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  1. This is why I quit my warlock I got tired of getting killed in one hamstring I might be able to avoid getting hit with a full rotation of fear circle and hex but with counter crit 1000 plus normal hit it wasn't even comparable
  2. Has also happened to me Nd has been silenced and still uses hamstring
  3. Dyrkin rogue


    This information is from russellxx and quilt two pro locks like absalom but your welcome to do your own testing...
  4. Dyrkin rogue


    Lv 1 = 25% lv 2= 50% and so on you need to remember its reducing a percent of a percent better way to understand is don't look at your percent of def rather the actual number say you have 1000 def it's taking 25 percent of that which would be 250
  5. Why isn't is on the App Store anymore devs didn't approve my last post about this please respond!!!!!!
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