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  1. Any new gear for the arena shop or is it going to be out dated like the crimson luxury stuff?
  2. There is a quest at the beginning town to gain a bag which I believe is for inventory, but the drops you need to complete the quest seemed to be bugged.
  3. Bein

    sms payment in USA

    I still havnt gotten any miracle coins since the us sms number was updated. Contacted customer service once aweek since.
  4. when roar is active the icon appears under the enemies health bar as a broken sword.
  5. until I get kratt done il be in your neck of the woods plenty enough. I won't mess with elves doing their chainless quests in my area though so if I'm in a group and we don't appear to be killing elves at random please keep that in mind.
  6. Ones earned by dailies ok. Purchased = credit card warriors.
  7. No offense but when I was roaming around the elf lands I got attacked by a random druid and when I was just finishing him off and at half health you jumped on me too. Not complaining (i won still) but if want people to play "honorably"lead by example.
  8. Bein


    Obviously I don't know what legion means. I was only making a joke about your forum posts being many and o:verrunning the forums :facepalm:. Do you know w ,hat sarcasm is? And I don't hate you, I was even gonna be nice a pay someone gold in game to hangout and be your buddy so we could do kratt without interruption.
  9. Bein


    PLEASE! Make it stop his forum posts are legion too!
  10. So I'm bored hanging out waiting for some m clanners to show up in the cave of the fiery genie when some elves show up. First time through the leave me alone kill the genie and leave. 15 minutes later same group comes back to get the genie again. This time the genie stats landing some heavy crits so I figure I'll lend a hand. Genie dies in no time. I go back to killing imps just to get killed by the guys whom I've just helped. A well next time I'll just attack the elves and help the genie.
  11. Bein

    Sell rare item

    4000 if you still have it.
  12. So I've been playing on sapphire MC side and reached lvl 15 only to get stuck because of small population. Hows the MC population on emerald?
  13. I love warspear. However I'm seeing alot of mc people eho have been online regulars rage quit and not come back once they start the chainless quest line.. Partly from lack of help and partly from getting rolled by elves farming boss drops. Any ideas? Otherwise on sapphire its gonna be 100 elves killing the same 6 of us over and over again.
  14. Im tearing up that someone noticed :lol: :rofl:
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