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  1. Chop buffed in 6.1 update: +5% dmg (0 base + 7.5% to 17.5% I guess)
  2. Also Chop CD is 6 sec vs Blow 7 sec So better lvl Chop if u want max DPS Chop best vs bosses, but too slow for mobs, and never procs stun (and rage?) weapons
  3. When I tank I prefer lure 3 ghosts in front of the exit door Then always hit highest hp (new ghosts spawn when 1 die)
  4. How much dmg does Relic of Bleeding? Does it stack/scale with barb/bd bleeding?
  5. This doesn't sound very "calm and respectful" And u still consider Hassn #1? A scammer/traitor/liar who disrespect all ppl and rules?
  6. Don't be fooled by the gifts and nice face he shows in wc: that's how dictators buy popularity
  7. Diego said Hassn scammed all his gold/accs (apart Dieg and Mofhh he could recover) Also Diego sponsored most free stam for AoA lvl up, so is co-owner Hassn could just quit and let Dieg and other heirs manage AoA... but he is a selfish traitor
  8. Then bosses should just resists curse: 1500 dmg is still op, especially on low lvl/amp chars Also in PvP it favor high-cd casters (who can trigger curse while kiting), and weakens tanks (10% ignores def)
  9. AoA was losing all tours/arenas So Hassn rege-quit, but before leaving he kicked all members and scammed gold/accs from who shared with him Including AoA co-founder Dieg
  10. Ninja


    Who remember "Lamers"? That's how noobs were called in SC, UT, Q3
  11. True, I never understand who waste time farming bosses (or mobs) The best stuff is in dg
  12. Need kill 3x of the starting ghosts But if u kill any spawned-ghost, then u'll need kill ALL ghosts
  13. AoA RIP Just Hassn's chars/banks still in As I predicted 6 months ago:
  14. Ty, I like this new dg Takes 20-25 min, but isn't ugly/boring like past year
  15. Ninja

    Kick in the back

    Try kick in the balls
  16. Just wow Omer Hassn/AoA already changed u? Don't become another Asshole of Arinar I like ur vids, but this is like Hassn's edited trash, mocking good players for nothing Pointless
  17. First time both signal Second time bd no signal, dk enters cave and pulls And if u gank can't cry for pots or others heal
  18. Emh, what u proving here? You in lvl 9 guild + 3 stars, u ganked him at 1:25 and still died xd Maybe he wasn't ready, and u can use pots too
  19. One player can't change nothing, se lost in 7min with hassn What changed is area skills targets limit Before few sham/lock could block 1000 elf
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