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  1. in the past when the two new faction hasnt created yet, im buying one hand sword from weapon shop for my BD which i must sold again because all of firstborn class cant use it at all, only barbarian can :rofl:
  2. i agree. its kinda unfair. i already cut a lot of detail for fulfilling the rules :cray: oh, well.... even tough i dont win, but at least some enjoying reading mine. tee hee ;D anyway, congrats to all winner, and to all who participated on contest but dont win : its a success that delayed, so keep positive and leave the bad feeling of disappointment behind :yahoo: cheers to all participant :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  3. soo... whose story is this? story of NPC? a monster? or just epilogue? :unknw:
  4. nice story!! :good: i guess sometimes all evil chars need to refreshing their mind and do something different so they wont get bored doing all the evil things again, lol ;D anyway, best of luck to us all :give_rose:
  5. wow!! your story is nice! i can feel the emotion by reading it. :good: anyway, thanks for reading weird but funny story of mine XreaperX ;D best of luck to us all :give_rose:
  6. all of my FB chars bag isnt full, but i still havent received it yet. :( all of my FB chars havent received the chest too, only my MC chars got it. dunno why, probably dev only give to some of our chars in our profile game, not for all chars. cause even tough all of mine has reach more than level 3, only some received it. :unknw: anyway, congrats dev :clapping:
  7. which is include real money and only stay for couple of minutes (or so i read ;D ). since im not rich, and the prize on the market was reaally crazy for mc item, i think ill pass. :blush: anyway i just realize the date of begining of this post ( november 2012) man, this topic are really old :cray:
  8. so, winner will be announced day after tomorow huh? not sure if i can win with a lot of talent appears, so i guess ill just saying this : "best of luck to all participant!!!" :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: and thank you for whoever read my story :blush: cheers to all!! ;D
  9. perhaps they want pokemon appears on warspear. gotta catch em all, pokespear!! lol :lol:
  10. i miss that time too, (level was less cooler than rank, right? ) no scammer, no rude insulters, no perverts talk, no kiddie who doesnt want to listen command when facing the boss but now, they are unstoppable coming into the game and ruin the fun on this game. war was done fair and square, the one who doesnt want to involve can walk without fear war was for fun and socializing between friend, and no one feel offended by it. :good: man, i really miss that time :cray:
  11. lol, but i think this is a nice story, i guess you had a talent on making one. not much people can write two different story in a short of time ;D anyway, here's rose and milkshake to cheer you up :give_rose: :drinks: best luck for all of us ;D
  12. hey, thanks for reading mine ;D anyway, you are playing on emerald right? i already add Asherlex in my BD friend list but it seems that you never online when i play. i will say hi when i saw you online later ;D
  13. wow, your story was interesting!! i can feel the suspense!! :clapping: good luck buddie, and best luck to us all ;D
  14. try to send ticket mail to : http://warspear-online.com/en/support add detail as much as you can for the mail, they will try their best to help you, just be patient :)
  15. and search on the anteater wigwam ;D thanks for you neku :yahoo:
  16. hahaha, thank you Nameisnoob.. glad you enjoy it... ;D my main char is elvroarge BD at emerald. well.. im not often online thou, but when i am, i would glad to talk to you too :friends: hahaha thank you XreaperX :drinks: glad you enjoy it too ;D cheers :give_rose:
  17. except people that you know in real life :friends: another type of scam : a guy offer a payment for getting help for their quest then leaving without trying to pay nor say thank you after the quest is done :lol: i help for free so this kind of scam doesnt really matter for me, its just really funny seeing this kind of scamming act :lol:
  18. really? thank you :blush: tee hee, thank you. glad you enjoy it ;D anyway, i made a little bit editing for my story, now its more makes sense then yesterday. :blush: cheers :give_rose:
  19. huh? why you put a sad emoticon when others praise you? i also think that yours is a nice story :good: good luck and cheer up will ya!! :give_rose:
  20. i bet your story still have lots of scene ;D nice story, but to enter the contest, you need write 8 more post. :) good luck! 8 more to go ;D cheers
  21. so im not the only one who write that much :lol: my original story was more than 7500 characters, its hard but somehow i manage to make it into less than 4000 with a lot of cut for the detailed scene. and yeah, im agree with you. good story wont come twice in the same times. :nea: better stick with the good old one, even if it makes it less good than before, but at least it still good. not sure if the new story will be as good as the old one :cray: cheers
  22. nice story. i wonder what you think about mine :blush: tee hee, naah im just kidding about commenting in mine ;D but, yeah. i really enjoy reading yours :good: good luck buddy :friends: cheers
  23. hehehe, you are right, reading your story makes me wonder about that ;D anyway, good story. i really enjoy it :good: good luck buddy :friends: cheers
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