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    Prand got a reaction from Brutaminos in Youtubers do Warspear Online [Brasil]   
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    Prand reacted to Montir in [2018.09.07] Update 7.7: Hidden power. Preview   
    Dont want to be pesimistic, but this update is kinda pointless if u take out all the buffs nerfs and new expert skills and half of them are not that great either. Paladin has been nerfed for god knows what reason i like the new expert skill for it, but it wasnt needed, i think that best would be to give tanking buff to it cuz its not fair that mcs now have 3 tanks cuz of that charmer skill which is soo stupid its not like there are tons of greedy 90k charmer farmers, i think that bds in all nerfs and buffs ultimatley are oper 40% bonus dmg is insane and there are 1.2k dmg bds yeah rush sucks but now only one combo is needed. Druid is still op, and that new skill is also pointless, just trying to make elf charmer. Barbarian will be extremley op for pvp now, Warden is thank to god been nerfed. Rogues new skill is meh, its just there not worth the mana nor the points. Seekers new skill is good i like it, Hunters new skill is pvp only, and nobody is going to use it cuz hunters already have massive mana costs, so its awful. Dk didnt need new tanking skill, and buff is ok. I think also that mages from now on doesnt need any work, it kinda sucks for ethreal barrier to have time period, but i like new exp skill very much.
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    Prand reacted to Lexie in Priests 'Stun'   
    I have no idea either  ...
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    Prand reacted to Hazy_sparrow in [2018.02.15] Spring Moon Festival has come to Arinar! Survive the Nian and get astonishing prizes!   
    Red, or Lesser panda. I'm sure you know 

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    Prand reacted to Lexie in [2018.02.15] Spring Moon Festival has come to Arinar! Survive the Nian and get astonishing prizes!   
    Why does it doesnt look like a panda '-' ? 

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    Prand got a reaction from LUIZFRL in New Skill Defesa da Luz bugada.   
    Vale lembrar que a Skill passiva que permite a utilização de escudos, concede 15% de resistência física e mágica (além do valor de defesa do próprio escudo).
    Isso pode estar de alguma maneira interferindo no cálculo da sua skill.

