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  1. Dev, Yesterday i played the game and had the announcement that my other 120 MC that i havent received last week now had been added successfully to my account. Thank you for your hard work for checking this problem carefully. :) best regards
  2. @Mioco i really dont understand you mioco. you really more rude than i thought you are! first you accused me as a cheater on your previous post, then you accused my friend as a cheater too which part of my post that makes you thinks that my friend was a cheater? how come you accuse us in public like this without any evidence for proofing our guilt and you doesnt even ask or checked first about me and my friend? wow, you really have a miraculous psychic power because you already know all about us without the need to ask us again or checked the real matter about us. for your information, in case your psychic power doesnt told you, the friend that i mentioned on my previous post was my real life friend who i already known for a long time, even for years. both of us paid every single SMS that we send for purchasing the miracle coin just as regulation said which is 120 MC = 1.16 USD = 11.000 IDR (details was 10.000 IDR for puchasing and 1.000 IDR for SMS cost) that is why there is no reason for accuse us as a cheater!! or maybe before you post your accusation post you already have the evidence that proof our guilt? if that so, then publish it!! i wont give you any further information about my self and my friend because i assumed that you already know all about us and which is why you dare to accuse us in front of public! show us the evidence that me and my friend are really guilty for paying you with fake money!! if you cannot do that, that means you only blindly accuse us due our nationality, which is a very bad things to do for a person who work in International business, and especially as a moderator on international forum. i hate for being rude, but your post really make me angry!! try to think twice and be very careful before you posting something that concerning sensitivity things like nationality. realized it or not, you not the only adult in this forum. as an adult you have to use your logic side more than the children and the teenager, and see the whole matter, not only pieces, according to the fact. dont be easily provoked by some irresponsible action due this miracle coins matter that done by a few person and assumed that the other person that have same nationality will do the same. either you consider or not, as an adult and as a moderator, you already become role model for the children and teenager that read and active on this warspear forum. try to be more careful next time. the IT and communication really wasnt my things, so i dont understand about this matters either. i only can suggest you to use the same method that you use when the fake money problem appear. i think that your last method for seeking who are using fake money and who use the real money for purchasing miracle coins was a good method, because at that time the innocent one still can play smoothly and the naughty one that use the fake money being blocked that means this miracle coins problems can be solved either without any need for questioning their operator, just like you solved the previous problems. just checked on your account with the same method like previous and give the miracle coins to all player that paid you with the sum of money just like the regulation said and ignore the one who dont (if there is still so) . this applies also for other country, not only indonesia. then again, im sure that those naughty player had learn their lesson after they were blocked on previous time. im quite sure that they wont dare to repeat their mistake because im sure that they doesnt want to be blocked again due their naughty act. i hope this miracle coins problem can be solved with a nice result for both of all the player and developer. thank you for the attention best regards
  3. like i said, i really really doesnt like your way of thinking about all Indonesian player. as long as i can read in this forum, there is ONLY one person that accuse your team as a thieves on his post, others DONT! others ASK for a solution from your team! please read carefully!! i admit that that person was really rude, but it doesnt mean that other person who had same nationality like that person THINK like the way that person do! like i said, never ever generalization a few player action with all player action according their nationality. be wise on judging someone and be wise on posting something. this applies also to the other!! best regards
  4. sorry for disapointing you, but before the upadate i paid my own miracle coins with the same rate as the game told me. and im not cheated at all, because if i cheated, you will blocked my profile. before the upadate, i brought those miracle coin with the IDR 11000 for only 120 coins, just like the regulation on this games said (1,3 $ = 120 miracle coins). and i think a lot of indonesian player have paid with the same rate like i did. i really dislike your way of thinking about all the Indonesian player. never ever generalization a few player action with all player action according their nationality. that is really rude!
