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  1. I like the idea but it probably would not work very well as it would take forever to form a pt for most dgs with so few people who ever does it.
  2. Actually i'm quite sure that nearly all of us can buy mcoins if we wanted to, no one is that poor , ppl just don't find it interesting to spend hundreds of $ just to be able to wreck everything in a video game. Also^
  3. 600K mcoins is more than $4,000
  4. I got great charm with a single rune.
  5. 342621117mk

    Help me

    You don't have to.
  6. Wait how is that possible, you can't put links in wc.
  7. I can barely tell the difference between all the new costumes, they all just look like red and purple lumps.
  8. Do you not realize how high the dmg and def stats of high amps will become, its bad enough as it is.
  9. Owl City - Fireflieshttps://youtu.be/psuRGfAaju4
  10. Upgraded to Win 10 week ago, it's fine.
  11. I made a topic for pants a while back.
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