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  1. So UNFAIR results! Rules are rules. . How about us who follow the rules? Arrgggghh very dissapointed! UNFAIR! UNFAIR! UNFAIR!


    i agree. its kinda unfair. i already cut a lot of detail for fulfilling the rules  :cray:


    oh, well....  even tough i dont win, but at least some enjoying reading mine. tee hee ;D


    anyway, congrats to all winner, and to all who participated on contest but dont win : its a success that delayed, so keep positive and leave the bad feeling of disappointment behind :yahoo:



    cheers to all participant :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  2. No free chests if ur bag is full.


    all of my FB chars bag isnt full, but i still havent received it yet.  :(



    i dont get chest until now :(


    all of my FB chars havent received the chest too, only my MC chars got it. dunno why, probably dev only give to some of our chars in our profile game, not for all chars. cause even tough all of mine has reach more than level 3, only some received it.  :unknw:



    anyway, congrats dev  :clapping:

  3. why not I think its a cool pets system if we need to catch our own minion. :)




    pets will be summon with scroll..


    which is include real money and only stay for couple of minutes (or so i read  ;D ). since im not rich, and the prize on the market was reaally crazy for mc item, i think ill pass.  :blush:


    anyway i just realize the date of begining of this post ( november 2012) man, this topic are really old  :cray:

  4. Why should people need pets ;D  if u need pet get a real life pet if u still have  :wacko:  ;D 




    perhaps they want pokemon appears on warspear.


    gotta catch em all,  pokespear!!  lol  :lol:

  5. I play this game since v0.7 and made a ranger char named Feast in sapphire

    At that time, rank system still existed, every heroes have two skills, the display of the map, equipments, charcaters, etc and the position npcs in 1st island was really different than now, the mobs had a little hp and dmg that made them to be killed not as hard as now, the healer classes had the greatest dmg and the worst def

    Then on August, the great update made great changes with lvl system, mcoins and mshop, new skills, etc.



    i miss that time too, (level was less cooler than rank, right?  Опубликованное фото )


    no scammer, no rude insulters, no perverts talk, no kiddie who doesnt want to listen command when facing the boss


    but now, they are unstoppable coming into the game and ruin the fun on this game.  Опубликованное фотоОпубликованное фотоОпубликованное фото


    war was done fair and square, the one who doesnt want to involve can walk without fear


    war was for fun and socializing between friend, and no one feel offended by it.  :good:


    man, i really miss that time  :cray:


    Hey! I finally got the chance to read yours! This is sooooo AMAZING and FUNNY !!! Hahahaha Lord B is so cheap :P


    And the guy who wants the ring and not his Fiancee is a ♥♥♥♥♥. How could he do that?


    Anyway. I love this so much! Well not that much. Haha I still love my story of that cute bunny xD


    Hey.. I want to talk to you ingame. What's ur character's name? Huh? TELL ME!




    hahaha, thank you Nameisnoob.. glad you enjoy it...  ;D


    my main char is elvroarge BD at emerald.

    well.. im not often online thou, but when i am, i would glad to talk to you too  :friends:







    hahaha thank you XreaperX  :drinks:


    glad you enjoy it too  ;D



    cheers  :give_rose:


  7. dont trust any people :friends:



    except people that you know in real life  :friends:




    I saw another type of scam.

    A guy agrees to help a lower lvl with boss, asks for payment first, then goes away without helping.



    another type of scam : a guy offer a payment for getting help for their quest then leaving without trying to pay nor say thank you after the quest is done :lol:



    i help for free so this kind of scam doesnt really matter for me, its just really funny seeing this kind of scamming act  :lol:

  8. My original story was 7000+

    This edited one is about 5300


    I realky don`t want to change it again. I think it`s to good x.x



    so im not the only one who write that much  :lol:


    my original story was more than 7500 characters, its hard but somehow i manage to make it into less than 4000 with a lot of cut for the detailed scene.

    and yeah, im agree with you. good story wont come twice in the same times. :nea:

    better stick with the good old one, even if it makes it less good than before, but at least it still good.  not sure if the new story will be as good as the old one  :cray:








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