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  1. Missing a lot of stacked quests from avondil town 4
  2. Meh, I forgot to write "First" before starting to read
  3. Dungeon level = BG>RG>TT>TS>TP Difficulty level= Easy> Normal>Hard>Heroic>Mythical Share and subscribe ..hehhe
  4. Finally i have found a decent comment after surfing through entire forum
  5. New skill after dragon update: "Fusion"= Become one with the dark dragon and boost all stat by 2x 🤣😎😎😎😎
  6. For burst dmg build i suggest to mix light and heavy gear to get high speed and as much pene possible. SKills 4/4 Power of Blade and 4/4 Strike Hurricane with speed swords For tanky build i recommend to get mix of craft and cc def bonus set with 27 tp axe Skill 4/4 Power of blade and 4/4 shield. Well, you may consider taking mark of bladedancer to 4/4 instead of shield it gives 12% penetration which comes in handy
  7. Blazeferno

    Blade Dancer

    Horror cape and ring gives much better dmg than craft ones
  8. I blocked you with tenest also and you kept changing partner to hide in 24 arena and again in 28 arena xD. Too bad i'm not good with making videos.
  9. Make 400 Bagslot, Make some items like Arena TIcket /HP/Mana pots etc etc to stack to 50pcs ty its a pain in the ass when i buy like 500-1000set ticket in every ticket sale
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