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  1. Is this an additional effect? Or are old effects gonna get replaced??
  2. Great update. But may we just have the relics back in the bag rather than replacing them?
  3. Great Update, can't wait to see it in the action. Although hoped to see Necromancer's Poison Rain bug that allows it to hit indestructible objects get fixed. Anyway, let's welcome another halloween event in the land of Arinar.
  4. Ok, now it all makes sense. Thank you.
  5. Hello, I wanted to know how mana regen works inside battle. Does it get reduced to 50% of the overall value? or It reduces more when we use the permanent skill? Example: Today I tested my seeker who is without any guild buffs. It has 62 mana regen that gets reduced to 31, which is totally fine. But, the problem is, after using permanent skills, mana regen becomes 41 which is cool. But upon entering battle, it comes to 12 instead of 20. So, my question is, do permanent skills reduce mana regen from total regen, or after reducing from total regen, it reduces mana regen more after entering battle? n
  6. Baryon

    Windows Client

    Have windows client always looked so large? Even with small UI, contents look unusually large. Is it possible to make it smaller?
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