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  1. https://warspear-online.com/en/
  2. Join EU, US is totally messed up.
  3. Whats the use of new class if cant make it! P.S: Tried on my 3 different accounts(2010, 2013,2016) , even tried on a new one after that.
  4. It's been there for ages man! Easy to remove expert skills.
  5. MMm...probably u haven't met a good+rich seeker yet. I have a friend who is both skilled+rich (being rich does matter). He has killed almost all +10 greatness bds alrdy.
  6. I agree about Wow, never played Black desert. I like WoW back in old days then had to quit when i started college. And idk what strategy to use to take one mc flag xD. Tried everything. All ends up with being permanent disabled near flag.
  7. My suggestions: GIVE BD A 3RD WPN LIKE ZORO Give shamans 4th totem, that can summon God Give priests a skill that can send enemies directly to hell and allies to heaven. Give paladin Enlightment of Harad so they can see the future. Meh, im bored. Maybe friends from ws can suggest more. P.s: Rangers are trash ( Arizf are you here ♥♥♥♥♥?🤣🤣🤣), simply delete them.
  8. @FkelfsDid u mention those videos for me or someone else? 😛 if for me, i have no idea why i would get mad. i do not know a single player in those videos bruh. (Also its hard to make me mad, Even when HR offered me to pay 60% salary after lockdown, i didn't get mad. I simply quit it😅)
  9. @vegetanice bro, now i have got all infos i need. Shaman a support healing class Has op heal A Good skill that gives good hp Reduces pene 25% Reduces dmg taken upto 50% Heals 1k+ with castle pot (Same as druids but druids dont get to hit like a missile) Now i know why my 1400(1500-1550 under buff) hits like a feather. If 25% of my pene is gone its very good i hit 700-800 on a 60% resil shaman 🥺 All i can say is get greatness set. And i probably have max mdef alrdy. Also no one is stopping you to cry about bds. Go make a similiar post. In last 6 years
  10. resistance charge goes away with their 3rd totem. I still need to get a clear video of how 1 totem can nuke a 60% resil tank. Shamans do not die, thanks to the castle pot ( jump and heal ) machanics I do agree 😛
  11. so, shaman is basically a tank now?
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