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    Nino reacted to Blueborn in "Other Games" Discussion   
    Enzo's major buff moments at KOL

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    Yay my first miracle coins!
    Congrats to the winners.
    Can't wait to see Vera's boss in the game ^^
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    Nino got a reaction from nikdevil in Ioko, the spider shaman   
    So I basically added spider legs coming out from  his back, since I thought he needs something more associated with spiders.
    And also I drew a colored version of him, but I think it would look better with darker colors...
    so this is the boss I've created for this contest. Feel free to comment.
    8 years earlier
    Ioko was an ordinary boy. He was curious and adventurous kid. Once he heard a legend about the cave of the spiders. The legend said that mother of spiders lives there. People also used to  believe that she often comes out of her cave and kidnaps children. Ioko always wanted to see it with his own eyes, the rumors didn't make him that happy. One day Ioko left his house and rushed to the forest. After few hours of searching tired boy laid down on the green grass. The birds were chirpping, sun was shining. Ioko thought about the legend. He couldn't believe how dumb he was. This thing doesn't even exist! It was only a big lie!
    8 years later
    Where am I? Where am I...? It's so dark... Cold. I have never felt so cold. He tried to move. Ioko couldn't even spin his head, there wasn't enough space. Think think think... Ahhh I wanna get out from here! Ioko started tearing the thing apart. It works! It could be a bag he thought. But why am I in a bag? What happened here? When he escaped it was still dark and cold. After a few minutes Ioko started seeing suroundings. A cave he thought I'm in cave... He couldn't understand what he was doing here. Ioko hardly could walk. He looked around and tried to understand what was going on. One thing attracted Ioko's eyes: a huge cocoon torn apart. I was in it? What's going on here? He looked around once again. The other thing he saw was a skeleton. A very small skeleton like child's.  Ioko suddenly remembered how he came here. Boy looked again at the skeleton. One, two, three and many more were laying on the ground. Ioko wasn't scared, he felt happy being the only one alive in a cave full of children's skeletons. And now he understood.The cave of the spiders. The legend. All those kiddnaped and eaten kids whose skeletons were laying right under Ioko‘s feet. Now I am  one of them. But... I'm alive... Why?
    Ioko touched his face. Scars. Scars on his face, on his arms. The young shaman was smiling. He felt an incredibly power inside his body.
    What a nice body I've got. A strange voice apeared. I'm feeling alive. Finally.
    Those words didn't come from boy's mouth. They were inside his head.
    Ioko felt the need to kill and eat humans.
    He touched scars again. How long have I been here?
    Ioko laid down on  the cold ground, but he didn't feel cold. He wasn't scared of the darkness. Ioko felt powerfull. Mother of the spiders consumed his soul. Thousand of spiders started coming out from nowhere. Do I know how to deal with this?
    Ioko still lives in a cave of spiders. He often uses his magical powers to attract people from the forest and then kills them. It's like amusment for him. But sometimes people come without his invitations and shaman feels the need to destroy them just because the mother is telling him to.(She often feels the hunger).
    Ioko once asked
    Where's the hell?
    Inside your head.
    Summons a lot of (15-30) small spiders with (50-150) hp which also deals small amount of damage. 
    Spider web
    Stops  players for few sec and make them unable to use skills.
    Spider Venom
    Aoe skill  which poisons the players around him. Deals average damage per second.
    Sometimes the mother of spiders takes the lead of his body and increases her power. Uses skill Hunger and so makes Ioko eat human flesh (deals huge amount of damage to the tank).
    cave of the spiders in a forest.
    As usual attacks the tank.
    Deals magic damage.
    When hp bar reaches minimum Ioko creates cocoon as a shield and so it increases his defense. But it makes him inable to use any of his attacks. If the shaman isn‘t killed after few min he restores his hp (10-20k), but comes back to his normal self so it‘s easier to deal the damage on him.

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