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    TheCabbage reacted to Enot in [2023.09.23] Обновление Warspear Online 12.0: Восход Альмахада. Анонс   
    @Dr Strange 
    Краткий сюжет: нам говорят в 4 секторе примерно, что часы времени уничтожены друидом предателем, но возможно есть копия где-то на затонувших кораблях, и поэтому мы едем на 5 сектор, чтобы найти копию часов, отмотать время под главным деревом в 1 городе и добыть древнейший артефакт Клепсидра Гайи, вроде так называется. Также мы узнаем из первых дневников Альма, чтобы добытые артефакты из прошлого (У гор и ух по одному разному артефакту) уснули, и нам нужна энергия другого артефакта, чтобы пробудить их. Этим артефактом должно было послужить вроде Чёрное солнце на Альме. 
    А изходя из анонса нам говорят, что копию главного артефакта можно добыть и на Альмахаде (Копию какого артефакта? Ещё одну копию часов, третью? Или копии Клепсидры, которые уникальные и не имели копий? Очень расплывчато, без конкретики и не понятно). 
    Вопрос: куда делся изначальный сюжет Альма с подзарядкой одного артефакта другим? Почему теперь мы ищем копию неожиданно? Значит вся сюжетная арка дна коту под хвост? Мне очень обидно, сюжет Айва топовый, особенно развязка с морской ведьмой, а теперь куда его девать, если в Лоре  ошибка. 
    Один скрин из первых дневников, другой скрин из этого анонса

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    TheCabbage got a reaction from Hellprince in Move extra skill point from level 20 to 18 to help new players   
    Players should expect the skill points be systematic. Having them at 10, 18 and 30 would just feel weird. Besides, there's an extra skill point pretty early on in the talents, which, if unlocked, allows putting the point received at level 18 in an expert skill. (Or it could inspire the player to go down the blue path.)
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    TheCabbage got a reaction from wolfdragon99 in the memes / funnies   
    Legion economy:
    Real world economy:
    Sentinel economy:
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    TheCabbage got a reaction from PhoenixFire in the memes / funnies   
    I spent way too long making this. Don't even know why. 

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    TheCabbage got a reaction from smescharik in the memes / funnies   
    I spent way too long making this. Don't even know why. 

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    TheCabbage got a reaction from Khrone in the memes / funnies   
    I spent way too long making this. Don't even know why. 

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    TheCabbage got a reaction from Speedom in Differentiate notifications   
    Would be nice if we could opt in only for some notifications - currently it's all or nothing. Maybe someone wants to be reminded of special events but doesn't want their phone ding every time chippings extraction is complete; or the other way around, where someone needs that craft notification so that they can start the next one immediately, but doesn't care about wars.
    Pictured (inside the spoiler) are screenshots from the notification settings of this game, and a game that I think does great in this aspect. As you can see, system settings allow not only enabling or disabling specific classes of notifications, but also whether the specific classes are silent or appear while the phone is locked. 
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    TheCabbage got a reaction from Ogull in the memes / funnies   
    I spent way too long making this. Don't even know why. 

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    TheCabbage got a reaction from Maid in the memes / funnies   
    I spent way too long making this. Don't even know why. 

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    TheCabbage got a reaction from Drakoslayd in the memes / funnies   
    I spent way too long making this. Don't even know why. 

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    TheCabbage got a reaction from Nosotraes in the memes / funnies   
    I spent way too long making this. Don't even know why. 

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    TheCabbage got a reaction from Mooh in [2015.06.26] Moments of history. Warspear Chronicles. Chapter II   
    MCs are only ten times more valuable than gold? Now go tell that to the dealers. I need some of those cheap signs, pretty please.
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    TheCabbage got a reaction from Luiz Del Ducca in Minions. Suggestions and impressions.   
    Their level is rounded up to a multiple of five; as such there are only level 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 minions. For example players from levels 21 to 25 all have their minions at level 25.
    I'd prefer something more like this image, a list of skills isn't very informative if I'm a newish player and have no idea what a library or a charmer is.

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    TheCabbage got a reaction from Railson Almeida in random chest spawns in maps   
    The locations could be random, too, a bit like Cicada. This way nobody can just wait at the spawn location.
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    TheCabbage got a reaction from Higgings in And they wonder why i hate sentinels   
    Summoning is a dangerous art. You might want to call upon a powerful sorcerer, yet one wrong syllable brings forth a vegetable instead. But thanks for the hug anyway.
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    TheCabbage got a reaction from Ws Noticia in [2015.06.26] Moments of history. Warspear Chronicles. Chapter II   
    MCs are only ten times more valuable than gold? Now go tell that to the dealers. I need some of those cheap signs, pretty please.
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    TheCabbage reacted to Ислaм in SCREENSHOTS FROM THE GAME   
    -where are the chests?

