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  1. WoW! well I'm not in Sea server but giveaway is always wonderful xD
  2. @King Death 1265200280_EpicFightBokuNoHeroAcademia-MidoriyavsMuscularGUARANTEEFULLFIGHT_3.mp4
  3. *bringing my soda and popcorns here* nvm me, keep going.
  4. play a dmg class thats not rogue then fight vs a decent rogue
  5. well, near 100% evasion is a very bad thing.
  6. exactly! But you must agree with me that rogues are the king of landing first hit xD
  7. Sadly i never see rangers to have enough hp to kite vs a rogue when the rogue finishes his combo. That invis+dagger combo melts ranger badly.
  8. Yes, BD can but ranger cant,, ranger needs to resist the dagger combo for survival and that happens like 1% time max
  9. same here hahaha. Its a waste of time as enemy guild alliance are in control of that bracket. 25 win daily will take 6/7h here.
  10. actually there's very little chance of survival for rangers after rogues full combo. Rogues can stun and deal heavy dmg from range nowdays. (Stealth+dagger combo)
  11. Cool Idea. But the problem is we do not have endgame tier skills yet, max we have is expert skill.
  12. When someone wins fully, then they stop entering inside after a while. Thanks to the matchmaking system depending on Rating. (Personal Experience: When i fought in Crucible in my server, i started to enter 4/5 times per hour)
  13. Average time needed to get 1 win in seal= 3 mins if we meet friendly parties. So, 25 win= 75min and another 75 min to let friends win. So Lowest time needed= 2h 30mins. While fighting enemies, 6-7mins,,so now 25 win (+25 help atleast)=5hrs. @Holmes Accorning to my personal opinion, this mode is too slow. in Crucible it takes max 2h-2h 30 min to get 25 wins and in 5x5 it takes less. In new mode it will take 3hrs atleast. For many people, it could be 10hrs.
  14. Your Buffs are hidden. Will you kill me if i ask to your buffs?
  15. I am playing for like 8 years now and still new players with endless coins are easily overpowering me in couple of months. I hope u got ur answer. Yes, ofcourse. It will be hard but its possible if you can invest your time.
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