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  1. But how can i move without doing boss quests? I am tired of waiting untill someone appears and help me...
  2. What quest leads me to other island? I am forsaken dead knight, lvl 13, and i have some quest in dungeons which i cant do by myself. I would like to focus on that quest, which moves me forvard in game. Thanks for help, Varlochmat
  3. Thank you for your help but I just figured out. Everitime I brought 10 plates to firt or second sister (which summons the deamon) BUT on the higher map is third sister....and she give me the secret lore...
  4. Thank you. I am an idiot. I see it now.
  5. I am stuck at quest Magic of sirens. I have to bring 10 Scripted plates (which I loot from sailors) to one of taskmasters daughters. When I do it, some red creature appears. I kill it and some secret lore should have loot (or somehow find), but instead, I get one Scripted plate again. I tried it over and over again with same result... (so many poitons wasted at the fight with red deamon) It is some mistake, or I am doing someting wrong...?
  6. Thanks, it coud not be problem but I really dont know how complete this quest... Do I make this at party with other players? Quest description tells me nothing...
  7. Hi, I am new at this game and I love it, but unfortunately I am stuck on level 9. I am Forsaken, Death Knight and I have done all of the quests at Moraktar - Isle of Forsaken exept Hidden Hall, that I cant finish. I dont know where to find new quests. I tried Godgorrath, Irselnorth and Ayvondil but none quests for me. And I am tired to do these blue special quest at Snowy Bound over and over again... Thanks for hel
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