Great Issue   
    1. Don't judge someone because of his age.2. Being graduated doesn't make you better than him
    3. Having a job with 12 years is nothing to be proud of
    4. Leave him alone
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    342621117mk got a reaction from Nosotraes in Mounts   
    This is a mount.

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    342621117mk got a reaction from Morgana in [2015.08.24] Week of Galore! Double bounty for Guilds and Dungeon Explorers   
    I can barely tell the difference between all the new costumes, they all just look like red and purple lumps.
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    342621117mk got a reaction from nine0 in How to craft lvl 20 expedition cbow ?   
    The upgrading craft jobs give a random result, so I guess that there could have been a chance to get the expedition cbow, you might get it if you do the craft job again. I think. 
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    342621117mk got a reaction from TheCabbage in Quiz of the Day XXXI   
    Menu > Character > All Attributes > Reputation
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    342621117mk reacted to Nosotraes in SCREENSHOTS FROM THE GAME   
    You are a retard, actually.
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    342621117mk reacted to Hazelnut in SCREENSHOTS FROM THE GAME   
    @Tood >> You're retarded.
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    342621117mk reacted to Ikafati in New Arena Lvl 21 Weapons   
    Axe update for rogues/bladecancers was really unnecessary
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    342621117mk got a reaction from [email protected] in Trade between MC/forsaken & Elf/Chosen   
    Yes, cl is a neutral  merchant fraction, it's probably the best place to fit in way for mc/elf trading. There can be this npc at nadir that's similar to to the market npc but can be used by all fractions. This would also solve the bow/cbow problem on mc side.
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    342621117mk got a reaction from Turtle in Trade between MC/forsaken & Elf/Chosen   
    Yes, cl is a neutral  merchant fraction, it's probably the best place to fit in way for mc/elf trading. There can be this npc at nadir that's similar to to the market npc but can be used by all fractions. This would also solve the bow/cbow problem on mc side.
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    342621117mk got a reaction from x in Making a dungeon party with any faction   
    Well then...what's the point of having different fractions in the first place?
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    342621117mk reacted to Turtle in Bladedancer : The Mighty Unbalanced Hero   
    Half the people in this chat dont even know what there talking about tbh. High amped Bds are op Yah but a high amped lock and barb can easily kill and same amp rogues as my bd can kill me.... Also Sixdog no offense but you espiacally have no clue what your talking about... fear?nits not like necros Panic not even close icon same and they run around. But on wrlcks you can freely shoot and even Restun them they cannot "wake up" until the Time is over if anyone disagrees otherwise please show me where they wake up. And also necro has most
    Op stun skill hamstring is like 3 Secs? Around there nightmares 9. And they have panic necros Barbs and locks actaully are just as op as Blade dancers why most
    Are complaining is because
    A: There a caster low Amp
    B: There a Rogue expecting to best a Bd 1v1
    Half this topic complaining is this I will admit counterstrike is SUPER Op needs to be nerfed so it only takes like 300 per hit
    And no crits. Thats the only reason its op your just weak if u die to a bds hamstring and blow
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    342621117mk reacted to Nosotraes in Time to add new cc items?   
    Again new crimson corundum items? Geez, you know that will be for the rich guilds and for the rich guilds only.
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    342621117mk reacted to DARKLORDESe in Worst/Least useful skills and why   
    yes it is useful with skill max and runes.. plus some Dodge and ress.. .. with some magic from amp..... why.. parry for malee attacks and magic protects from range stacks shamans.. . some doge u will block more attacks and resist more and amp with DEF u have more tank protection.. ..
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    342621117mk reacted to nabnecro in Battle for territories. General discussion.   
    Some ideas:
    1) Respawn timer during wars.
    2) Prevent use of life scrolls during wars on irlsenort (open exceptions for dungeons and lab).
    3) Make flag HP proportional to the number of players (for example if mc to elf ratio is 1:3, then make mc flag three times stronger)
    Classes are already balanced.
    Past cries were justified but developers have been slowly buffing previously weak classes like barbarian, death knight, necro and mage. And IMO this is the most balanced warspear versin since expert skills were made avaible.
    The thing is, people still think elves are stronger because they are easier to play. Easier to play at full potential doesn't mean stronger.
    Classes from other factions have a steeper learning curve.
    If you don't play a class the way it is supposed to be played of course you will think they are weak.
    Game is full of people interrupting necromancer nightmares, shamans who only think about 1v1, death knights and barbarians who only think about amping attack and end up being weaker versions of rogues, rogues that don't use gouge because it doesn't do damage, suicide mages that don't known jack about hit and run and so on.
    That being said, I would hate to see developers changing some classes just for the sake of making then more noob-friendly.
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    342621117mk reacted to x6t3nc3 in THE POWER OF ELF = OUTNUMBERED & OVERPOWERED   
    lmao its a game, i spent years mc side
    i deleted my mc chars
    alot of mcs (not all) are rude and arrogant
    ther3 is no teamwork at mc side, its each for their Own
    want quest help? Pay 1k gold per quest
    want to farm? Need +9 or more sorry
    Im not surprised elf is overpopulated, allt of great individuals at elf side, all so welcoming
    As far as im concerned, devs cant do nothing about it. only solution is making mc banner 500k hp, and elf 150k
    fair for you? Probably, us? Nope but hey - we'll still work as a team
    I dont like posts like this at all, dont just target a whole faction and say its overpowered and overpopulated
    Back when i played my shaman, mc was overpowered and overpopulated, what happened? People move, people wanna try new things. I love elf side now! So many great friends i made. I log mc side and theres always someone talking smack about someones mother - its silly
    However there are some awesome mcs tho, like sith, i like some of them.
    but they arent the only good playersl foxlovevix should be ur leader, howling is awesome!
    But yeahl thats my rant
    see you next war
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    342621117mk got a reaction from Nosotraes in Adding stats to the outfits to increase the power of ur char   
    A costume is a costume, if you add stats to it, it would become no different from just weird looking armour, and that would completely defeat the purpose of having a costume in the first place. Also, if they had stats, then there would be amping involved, which only increases the problems that already exist.
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    342621117mk got a reaction from Baryon in Adding stats to the outfits to increase the power of ur char   
    A costume is a costume, if you add stats to it, it would become no different from just weird looking armour, and that would completely defeat the purpose of having a costume in the first place. Also, if they had stats, then there would be amping involved, which only increases the problems that already exist.
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    342621117mk got a reaction from jorge1989 in [2015.03.25] In development: the system of achievements   
    Yes, finally there are achievements. When will this be available? It only says that it is in development.
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