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  1. Fui contando só as respostas. Das mais antigas até as atuais. https://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?/forum/26-class-discussion/
  2. Its about which classes were more discussed here on forum. (Only counted the replies)
  3. @lallouss @Drakoknighti no long log in us sap for a while. And i wouldnt do such a thing like that. And yeah...i'm more Zeus than Zeusxelie xD
  4. Parabéns aos vencedores!! Essa Miss realmente se empenhou e ficou aterrorizante!! O Mr ficou muito bom também! Essa parads de likes na minha opinião não pode ser levado em consideração pois muitos votam pela "beleza" ou com contas fakes. Parabéns à todos envolvidos.
  5. I can imagine why.. I would choose my necro on US but i want the prize going to my Chieftain (if i win something) I may use a translator, and put that on Russian section (or wait it to be moved)
  6. Caraca....ficou muito bom msm... Achei que fosse uma máscara Boa sorte!!
  7. @Holmes @Akasha Very good news!! By the way...Please, check out if there is a possibility to put the XP potion... I would like to test my chieftain with my high level gear (which i cant use right now) If possible or not. Thanks in advance
  8. Totally agreed. Or 4 random respawn spots. This way there is a possibility to not be seen
  9. I also soloed....but the 24th lv with my lv24 DK....had to use a minion and died twice i assume
  10. Learning the stories about Totenkopf, Sir Joachim , Grunland and news about the update. In Brazilian Portuguese
  11. Amazing. Wanna see runes soon!!
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