  5. thank u sulla, nigra and zetta :) although its hard, but ill try to finish these cc quest best regards
  6. still hasnt respond from the support team until now, but if they sending the respond like that, i consider that it was weird. last friday i brought the miracle coins twice with two different operator, which is : "Axis" and "3" and got 120 miracle coins instead 240. i dont know from what operator that succeeded to process on the miracle coins, but if these two operator really doesnt support premium payment with MT-billing, i wont receive miracle coins at all. before the update (v 1.0.0), i purchased miracle coins once with "Axis" and it was succeeded, then after update (v 1.5.0), last friday, just like i wrote it up, i got only 120 miracle coins. according this experience, i assume that maybe "Axis" actually support this premium payment with MT-billing, and maybe "3" doesnt. then again, if there is any operator on my country (Indonesia) that doesnt support this premium payment with MT-billing, why there is no announcement at all on forum or on warspear website on section miracle coins? and why the "9200" number sent the same reply sms like they sent to the other operator after i purchased it with "Axis" and "3" instead of refusing reply because they are not support the premium payment with MT-billing with these operator (already checked it with my friend that using the other operator that doesnt include on the list)? dev, please checked the problem carefully and please fix this problem. And please add the unsupported operator for purchasing miracle coins on your website and on the game. a lot of player waiting for your good work. sorry for my bad english thank you if you do that, then what happen to the money that we had paid for purchasing miracle coins and hasnt received until now? just disappear without any action? best regards
  7. got same problem here. sent sms twice with different operator but only received 120 mc, not 240. what happen with my other 120 mc? its been 5 days sice i brought it. already write on support with details but still havent got answer yet. i wonder until when i should wait for my mc... :unknw: dev, please fix this mc problem as fast as you can, a lot of people waiting for your good work on solution thank you best regards
  8. hi all, i got two cc quest which is avenger stelas and relics of the vilage and i got confused here. for avenger stelas quest : where should i inscribed the sign of four stelas? the quest said that i should inscribed it at camp of legion, western camp of caravan, scouts camp, and puma valley but i couldnt find the the place for inscribe it at all, and i always died while searching because all the guards and MC that stay in these place attack me all at once :cray: for relics of the vilage quest : where should i find the stolen relics? the quest said that i should find it on goblins box, but i couldnt find it at all on the goblin box at stony shore. i already search in the cave and killed a large amount of goblin but none of them have this stolen relics. :unknw: anybody can help me? thank u before best regards
  9. lol :lol: and make him totaly rage and started to hunt Mercurial by using Mercurial favorite food, the trunk tree juice, as his bait. ;D After he succeeded, the fire Genie come back to his den and find out that.....
  10. its true. :( my shaman healing ability was reduce from 54 to 28. and the earth protection doesn't work at all. the damage that made by mobs after using this earth protection skill is still same with the damage that mobs made without using this skill to my character, and i couldn't even dodge. and why the mana regen from shaman and druid was the same with other classes? i already try to make new char with different classes, and they all have 5 mana regen, although their level was vary. isn't the shaman or the druid classes was supposed to have more mana regen for the compensation of their low health regen? my level 4 shaman only have 5 health regen and lowered to only 2 health regen while facing mobs, while my level 2 rogue have 10 health regen. its too low. :( i easily died while doing quest because of this. :cray: is this because a bug? i really like this game, so dev, please fix this problem. thank u sorry for my bad english best regards :)
  11. whole warspear world. but after the citizen of warspear world realize the deliciousness from those bananas, the ape mobs that see that their food become endanger due the unstop-able harvest and selling from the chainless league merchant, becoming very anxious and decided to ........
