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  1. Please send us the chests! We already have wait for long time, so now we should get them!
  2. Elfs are very op + outnumbered, this war needs changes because they just kill all flags in 3-5 min... Why in every update those elfs always get more and more power... Very unfair for mc side.
  3. Yeah... They need forever... But we need to download new client after this maintenance?
  4. When those results will be finally posted? This takes forever.
  5. Hello Peter_Munk , will now with this maintenance you at least return that sound please? Thank you.
  6. EDIT: OK, sorry, but will there be soon returned sound r0land? This week?
  7. Ehm, you are just trying to make more posts. I didn't had any issues because my device is not with noob hardware as yours are. Hahah
  8. Yes on noob devices as you have. Deal with it or buy better device. hahah
  9. Whatever... They can have sound and Android users not... No one cares about Android users...
  10. Whatever... They can have sound and Android users not... No one cares about Android users...
  11. Any news about the sound for Android clients? Please be fair and make it available... Because game has no-sense without it... This was shock for me to see that sound was disabled... You should return it for full version and light version can stay without it... So if someone has weak phone we all have to suffer that? Please return it...
  12. Hmm yes but without sound it is boring. You maybe have weak device so it can't play sound and game at the same time. Use light version and in full one sound should be returned. This had not happened on this game. Sound was always available so this was big shock for me to play this game in silent mode... Any news about the sounds developers? Android client.
  13. Yeah please... Last year update came at 19th December... Why events late this year.
  14. AlexP502

    Question to GM

    Any chance to get the update 4.6 today? Tomorrow is Christmas eve, it would be fair. Last year it was on december 19th...
  15. Christmas eve is tomorrow bro... It would be unfair if 29th or 30th...
  16. Peter_Munk, and other GM's of the game, tomorrow is christmas Eve, update must be released today... I'm sorry if I bother you guys, but it is just my opinion. Hopefully to get an respond. And, when I write GM's name, or say it, I use green words.
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