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  1. It is entirely within the players discretion if anyone wants to time warp on the spot he pointed it to. He needs to walk first using the actual visual on the screen estimating the range or auto attacking or casting single target skills first to the enemy. Which is what we always do to ensure that the enemy is in the right position or right spot or the range and that you will hit them. This is because of the delays in the game or the server time warp is almost always inaccurate or low accuracy when you first use the skill without auto attacking first or cast single target skill first. You think it will hit but its not. No damage will pop up and that is because of the delays in the server and on your screen the positioning of your character and the enemies are delayed. The benefit of this tweak is that the mage can always time warp out the battle or attacking enemies. Because the skill will always be casted even if you are mobed or many players hit you. And the skill's range will always be maximizes.
  2. Nope... Lets say for instance, the range of the time warp is 10 tiles. Now you point the skill 15 stiles away from you. Instead of the character needs to walk 5 tiles to cast, the skill will be casted even if you are still not within the range of the skill. But still taking the same direction and the same range of the skill which is 10 tiles. The damage will be still where the mage landed.
  3. Hi devs, I want to suggest for the mage's Time Warp. Can you make it like magina's blink in dota 2? Where the skill will be executed even you didn't reach the spot where you point the skill. But still teleport in the direction where you pointed it to. I think it would be best for mage's today to have the ability to blink out not just blink in. Because many character classes now can burst mages in few hits. And the game it seems have delays. You always think in your screen you already reach the range of the time warp but the skill didn't cast because in the server you are still few tiles away. Not to mention when you are attacked by a lot of mobs or players. The mage always flinch unable to cast Time Warp. And I think the devs gave this skill to mages to use for escaping too. So why not make it more useful for escaping. And make mages more agile in battle. In my view this tweak won't give huge impact on mages overpowering other classes. Sincerely, Apasserby
  4. . what is the requirements for this guild . Pls reply .
  5. hahaha its bountyyy from the other thread ? By the way , hope the person that make this topic will help soon i need to finish a quest
  6. nwizeee

    HELLO! :)

    is the guild still alive ?
  7. thanks for the reply cabbage yeah youre right this model is old . . Well , maybe i will just play like this anyways the game is still smooth . About the connection i guess its because of my network provider . So thank you again and GOD BLESS ALWAYS ! pls lock . Thanks
  8. may i add this ... Ahm is the server down this January 22, 2015? Coz i cant log in though i have internet connection . And server is alive when i pinged my connection . When i try to connect to the game it says connection to server is lost . I deleted and reinstall the game but it still the same .
  9. hahah this thread was so much fun to read ...
  10. hi . The game runs smooth but , I want to play with sound if there is a way to fix this . Pls help . I dont know why this occured to my phone , because when i play an rpg offline game it has sound or background sound like heroes lore, and zero fantasy . So i wonder why there is no sound when playing warspear . Pls help pls . Im hoping there is a solution to fix this .
  11. my using 6730c. At first i was nervous because the phone says file not supported when i direct install the game . But luckily i have x-phore app ready installed on my phone , so used it and open file by system the client then surprised! it installed . And when i open it and make character and first time inside the game , i said whoa!this more i like it! it runs smooothh.
  12. good news . Thanks GOD , I managed to download the symbian client in another net cafe . And at first i cannot install, it always says file not supported even though i am using s60 3rd. but then, when i used X-plore app then open file by system it worked and installed the game . Im using 6730c and the game goes very good good good . . GOD BLESS ALWAYS !
  13. thanks for the reply bro . But i cant find any mirrors , when i downloaded on other sites it still linked in the official site so the same happens again . Maybe i will i try downloading it in another net cafe . Thanks again. GOD BLESS ALWAYS !
  14. hi ... I got problems in downloading the client for symbian it always completed quickly or says download complete but 0 kb when i use cellphone to download and even in desktop it stop the download on 1 mb plus size . Im from philippines . I want to play this game coz i like the gameplay . Pls reply . Thanks and GOD BLESS ALWAYS !
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