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  1. Any chance to get updated gears of 8.4.1 on calculator soon?😆
  2. Fighting is good and fun xD. Problem is arena has been developed in such a way that people just need to do spam. Right now only 2x2 arena fights are 100% fair. 3x3 and 5x5 the side with more multiloggers always win. Nowdays i see 1v3 fights in random 1v5 in 5x5 cz other team mates are bots from enemy side multiloggers.
  3. Go Hunter..very good at both Pve and PvP
  4. Believe it or not, although devs admins keep saying multi logging is illegal, They keep encouraging it. With Random 3x3 and 5x5 update their is no way someone can know who may end up in their team. And players are using this opportunity. Most of the big unions uses multi log feature to send bot chars in their opponent team. Solution? Yes there is one! Do multilog like your opponent and send afk bots in their team also. Result? Report each other and get banned. 2x2 and Seals is fair as afk logging harms own team in that case.
  5. Spring double pene (better dmg) or horror ls staff ( for better balance between dmg and survival)
  6. Well Vamp axes are just a waste tbh,u can try vampire swords instead if you care about max ls. In my opinion best wpn to use at 28 lvl is crafted swords with full speed build.
  7. I intend to use points of basic skills 😛
  8. I agree also, war mechanics should be changed. Currently the war buffs favors mostly arena players. U can see, arena players usually lead both sides. Special Dg access or some currency to buy special PvE gears could be interesting as rewards. Again, most of the people on both sides stay afk in t1 mostly. War flag could be set a bit far from respawn zones and maybe set condition to get war rewards like in events ( stay in red area when war is over). ( bit far from respawn zone= afk people will die and cant come back)
  9. You forgot to add Mage jump as Blink skill @lallouss 🤣🤣
  10. AMAZING! Add 29 arena armors also when you have time bro ❤️ Keep up the good work
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