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    TheCabbage got a reaction from Akasha in The new Ayvondil territory and some questions   
    Why is this still pinned? Even all the questions were answered: Mara'kosh was next, quest limit was increased, Caravan quests were disabled for high levels, bags hold 200 slots and that portal was indeed to a new lab, though only a tiny, story quest related one. And we had the new lab as well.
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    TheCabbage reacted to Peony in [2019.07.30] Update 8.0: The Ship Graveyard. Preview   
    Warriors of Arinar!
    Update 8.0 is just around the corner and that means there is only a short time to gather your strength and be among the first to dive into the wonderful underwater world. Hurry and be sure that incredible adventures and dangerous encounters with sea creatures await you. Alongside the V sector, new character levels will open up, new guild events will be introduced, a new opportunity to learn talents of characters, entirely unique equipment will be made available, and also the maximum hero level will be increased to 32! 
    The main questline
    The Pirate Captain will take the bravest heroes to the V sector, however bear in mind that you won’t find him on the Main Dock as here are too many prying eyes. His ship is moored aside, near Whispery Shore. And your adventures into the underwater world begins right here.
    When you find yourself on the Pirate Archipelago, to begin with you have to complete the first part of the main quest line, based around pirate conspiracies. You will have to clear out enemies in hidden caves, look for buried treasure, fight terrible monsters and most importantly — get to the “Sea Tramps’ Lair” dungeon. You're supposed to fight with deep-sea monsters controlled by Sea Tramps by means of an ancient artefact - they are the bandits who refused to obey the Pirate Codex. Having done with the monsters, you will free them from chains and be able to turn them against Tramps.
    As soon as the underwater conditions become more familiar and the sea brigands take you into their ranks, the next part will be becoming acquainted with the Tritons, and the start of the new questline. These dwellers of the depths will need support and protection of their territories from invaders, and in turn they will help you with your main task — the search for the World Creation Clock, the most powerful artifact.
    Keep it in mind that completing each new level of the “Sea Tramps’ Lair” dungeon will open new daily quests which will help you get Tritons’ reputation quicker, to proceed to the other events in the underwater world.
    As you already know, interaction with the Pirates and Tritons will go through the accumulation of reputation. Pirates’ reputation will be a classic version, the mechanics of which you already know. But Triton’s reputaiton will have several brackets that you should know about:
    0 - 4999 of reputation point - neutral
    oxygen maximum level: 10 points underwater travel speed: 60% of basic speed 5000 - 14999 of reputation point - friendly
    oxygen maximum level: 13 points underwater travel speed: 70% of basic speed 15000 - 34999 of reputation point - respected
    oxygen maximum level: 16 points underwater travel speed: 80% of basic speed 35000 of reputation point - honoured
    oxygen maximum level: 20 points underwater travel speed: basic speed  
    Guild event in the designated area “Assault of the Ship”
    This event will become available almost immediately: there are no special conditions for it and you will only need to fulfill a standard activation trigger. Successful completion will positively affect your interaction with the Pirates of your fraction and will help in further underwater adventures.
    Many years ago this powerful Galleon has hit the shoal during a terrible storm, near one of the islands of the Pirate Archipelago. Most of the crew couldn’t survive the fight with the cruel sea and now their lost souls, alongside the underwater beasts and wreaths of poisonous mist, have overtaken once one of the most powerful ships in the history of Arinar. Will the heroes be brave enough to step into the god-forgotten holds of the Galleon and fight their way to the captain’s quarters, searching for the hidden treasure?
    To remind you, “Assault of the Ship” is taking place on a specially designated location, containing multiple stages, each of which differs in the number and strength of the monsters. Proceeding to the next stage is available only after completing the previous one. No skipping!
    Guild event in the dedicated area “Descent into the grotto”
    Activating this event will require completing the dedicated dungeon “Sea Tramps’ Lair” several times, on the high or heroic difficulty. Only then will you be able to descent into the grotto and overcome all the difficulties of the path, together with your battle comrades. Successful completion will not only bring the rewards, but also prove the strength of your guild to the Tritons, which will improve your reputation among those marine inhabitants.
    The inhabitants of the islands never had trouble with entering the grottos, but not many managed to get out of it. A labyrinth of chained shallow caves is not only scary due to how it easy it is to get lost or simply buried under a heap of heavy rocks, but also because of its inhabitants. Marine beasts that enjoy the grottos for several decades and live in the gloomy darkness, have grown accustomed to such conditions and any source of light may spell immediate death to its bearer.
    Don’t forget, the main tasks of the guild on this event are escorting the player, bearing the torch, and protecting them throughout the path. So bee careful, watch your step, protect each other and the torch, and don’t linger in one place under any conditions!
    Guild event in the GvG territory “Invasion of Chaos”
    A daily event that will take place at a specific time. Though, as a reminder, throughout the Ship Graveyard territory there will be multiple entrances to the event territory, but only a few of them will become active. You will be very lucky if you end up being near them! The main goal of this event is to kill as many monsters as possible and earn rewards. You will get points for each Chaos Spawn being killed. All monsters will differ by difficulty level, and for the first minutes on the battlefield you'll meet simple mobs in order to have an opportunity to prepare to the real bloody fight. The longer you stay in the Break, the stronger monster will appear on your way and more point you will receive for their killing. Try to reach the main bosses in first: World Serpents will show up closer to the middle of event, while Chaos Princes will get out from the Break right behind them. Notice that this monsters won't respawn again. Act quickly and take into account that other guilds won't give you a helping hand!
    Five centuries ago, the Great Rift has awaken the ancient powers of Chaos, which slumbered in the bowels of Arinar since the dawn of time. The ocean floor was broken by numerous fissures, through which Chaos began to slowly spread, poisoning the bodies and souls of the sea inhabitants. Its presence is especially powerful in the Twilight Depths. One who isn’t afraid of the ancient evil and manages to understand the essence of the rifts of Chaos, will be abble to topple its power and restore the balance in Arinar.
    Guild event in the GvG territory “Trial of the Tritons”
    In time, there will be an opportunity to aprticipate in another event — the Trial of the Tritons. As you know from the Developers’ Diaries, it consists of two stages, where the standoff uses a single-elimination system. We will talk about this event in more detail later, when you gather strength and experience, and the Tritons will be ready to invite you into this dangerous adventure. 

