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  1. Too easy i can solo all bosses except medusa and echidna , and ya i can run to them solo too PS- 3rd boss is tough to solo at elf side so i will solo it at mc side
  2. Truth has been spoken Pros of being a mage 1. Literally king of dungeons , no1 beats a mage in damage in dungeons , i m damn serious . you can beat a +10 ranger in damage easily with a +8 mage with right build nd good timings . 2. Your ultimate help to kill most dangerous mc class in arena , ya u guessed it right ROGUES , if u got rogues in opposite team a mage is like having a jet fighter in ground fights just as backup , u know what i mean . Cons 1. Takes time to perfect it for arena nd dung use , its not just spamming skills all over , bt once u r done u will be one of a kind !!! 2. Hard to level up 3. Like in companies u have a probation period , if u survive that period u r all set . Same thing applies here at first rogues will be killing u in 2 hits sometimes even 1 bt dnt give up have patience . its a wonderful class to play PS- that moment wen u uncover a rogue who tries to be smartass , that moment is just awesome !! do it to feel the feels of that feeling . Thank you
  3. i will discuss my class , my personal favorite DRUID DRUID- when dk and druid fights its like clash of titans xD , alwaz remember u can kill a pro stunner dk by just simply being a better stunner lets start the pvp dk uses dark shield , u use heal as signal now we have 2 scenarios here SCENARIO A In this scenario u r able to roots dk quickly just after heal b4 he uses stun , then just cylce roots sleep roots tornado , remember to step away from dk if he is too high amp bcoz even if rooted a high amp dk can hit u real hard . u will pull off a win if u follow these steps SCENARIO B In this scenario dk silences u b4 u roots then exhelation then again silence , so ur stunned for quite good time ( assuming dk is smart nd skilled to cycle stuns) By this time if u r low amp or average amp u would be dead , bt lf u r high amp u would be still there and then u wana instant try sleep , then step away and nd try to maintain some distance while hitting . Hope it helps
  4. haha defended the very best skill of game in style xD so u wana compare silence and mental pit ? lets point out some more facts that u obviously dint care to mention 1. mental pit last much longer than silence 2. u said if a player is smart he will save stun for time wen the mental pit is used bt actually the thing is , if the necro is smart he will use mental pit + nightmare combo only wen opponent used his main stun thus making it a very disasterous combo 3. as we all know once u use a expert skill all others go in 2 sec cooldown , lets say one player used his one expert skill trying to survive then surprise! surprise he wont be able to use any expert skills while mental pit is on bcoz that 2 sec cd bcomes a forever cooldown on all experts till pit is on . 4. i think mental pit is a skill which does the job of sleep + roots + tornado combo against a heal over time type healer i.e get him healless or make him heal wen pit is on meaning damn low heal PS- although pit is best skill of game i totally agree that necros need it , necros needed some good skill to be in game , they wished for dog bt got a lion instead xD. necros r balanced now
  5. Really people need to stop underestimating mages mages are the undisputed kings of dungeon , my +9 mage outdamages +10 rangers in dungeons as for pvp ya i know mages r bad at pvp but in arena smart mages r very handy , ultimate mcsaken team killer
  6. whoever gets the best priest title, do pvp me once regards sleepercel druid
  7. Hi, Lets be more practical about things , can we ? i will discuss each class which i consider to be a badass class 1. warlock A warlock is one of the toughest class u will get to face dark circle , hex and fear - if a warlock is smart enough he can keep u stun for 5 straight stuns ( hex-> feardark circle fear dark circle ) and then u get a 2-3 sec window where u can try to outdamage him if u r a healer or just try to stun him if u r a stunner type but then again for that 2-3 sec window the warlock can use stone body nd repeat the same thing all over again To add salt to the wound the warlock has grimoire which ridiculously decreases ur def even at lvl 2 so that one straight stun combo will render u dead . 2. Druid A druid, if smart, can give u a very hard time in almost any aspect of the game Be it hunt , or pvp or arena druids are almost as badass as warlock they also have cool stun combos but 2 reasons keep druid below warlocks 1. their stun combo will work out only if sleep hits which is a chance stun not a sure stun like warlocks stun 2. warlocks have full control stuns (except hex) i.e they can attack their opponent without getting hit back while druids have skills like sleep which will become useless if u atk ur target . At high amps druid vs warlock is a treat to watch if both r smart , at low amps a smart warlock will own a smart druid anyday . 