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  1. Tibia ME (and ws) is a joke compared to Tibia PC/Flash Inferna server was true oldschool hardcore pvp I miss the crazy long wars and huge guilds/maps
  2. The +2 range relic is OP, should be +1 Means +40% for barb charge and dk pull And +100% for ranger scatter Where most relics give 10-20% bonuses
  3. Can't be all active: ppl have exams/problems/holidays The point is giving a chance to new guilds to compete vs old lvl 8+
  4. Hehe, if u die in Tibia u lose lvl, power, bag and some gear
  5. Usually #30 makes 4-8k gp
  6. Thats why axe+dagger/sword = best dps in pve (spamming skills)
  7. Most dmg relics work on bd strike, but not on rogue merc... seems legit Edit: nvm fixed already (ham range too)
  8. Or just count the gp of top 30 members of each guild Also reward just top 30, not fair to award inactives/banks
  9. 1) Quests like: Kill 10 druids lvl 18+ 2) Yes, or just die, u lose nothing (I bet u come from Tibia )
  10. There is no rule, lvl or pk-limit (but no bonus/loot too) Indeed later u get quests "enforcing" 10-15 kills (lvl 18+) But most wars/pvp happens near Nadir, just few bored rogues adventure further
  11. This relic update will change all class balance, hard predict how But I guess tanks will dominate in PvP Who added dmg skills to tanks should study mmo-trinity design If BD is a tank, why it can nuke healers? If BD is a dps, why it got defensive skills/stats?
  12. My arena rogue lvl 24 got only 4 experts... I would pay 1M for extra slots I'll recycle poison slot, I guess
  13. Lol we had the same idea Make it 500-600mc but tradeable For who can't buy mc and can't lvl up (arena/dg)
  14. It's not loading time, but the so called bug-pos Your client shows u at cross, but on server u r still midway walking Happens when many hits slowing u, due to buggy pos prediction To avoid it, don't get stuck into mobs, and click often when moving
  15. The fun thing is poison 4/4 does just 20x3 more DMG than 1/4 Used to last 14 sec at 4/4
  16. That 9sec relic is obviously bugged, should work with 10% chance (or extend skills duration 9%)
  17. Ok but PvP wasn't so luck based, not 3v3 and 5v5 at least Now a lucky area stun at start of a 5v5 changes all We had resilience to prevent lucky crits, too But now with L9 guilds and 7% relic, be ready to die 1-hit (if merc crits)
  18. If u click/touch often (to keep sync with server), u shouldn't get bug pos
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