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    Prand reacted to LUIZFRL in Sugestões de melhorias para o jogo   
    Faz tempo que não posto mas tenho 1, 2 e 3 sugestões:
    1- Slot dedicados para poções e +2 para skills: (Pelo menos para HP e Mana, para scrolls/potion de buffs seria um sonho, poderia ficar na parte superior da tela por ex.), tenho um paladino e utilizo 5 new skills(ilumination, sun seal, harad's call, sacred shield e harad's banner) junto com 4 skills padrão tive que tirar provocação devido a falta de slots, e utilizo todas sem exceção no pve ou pvp o pior é quando tenho que usar pot quando o priest ou druid estão com lag abrir menu e selecionar a poção no meio de um monte de itens fica complicado principalmente no meio de Trajes etc na bag(já perdi a conta das xs que morri por causa disso no cell então é horrível);  - parece pouco mas ajuda muito, principalmente no pve já que o potencial da classe pode ser melhor aproveitado.
    2- Runa de prevenção contra efeito de controle(Stun): O game cada vez mais vem focando em stuns, por que então não ter uma runa(Rara) especifica para isso x% chance de evitar o stun, que poderia ser equipado no Cinto e Escudo, não digo só no pvp mas mesmo no pve existem vários boss/mini que possuem skill de stun e seria muito útil, além da empresa não perder nada com isso(me pergunto o por que de ate agora não ter isso...), poderia ser dropada em um baú de evento, boss ou mesmo em dg talvez;
    3- Selecionar a hotkey do teclado para o slot de skill especifico: Jogo no PC em 95% do tempo e é de senso comum algo tão simples e util selecionar uma hotkey que o player goste para x slot de skill isso é normal em qualquer jogo, ex:(Slot padrão "1"(No meu esta lá a skill Purifying) e quero mudar a hotkey 1 para por sei lá a letra "z" do teclado, pronto.), algo simples mas que ajuda, principalmente para não ter que ficar correndo a mão pelo teclado todo e selecionar uma tecla a qual já esta habituado a usar.
    Bom é isso tks desu~
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    Prand reacted to Shemrok in How to remove any Headgear visually (Cloth,lightweight and heavy helmet)   
    The directions (Actual/Simpler version) are posted under the intro.
    Don't you think sometimes when you create a new player, you tend to stress so much about what color and/or hairstyle should you pick for your character. Or maybe you just brought one fresh off the market. Be it the Miracle Shop or the Second-hand Dealer. And then you ended up not being able to show them off for like the entirety of game 'cause you always have to wear a headgear? Well, thankfully I bumped into a specific game feature that will fix that problem.
    Actual directions:
    ● Click the "Menu" button (Lower right)
    ●Then click the "Character" button (Upper left)
    ●Then click the "Equipment" button (Upper left (Just as where the "Character" button is before you clicked it)).
    ●After that, all of the Items that your Character have been Equipped should show up.
    ●Then you'll see a "Menu" button at the lower right side of your screen (It seems similar to the first menu button that you've clicked but this one have different options in it) CLICK IT.
    ●Once you've done all that, click the
    "Look Settings" button. It's under the "Amplify" button and beside the "Repair Items" button (It's very hard to miss).
    ●Then you have to click/uncheck the
    "Show Helmet" text (Make sure that the Check inside the Box is gone).
    ●Click the "Apply" button at the lower right side of the screen (Just as where the "Menu" button will always be but this time it's the "Apply" button).
    Simpler version:
    1.) Click "Menu".
    2.) Click "Character".
    3.) Click "Equipment".
    4.) Click "Menu" (It's different than the first one).
    5.) Click "Look Settings"
    6.) Click/Uncheck "Show Helmet".
    7.) Click "Apply".
    *You may consider looking back and forth on the Actual Directions and the Simpler Version of the tutorial for you to have a broad idea on where to go.
    *You'll just remove it visually
    (as it is said on the title) so the whole item will still be equipped by your character including it's bonsuses whatsoever. It will just become invisible.
    *If you have any questions, suggestions, clarifications. Feel free to join in the thread. Just keep it as close to the topic as possible.
    *And also I'm currently playing on android while I'm making this tutorial so I'm not very sure if the settings on the IOS/iphone version of this game is different.
    *I also think this is a feature that most RPG / MMORPG lacks and must have. Doesn't matter if it's Modern in Gameplay or Modern in Graphics this needs to be a famous feature in this type of genre (Totally just my own opinion).
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    Prand reacted to Gladiator in How to remove any Headgear visually (Cloth,lightweight and heavy helmet)   
    Wow you saved my life thanks.
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    Prand reacted to Higgings in Ranger Is Too Overpowered!   
    Rangers 1 shot players if they manage to lead their enemy to the explosive traps. Traps can also be affected by Blessing skill. 
    Result: what will remain of you? XD.
    But since the ranger has to make sure the enemy falls in his trap, I think it can stay as it is. 
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    Prand reacted to Kaleidoscope in Ranger Is Too Overpowered!   
    That ranger most likely had a lot of penetration, and also had ferocity eskill activated. Rogues can do the same thing as well, at +10 with pvp skills and gear. The traps are easily evaded, you can see where the rang places them.
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    Prand reacted to Urscrewed in Insults and racism in the game   
    So ur saying that insults are a good thing?
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    Prand reacted to blacknia in Insults and racism in the game   
    insult part of the all online games 
    ( you dont love insult dont play any online game ) 
     play mario thear s no 1 insult you
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    Prand got a reaction from Ghostv in Por que um dos atributos do item fica inválido?   
    Na realidade, O primeiro bônus de um conjunto heroico fica disponível após utilizar duas peças ou mais do mesmo conjunto. Sobre o segundo bonus, só estará acessível caso você use o conjunto completo (quatro partes).
    Vale lembrar que os dois bônus do conjunto heroico vale para todo o conjunto, ou seja, tú não ganharás os bônus para cada parte do conjunto.
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    Prand reacted to Gladiator in Passive For Paladins   
    I don’t know if there will be more expert skills for now, but if there would, I'd suggest the following:
    -Harad's Armor (Passive) : Increases block by a specific percentage depending on the skills level. And each time the Paladin blocks, a small amount of HP is recovered to allies around the Paladin, block addition and health recovery develops with the skill progress. (Should have shield for block to be activated).
    -Paladin's Aura (Passive) : As long as the Pala is not in battle mode, his maximum HP increases gradually, it stops when he gets attacked. The skill stacks to maximum of 4 times. In each stack, the max HP increases by a bit, if the Pala gets attacked before the stacks reach 4, the remaining HP is transferred to another party member. (You know what I mean, right)
    -Protection Banner (Active) : The Paladin puts a banner on the battle field, increasing the defensive stats(Defense, Block, Dodge, Parry, Resilience) of the characters by a specific percentage in a small radius.
    -Heavenly Backfires (Active) : Paladin puts a mark on a selected ally character , greatly increasing his/her defense for some time, and instantly reduces the cooldown of the skill, Heavenly Light, by a specific percentage for some amount of usages. A percentage of damage that character receives during that time, increases the magical power of the Paladin. Paladin cannot apply the skill on himself. The duration of the skill, and the buff, and the amount of usages for Heavenly Light increase with skill development.
    Anyways, i don't know why even to bother, they wouldn't take a player's suggestion, if there would be some experts, but I had fun thinking of them .
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    Prand reacted to Ninja Owl in [2017.03.30] Best Arena Map Contest 2017   
    Hey, sounds fun! Can't wait to see all the creative ideas!
    Here's a grid, should anyone need it.

