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  1. I use swords since the age of axes and people around used to call me idiot xD..Now people even use dagger hohohoho
  2. In the End, nothing is enough xD DPS classes cries for more cc while CC classes cries for more dmg
  3. Blazeferno

    Drop rate

    Lets devote ourselves towards the Goddess of Luck and Prosperity xD
  4. Mage: Lelouch,Skynete,Urgoits Bd :Mathy, Myouren Ranger: Gohan,Cleopetra,Killer Druid : Tenest, Xshammy,Ayazams Paladin: Gladiator,Mrchamba,Itachi,Zeus Priest : Kathy,Behappy Warden : Critmebtch,Novatanker, Xxblackxx Seeker :( too broken to give nomination) (Didnt nominate as #1 #2 #3 though)
  5. One Question> Is there a max limit for Imperials which can be stored? (like max ap=52k)?
  6. Those mcs who think Elf skills are better , They are welcome to join elf. Same goes with those elf who thinks mc skills are better
  7. Just build up Dodge,,,,theres many rogue nowdays who can dodge almost 90% attacks
  8. New Gears are good but wont buy anything,my present set is good
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