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  1. Another Update and many things to add again!
  2. Suppose, the enemy who is under 20% hp has like 50-60% resilience. Normally whoever has that much resilience never receives a critical hit in PvP. Will they still get sure critical dmg from Rogue? @Dr Strange
  3. Suggest it in Rogue Section> New Expert Idea
  4. Range attack can hit easily on max parry while its hard to hit max dodge. Well, I'm not saying to give parry a op boost like devs did on dodge. A slight upgrade will be enough.
  5. "Parry" skill of BD is a very neglected skill. After Pumping to 5/5 it gives 5% parry only. While similar skill "Dodge" Grants 26% Dodge to a character. Will we see a rework on this skill in the future? It will be good if % of Parry gets improved while duration gets reduced (Like the recent Dodge rework)
  6. @SymbX cool calculator bro, didn't see that many important bugs so far. Keep up the good work! I loved the search option so far. Could you make guild buff options like "All Skill lvl 3/ Lvl2/ Lvl1" option? When we click "all skill lvl 3" , guild buffs will become Lvl 3 immediately.
  7. I think it was down for like 15min today when I posted, now its ok.
  8. Is calculator working today?
  9. Sex Change Scroll: Allows User to Change Their Sex [Male to Female and vice versa]. Mcoin Item only. Claim All Button: Allows a person to Claim All rewards and Golds (in case of sold items in dealer) at once.
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