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    Prand got a reaction from Akasha in O melhor Conto de Inverno! Lançamento   
    Ótimo concurso para quem gosta de escrever e tem imaginação e vontade de expôr sua criatividade 'haha. Provavelmente irei participar.
    Boa sorte á todos!
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    Prand got a reaction from SplendorBR in Theme song of warspear   
    I think you want the background musics.
    I have found this video:
    and you can find all the musics of warspear on this channel   I'm brazilian and my english is not very well e.e sorry  
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    Prand got a reaction from Hansh in Paladino : Quais Skills upar ?   
    Paladinos *--* nós somos os melhores 
    Eu tenho um paladino lv20 e tenho alguns amigos paladinos. Sobre build, eu acho que cada player faz do jeito que gosta mas acho que 99% upa a de ataque é claro independente da classe.
    Mas no meu pala, eu fiz a seguinte build:
    eu pus: Purificar 5/5 // grilhões 3/5 // Luz (cura) 5/5
    mas se você não quiser usar dano magico e apostar mais no dano fisico, você pode por 5/5 nos grilhões e 3/5 na cura, alguns amigos meus disseram que essa build tambem é boa.
    mas como você pode ver nessa imagem eu uso dano magico
    e sobre skill de especialista eu so tenho uma no meu paladino:
    deixei standarte de harad no 3/4
    Sobre as vantagens de ter um paladino.. bom, eu não acho paladino muito bom para pvp mas para pve ele é ótimo, sempre precisam de um paladino em towers e pra ir lab. O que eu mais gosto no paladino é que você pode ser char tank, char dmg e ainda quase char healer com o paladino, ou seja ele é 3 em 1 
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    Prand reacted to gtar in Guia Runa de Defesa fisica ou Resiliencia?   
    Se você gosta de lutas pvp, talvez já tenha se deparado com a seguinte dúvida: Qual runa devo usar para batalhas pvp?
    Bom, primeiro vejamos como funciona o sistema de defesa no warspear.
    Para calcular o dano recebido por outro player temos a fórmula;
    (x - def) - resiliência = danos recebido.
    Ou seja, digamos que seu oponente tem 500 de danos e você tem 20% def + 10% resiliência, fica assim;
    (500-20%) - 10% = y
    400 - 10% = 360
    Se seu oponente ter penetração, deve ser reduzida somente na sua defesa pois penetração não funciona contra a resiliência, só funciona contra a def.
    Vejamos o mesmo exemplo, só que agora seu oponente tem 6% penetração;
    (500-(20%-6%)) - 10% = y
    (500 - 14%) - 10% = y
    430 - 10% = 387 
    Agora vamos comparar a redução de danos entre a runa def e a runa resiliência:
    Para este exemplo temos um dk lvl 24 com set arena lvl21 +8 e runas resiliencia na armadura e botas.

    Vamos calcular o dano recebido de um oponente com 800dmg e 5% penetração.
    (800-(36%-5%)) - 20,9% = y
    (800 - 31%) - 20,9% = y
    552 - 20,9% = 436
    Agora vamos mudar as runas da armadura e botas, e fazer o mesmo calculo.

    (800-(40,3%-5%)) - 15,3% = y
    (800 - 35,3%) - 15,3% = y
    517 - 15,3% = 438
    Como podemos ver as runas Resiliência são mais eficaz, porém os testes foram feito sem a def de uma guild, nesse caso temos resultados diferentes.
    Primeiro teste, usando runas resiliência só que com defesa da guild:
    (800-(39,6%-5%)) - 20,9% = y
    (800 - 34,6%) - 20,9% = y
    523 - 20,9% = 413
    Segundo teste, usando runas def + defesa da guild:
    (800-(44,2%-5%)) - 15,3% = y
    (800 - 39,2%) - 15,3% = y
    486 - 15,3% = 412
    Porém com tudo isso não vamos esquecer que as runas resiliência reduz as chances de você receber um acerto crítico.
    Concluímos que as runas defesa são mais eficazes quando usada com defesa de guild, porém runa resiliência funciona contra ataque magico e físico e reduz chance de receber crítico.
    E você, qual runa escolhe?
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    Prand got a reaction from Jcsky in [2015.11.30] Update Warspear Online 5.3 Warrior's Path. Preview   
    I think I have to delete my priest, after this update class is now useless
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    Prand got a reaction from Lzfer in [2015.06.10] Warspear Online 4.11: 7 years of war. Release   
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    Prand got a reaction from xxxhelxxx in [2015.06.10] Warspear Online 4.11: 7 anos de guerra. Lançamento   
    arma arena lv21   ebaa
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    Prand got a reaction from BladeKil in Amplificações De Itens   
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