    Dungeon “Sea Tramps’ Lair”
    The first dungeon available on the V sector of Ayvondil conceals unique pirate treasure. But getting to it will not be easy!
    The Sea Tramps are zealously guarding their lair, but its main valuables are not gold or pearls. In the grottos, caverns and hollows of the lair, a different kind of treasure is hidden — sea beasts, captured on the Azure Shallows, in the Twilight Depths and even beyond the archipelago. The Tramps value the beasts, hoping to sell them for a fortune. But turning the creatures on the Tramps themselves isn’t hard at all. Start with Kadzira, a monster born in the southern seas. Give him a good pummelling and you’ll see how the wounded beast’s fury befalls the Sea Tramps!
    The mechanics of this dungeon you have already learned in the Developers’ Diaries, so we will only remind you of the important thing: to open all daily quests, you will need to complete all 4 difficulty levels of the dungeon, and for the entry to each level you will have to gain definite amount of Pirate Faction reputation points.
    As one of the guaranteed rewards for completing this Dungeon will be the Reputation of the Tritons. Please note that you will be able to receive a limited amount of reputation each day.
    Dungeon “Sanctuary of Tritons” 
    The entrance to the second dungeon of the V sector will only be available to the guilds that successfully complete 2 phases of the Trial of the Tritons event. The Sanctuary only has one difficulty level, but you have definitely never encountered anything similar to the trouble prepared for you there: the most powerful and scary monsters, insidious traps and other less than pleasant surprises will await you inside. That is why we can only recommend such an adventure to characters who reached level 32, which will be the maximum with a new sector.
    However, the history of the Underwater world is much more vast and intricate than it can appear at first glance. Because of that, we will unveil it slowly and carefully, page by page. For now, however, we advise you to thoroughly prepare for all the dangers that will await you in the depths.
    “Search for sunken treasure”
    In the V sector you will encounter an entirely new kind of an event, where you will have to demonstrate your combat prowess and strategic thinking. You will need to walk along the seafloor and find the sunken ships with treasure. However, before approaching the pirate trove, you will need to find a special key, hidden in a reliable stash. Only then will you be able to open the desired chest inside of the ship. Exactly at that moment you must be extremely neat as anyone from the opposite Alliance may interrupt you: attack and grab all the rewards. And don’t forget about the guards — the treasure is securely protected by the marine thugs
    The depths under the Pirate archipelago are aptly named the Ship Graveyard. Many centuries ago, when sailing on this latitude still prospered, it was a crossing point of multiple trade routes, and pirates constantly attacked the trading ships. The sudden and rapid attacks of the brigands never left the traders a single chance. To this day hundreds of ship carcasses rest on the seabed, sunk by pirates or broken by the storms, and serve as the only reminder of those dangerous times. Treasure dimly glimmers in the sunken holds that pirates never got to. Thousands of heroes tried to find those caches but overestimated their ability and came back empty-handed. Could you get to the riches and come back alive?
    World Bosses
    Throughout the underwater sector, countless dangers await the courageous heroes, and only the most brave, crafty and skilled warriors of Arinar will be able to overcome it. One of those dangers will be terrifying raid bosses Captain Giant Octopus and Orcinus, who frighten not only by their size alone, but their power aswell. Only the best of the best will be able to take them on in a battle that will be remembered forever.
    Captain Giant Octopus

