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  1. awesome photo... Best of luck bro... PS- it's me, godishoax.
  2. Every time someone attacked my kill, I didn't get any drop.
  3. I'm always told that I'm ugly... Suddenly if you say that I'm not... I won't believe ;-;
  4. Ganking may be fun. But being ganked is not. And 7 is similar to 3. If you attack the mob that someone else was attacking, that person will not get the drop.
  5. 7.) Never attack the mob which someone else is attackin. Only attack, if the person is going to die and needs help.
  6. Will we get "titles" ? For example, of someone kills 100 players of enemy faction, then below his/her name, guild name, there would be a little title like "Legion Destroyer" or something like that
  7. 1.) Agreed. 2.) okay xD 3.) There is a light version available. This audio chat function may be only for the standard version.
  8. 1.) don't you hate it when people randomly start taking about their favorite movie ._. . why not give them ability to make a separate room where they can add interested people and chat with them. 2.) I know it's nice. xD 3.) You can't Skype while playing the game.... You can... But try to understand that some of the players have only one smart device or computer laptop.
  9. 1.) There can be only 5 members in a party. 2.) Majority of people will stop posting help messages in WC and shift to Quest Chat. 3.) This feature is required. Don't you agree it's difficult to chat during arena or dungeons?
  10. I'll be brief and quick. 1.) You should really add a group chat feature in which we can add people we like and chat with them. 2.) Please make a separate chat room for help in quests. It is annoying when people spam world chat with trade and help messages. 3.) Please work on adding live audio chat Or audio messages. It's difficult to chat by writing during arena or dungeons. Thanks
  11. Some Important Rules That You Must Follow Hey, guys. These are some rules you must follow. Feel free to recommend new rules. =^^= 1.) YOU SHOULD NOT GANK IN ANYONE ELSE'S PVP. 2.) YOU SHOULD NOT POST TRADE MESSAGES IN WORLD CHAT. 3.) YOU SHOULD NOT STEAL SOMEONE ELSE'S DROP. (example: if you want to take some plant dropping and there are mobs surrounding it. There's only one way to get that dropping. And that is to kill the mob first and then pick the droppimg. Suppose, someone else is killing the nearby mob. It may be that he/she wants to take that dropping. You should neve
  12. Sirrah

    Linkin Park

    In the end and numb are overrated
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