  12. LOL :lol: , im just thinking a way to make those daily quest become more interesting than usual. its just a suggestion, its up to u if u wanna use it or not. ;D sorry if my post make u feel uncomfortable. :) actually im not complaining about the amount of daily quest, try to read my post carefully. :) i dont think that having a lot of daily quest was a problem. in fact, i think have a lot of daily quest was a good thing. it really help player to leveled up. its just some of this daily quest makes me bored while try to finish it. lol :lol: im just try to figure a way to make player doing daily quest with less boring state, even if they have to do their daily quest for a full day. ;D like i said up there, im just thinking a way to make those daily quest become more interesting than usual. :) best regards
  13. hi to all developers and moderators even-though I'm just played this games for about a month and a half, but i really like this game. the graphic is good, have a lot quest to do and i must admit, this games was make me addicted to play. buuut... finishing the daily quest was make me really bored. killing more than 50 mobs just to get 40 item that needed for finishing daily quest makes me wanna cry due this boring state. that is why i'm stuck in level 14 because i finish one daily quest on four day and leave the rest of my daily quest behind. tee hee ;D im sure there was a lot of player who felt the same boring state like i did. :) so, can u make some funny scene after doing daily quest? like : the player that finish their daily quest jumping around with joy for a few second and shout "yay!! yay!! i finish this daily quest!!" or they change shape into other creature for a few second, like changing into pink frog. (just joking about this pink frog. teehee ;D im sure a lot of player will go on rage and becoming ballistic if this pink frog idea becoming true, lol :lol: ) if u can, i think all player who feel bored doing daily quest can gain some spirit to finish their daily quest just for see the funny scene that happen after they report it. thank u for your attention. I'm sorry for my bad english and im sorry if my post offense someone. :) best regards
  14. @farueth try this steps : - download the PC files to ur computer - wait until it installed perfectly, and run the game on ur computer - after u can play this games in ur computer, close the games - connect ur phone to ur computer with data cable - search on the warspear folder and copy the file .pak1, .pak2, .pak3 to your warspear folder on ur phone - try to run this games on ur phone i have the same problem like u but after i follow this step, i can play again in my phone just like before. i got this tips from other player too, but i forgot who post it and where it was posted. so i want to thank to whoever post this tips before. hope this post can be useful to u
  15. i already know the exchange rate of USD to IDR because i checked it first before i brought the miracle coins. ;D but thanks anyway. i hope ur post can be useful to other Indonesian player who doesn't know about it. :)
  16. @masamune no way! i dont agree with ur idea to remove all miracle coins and premium item from all indonesian players inventory. not all indonesian player buy those miracle coins with the cheap price like u! i brought those miracle coin with the IDR 11000 for only 120 coins, just like the regulation on this games said (1,3 $ = 120 miracle coins). and i think a lot of indonesian player have paid with the same rate like i did. in other words, we are innocent!! i really really object if our premium item removed because of what few indonesian players done. @ sulla i do not intend to defend someone, but not all Indonesian people know the exchange rate of USD against IDR. not all Indonesian people, or in this case, not all Indonesian players follow the news about currency exchange rate even-tough they have such an expensive phone or such an luxurious house. beside, a lot of player of this games was a teenager who doesnt even care about the economic life or value of the other country money. not all of them was a businessman who care about those kind of things. im not blaming you. i m just hoping that you and the other player can judging other player wisely. sorry for my bad english. and im sorry if my post offendig you. :)
  17. wow! this war was so funny. really!! ;D i just got online and three MC attack me at once until i doomed, lol :lol: luckily i already activated the re spawn statue near the place im doomed so i dont have to walk so far to reach my destination. :)
  18. i got the same problem too in my phone. my phone was vivaz pro. i already uninstal the old client and deleted all of old warspear folder. then i already re download client v 1.0.0. (in .sisx files) i already did this step even twice! every time i try to connect to server, my connection always failed with code " connection error " :( this "connection error" doesnt happen when i used the old version (ver 0.7.0). i can play this games smoothly. this games run perfectly in my pc, but not in my phone. until now, i cannot play this games in my phone due the connection problem a.k.a "connection error" what should i do so i can play this game in my phone again? somebody help me please. thank u for the answer.
  19. hi guys, my phone is vivaz pro. i already, uninstall the games, then deleted the last .sisx files and downloaded new one on my phone. its already installed perfectly but, i cannot connet to the server at all. when i used the old ver from this games (ver 0.7.0 ) i can connect to the server smoothly, but now it always shown the message cannot connect to server every time i try. :( i already redownloaded this games twice and the same problem occur. is it a bug? what should do so i can played again on my phone? help please. thank u i forgot to mention that i only download the .sisx file, cant find the ws. update zip on every folder on my phone. should i download the zip archive too on my phone? thank u for the answer
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