    Captain has destroyed innumerable seamen who got in his way. Those who managed to survive his pincers are still afraid to come near water to this day. Are you ready to fight a bloodthirsty creature? Such a fight could be your last...
    This ancient monster appeared even before history of Arinar. At that, Captain was never alive and thus the physical death doesn’t worry him in the slightest. His presence is just another moment in the eternity and the death of his shell is no different from life. There is a legend that Octopus is a god, but surely not in this world. Still, coastal villagers bring him tribute only to not see him in their nightmares.
    Try to defeat this boss as quickly as possible! If you don’t, the awakening of the monster will not come easy: the ranks of his attackers could noticeably dwindle.
    A very old and powerful beast that hid out of sight on the bottom of the sea and surrounded itself with sea monsters who became its only family. But you can see Orcinus and maybe even defeat him when you feel like a fish in the water.
    Puzzling out underwater riddles, you'll meet 5 chilling monsters in your path, and your victory over them will help you to pass the storyline quests. However, some of them are ready to fight absolutely in any moment - just find them in the sea depths.
    Gang Leader 
    The marshal of Sea Tramps together with his brother are frightening the whole Pirate Archipelago. Each of them are located in Tramps' shelter in the different ends of Azure Shallows. 
    Old Inker
    A giant octopus living in the Sunk Ship in the Pearl Town. Sailors are whispering stories about hte amount of ships it has sunk to the bottom in his time.
    Drowned Admiral
    Admiral died many centuries ago protecting another ship. Having felt new fights to come, he still rises from the dead in order to do his duty.
    Levadis the Bloody
    Once Levadis the Bloody with a few surviving comrades hid in his sanctuary in the west of the Twilight Depths, near the Thunderbird Port. All these years he is said to strengthen his power and evil will there.
    Sea Witch
    The Sea Witch is an ancient evil that lives in the deep. For several centuries she was hiding in her hut gaining strength, and now brings discord between the inhabitants of the bottom and the surface. It will be possible to overcome her along the storyline only, simultaneously revealing the secrets of the Underwater World. But be fully prepared - you have never encountered such a powerful enemy!
    Presence on underwater territories
    Underwater sector as any unexplored territory, has its own features. To start with, being underwater you will need Oxygen, which, of course has the tendency to run out. You should bear in mind that during a battle at the sea depth, the rate of oxygen consumption increases. Try to monitor the Oxygen scale intently, it's displayed under the block of information about the character while you under water.
    Once you remain without oxygen and die, the revival will be the same as in the open world. But only on condition that if you respawn immediately on the spot, the Oxygen value will be increased to the required minimum, so that you can be under water for a while and climb the island. When you revive at the Statue, the Oxygen scale will remain unchanged. 
    Oxygen recovers automatically as soon as you find yourself on land. You can view information about Oxygen on the surface in the "All Parameters" menu > the "Status" tab.
    To not end up feeding the fishes, you will have to methodically plan your advancement between islands and take breathers between submersions.
    Additionally, movement speed underwater will be lower than in other locations. But in time, warriors of Arinar will be able to improve and travel around the Graveyard much faster. Aside from the passive bonuses from achieving a certain level of reputation, a special tree of underwater talents will assist you in this.
    As you already know from the latest Developers’ Diaries, in the 8.0 update you will get the opportunity to learn “Underwater Talents”, which are split into several types, each of which contains specific abilities.
    You can improve your character’s performance under water, increase his defensive characteristics and resistance to negative effects, as well as gain a temporary advantage on the battlefield in the form of a passive growth of some characteristics.
    The new “Talents” menu will be available in the Character tab. There you will be able to check the current talent level and requirements to improve it. Don’t forget, those categories are independent, so you will be able to improve all of them and maximally develop your character!
    You can read more about routes of developing talents in the Diaries.
    In the Developer Diaries we've talked a little about the new merchants. Smugglers don't ask unnecessary questions when making deals and hide in their bags unique items that you won't find outside the Archipelago. Just don't forget that for the purchase you need a special currency - Pirate doubloons! You can get them successfully passing new events - from the Pirate chest.
    Expert skills menu
    We transformed the expert skills menu and divided it into three blocks, so it will be possible to open additional slots in each of them under certain conditions.
    An important change to notice is that now you can purchase immediately the slots opened at higher levels of the hero without waiting for the leveling up. In addition, there are the slots that can be opened by completing the achievements.
    New chapter of Ayvondil brings 50 unique achievements and 6 of them are legendary.
    Other changes
    There are some other additions and changes that appear now but are related not only to the V sector.
    Loot drop distribution
    The "First 10% Rule" will disappear. Now the loot will be dropped to a hero or a group that made the most damage. Consider this during the fight!
    A new Arena category is added - 29-32 for 2x2, 3x3 and Temple of Seals - and the 18-28 category is enlarged to 18-32 for 5x5 mode.
    Non-player factions
    The principle of acquaintance with non-player factions will be changed - it will be enough for you to enter the territory belonging to the capital of this faction in order to open it for yourself, without completing any quests or interaction. Before you score 5000 reputation points with a faction, the relationship with it will be considered as Neutral, not Friendly. The relationship with the Free League will be changed - now reputation will be earned from a minimum value of 0 to 5000. Other
    Now while entering the Dungeon the reward information block will display the number of guild and reputation points that you can get per raid.
    In the "Achievements" menu you will be able to see all the available awards that can be obtained for completing achievements.
    As you already understood, it is a real adventure that awaits you underwater! And to convey the whole atmosphere, we paid special attention to music. Don't forget to turn on the volume to immerse yourself in the underwater world!
    That's all for now, on the day of the update you will find more detailed information about some innovations, awards and some other surprises.
    See you in the game!
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    TheCabbage got a reaction from Speedom in Minions. Suggestions and impressions.   
    Their level is rounded up to a multiple of five; as such there are only level 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 minions. For example players from levels 21 to 25 all have their minions at level 25.
    I'd prefer something more like this image, a list of skills isn't very informative if I'm a newish player and have no idea what a library or a charmer is.

