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  1. a mod will see this before its posted... and wont post BECAUSE IT IS SHOWING BAD THING IN THE GAME so at least read before ignoring and deleting... yea everyone is sad getting noob drops, i LOVE NOOB DROPS, cz they are useful, NOT LIKE C/BOWS! gm wont split drop system which is the same in elf and mc for +1year, i got only tos lvl23 bow, and horror lvl23 cbow... so in mc what i do with that .......... ?? making a collection ?? and long story of wasting time in dgs for a gingerbread... u got it that's me.... and i know many people who have a COLLECTION of many bows and cbows, and a collection of skins
  2. I have a shaman lvl26 Nhkomaiha, i've done all yellow quests in map2 and map1, and didn't get the quest of the new smilie which i think is "Valor of Mountain Clans". I have a rogue lvl15 too, i got the quest and got the smilie ! I'm checking all maps and everything! I didn't get the quest! I asked my friend too he is lvl26 shaman, didnt get the quest too
  3. I tried with a lvl1 account and they gave nothing Sure i wont give my lvl26 account to an unknown site i posted here because tech support is off at the time and i want to report him
  4. a player in the mc side called ALGRIND (Not AI...) is saying all the time: "xmas giveaway "warspear-online.netne.net" enjoy" this site prompts the visitor to send his account details so he gets 1500mcoins More info about the ALGRIND: rogue lvl3 (US-Supphire) My question is: isn't he a scammer?
  5. that's great, i was going all the time to t3 then died at Harbor of Crescent at the end! now better than losing time to walk again and die there lol
  6. sorry, but what do u mean exactly by "passive"? does need skill points? comes in event n goes after? or comes forever? comes in drop? ...im not understanding this much
  7. Awesomr update!! But why we have to but smiles!!! What ill do if i have 0mcoin??? XD just watch people sending smiles??:! Make them cheaper!!! 1mcoin:[ .. Or 0mcoin XD
  8. Nice information! I was knowing only 2 ways of all these: Map4: way 2 Map6: way 1 Thanks for helping in completing tellus quest
  9. 1.1 Xperia Arc S, Android 4.4.4 C-ROM(custom OS) 2.1 Medium-slow Ws 3.x was very fast on this phone.. But 4.x are slow 4.x fast if not chatting and there is no big quantity of players in the area S 1.2 PC, Windows 8.1 u1 and Windows 7 2.2 pc is so fast but ive a big problem:! Its that the game window is small and the contents of it are big%) (Ex: buttons, names,etc...) Need an update that makes them smaller and bigger window becoase the screen is already big
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