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  1. who care if they sell boss drops where the duck u gunna go with them ? to go backans farm the duckin boss how boring
  2. i agree kind of a rip off now u need to lower the cost of the MIRACLE ITEMS THEN if u cant reduce the price 1300 coins just goes way to fast be reasonable
  3. no really BD:sonofman ranger :pummy druid strawberry rouge : sak barb : they all weak asses shaman : patah
  4. woot sono needs a WTB baby hit me up
  5. i wanan know how you guys get so lucky
  6. sms is u.s.a still doesnt work for me support says i have a block on messages contacted sprint they said i didnt have any block on shortcode messages which is odd cause i know i dont i sent shit to 98 rock all the time . WS support staff just not all there
  7. trade twisted charge for acute falch. or acut glad pm me sonofman on shappire server
  8. or trade twisted charge
  9. sonofman916


    buyying swords e-mail [email protected] or pm sonofman on saphire server
  10. -- On Mon, 8/22/11, Warspear Online > wrote:From: Warspear Online Subject: Re: Fw: Your payment to Titulum Enterprises LimitedTo: "Matthew Manson" Date: Monday, August 22, 2011, 6:46 AM Hello! We think that you got the coin. And already spend it. Warspear Online Support Team[/color]Contact us via Skype: support.warspear i make 2 purchases u guys only gimmie 2300 coins i missin 2300
  11. been having trouble with miracle coins since theycame out first with sms so i used my atm card the other night and got em right away now i go to use atm card again you guys not only take my money but dont deliver the coins Titulum Enterprises Limited and you were notified of this incident and i still await a response. it should show in you records the ammount of mc i have purchased and youll see that i is short
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