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  1. ill  buy it pm quiteso when u see me online. thx


    ok, i add u to friend list, if i see you online i write you ;) PS: US Emerald doesnt exist, only EU Emerald and US Saphire :)
  2. Here you can write all items what you need sell or you can buy what you need.  :drinks:


    In every post write pllease your server thank you!  :pleasantry:




  3. The 331 clan can join everyone who has reached Level 3. We offer great communication and help with quests.


    Admission requirements:

    1) to add the user to Facebook http://www.facebook.com/groups/208395985879176#!/Jelen331

    2) Give it to me like the facebook page 331 Clan WSO


    Clan Rules:

    1) Always help the weaker and stronger members of the clan when they request it.

    2) Not to be rude to others.

    3) Experienced members always advise inexperienced members.

    4) We ask from you to respect other clan members.

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