3. Necro well well guess which class is back from the dead just by introduction of one skill necros got the single most powerful skill in game without any doubt ( mental pit ) if u ask me that one skill is equivalent to stun combos of other class lemme ask u , what is the purpose of stun combos if u r fighting a healer ?( i consider fighting a heal over time healer a tough job so lets discuss it in that context) . for me it is to get him offheal somehow bcoz u can only kill a healer if he is off heal so u do stun combos nd catch the healer offheal somehow bt then comes the necro mixing nightmare and mental pit nd he can catch the healer offheal preety easily , not only offheal bt reduces healers damage ridiculously . Necro is dangerous in pvp not because its a class that wins all other classes easily bt because its a class that doesnt die easily and over time others will get frustrated and finally the necro will win . i consider necro oldtimers already know how to handle frustration so they wont get frustrated for sure hehe . 4. dk/barb According to me barb nd dks r preety good classes got 2 good stuns nd good damage output too . a smart dk can kill any other class preety easily bcoz of stun combo nd damage output . in case of barb i really do fear high amped 1 handed barbs bcoz of long duration stun combo they can achieve 5. shaman/ priest i dnt have much of a idea abt priest so cant comment on it really , bt i have observed one thing if a priest is ready to be usain bolt then they r very very very tough xD about shaman they r like damage dealing healers , they can get ridiculously high damage output so be careful wen u pvp em . PS- i have seen some shamans outdamaging rogues in dungeons 6. rogue/ bd rogues are like time bombs waiting to explode , crazy damage output at first show bt then if u r a real good stunner u can try to control them from that point afterwards . but the problem is they deal so much damage in their initial burst that u never really recover from it i consider rogues as one of the funniest class of warspear bcoz on their day there is no stopping em bds are kinda balanced as much as i see them , counterstrike is a bit op but still not that op to deserve so much of attention what people alwaz forget is that bd is a meele class nd can easily be kited if u ask me real op skill of bd that will be shield just bcoz it absorbs more damage than priest nd necros shield which sounds kinda cray .
  8. Thats true totally , i almost kill every1 in my server (yes bladedancers and rogues too) tanking them , druid is totally balanced at the moment . I never use link in pvp bcoz i dnt think its fair . although technically its fair to use it bcoz its a druid skill but morally its not fair
  9. wish you guys were on emerald , or i was on US sapphire i ran out of opponents to pvp me in emerald . No1 pvps me now ,because after i win few times they just stop trying :! Regards sleepercel (druid ) EU server
  10. nothing unites elves more than challenge from mcs !!! some mcs came nd bragged that emerald elves cn nvr win war 3-0 nd rest is history lol , 3-0 in 10 min
  11. if arena season will end in 3 months only , then server will be flooded with arena rewards and it will lose its uniqueness , its rarity . so my suggestion is atleast make the season last for 6 months think for long term devs , not for short term thank you
  12. @ priskick if u r a 800 damage rogue nd u still lose to +8 druid , u surely are a noob rogue ( my suggestion take lessons from sulla ''how to play rogue''). 2ndly ever faced 3 rogues in arena ? u die b4 u say cheese nd fights r made 3vs 2/1 so easily even worst 1 lock 2 rogue - probly best 3x3 team out there . smart lock rogue team is freaking unbeatable . classes r fine atm , link was already nerfed nd no more nerf is needed u dnt consider a simple situation its not like druids r alwaz free to cast spells , b4 u think to link ur ally it turns out rogue killed them!! its the warspear learn to live with it all is good thank you
  13. i would be very happy , alwaz wanted a lil sister to fight for tv remote , to share every lil secret what would u do if u find a million bucks locked in a secret pot beneath ur house ,which u found in some construction work
  14. talk all you want i donot need to prove anything , u all r just jealous becuase none of u can beat me .i m totally good nd i dnt need to prove it jealous kiddos . thats all i wana say ,now make all stories u want, i wont post again asta la vista
  15. this is all i wana say -->. . A good man doesnt need to prove he is good , enough said . au revoir
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