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    TheCabbage reacted to Akasha in Advice for Intermediate players. «14-20»   
    A dedicated guide to amateur warriors who started their journey in Irselnort!
    Build PvP ou PvE? Expert Skills Expanding the bag and saving daily quests Irselnort, Chainless League and Berengar Six Shadows Labyrinths Norlant swamps and their valuable loots! Economy: Gold x Miracle Coins Guild Crimson Corundum & Champions Coliseum Battle for territories  
    1. Build Pvp ou PvE?
    When you complete the first map of the game, you've already experienced some of the primary activities in the game: missions, dungeons and arenas. But now you will have contact with areas of open PvP, where enemy players can appear at any time, even while you're doing your daily quests (I'll talk about them later). 
    But if there is one thing that confuses even experienced players is choosing the build with the right attributes. Why? Warspear online is an RPG with many attributes, relics and abilities and each one of them has a great influence on how well your character will do in his path and the correct choice of build is undoubtedly the most important step of a warrior in this game.
    At this point you should keep the basic attributes you needed for your class listed in Mentor advice for Beginners and add new ones. You should already have a PvE set (used to kill monsters and do quests), but you'll need to seek better ones to complete normal, difficult, and heroic dungeons. I highly recommend searching for '' Crystal of Agility '' and '' Vampirism Rune '' for your permanent or semi-permanent equipment, they're a bit expensive but make significant improvements in the performance of all classes.
    Now if you realized that what you really like is fighting against other players, you'll need to create your arena set and understand that when talking about PvP in Warspear, your attributes may have nothing to do with what you've seen so far. You will need to invest in '' Resilience Runes '' instead of '' Defense ''. But why should I stop using defense? Well, that's a complex answer, you should understand some of the calculations here .
    You can chat with players here on the forum to learn about your class in pvp or spy on players equipment of same class with the best ranks in the arena tournaments menu > society > arena season > click on the nick of the player > actions > inspect the player

    2. Expert skills
    When you reach level 18, your character will have his first space to add an expert skill unlocked. They're fantastic skills that will change all gameplay mechanics as they have been implemented over the years to help players to deal with the new challenges they've found after many updates.
    They can be easily found in the '' Library '' of the first city of the Irselnort and Ayvondil maps and cost 40,000 gold coins, so you should collect gold and choose very carefully. More spaces are opened according to the level of your character in the future.
    If you search for Class Guides or join discussion on forum, you can ask other players what is the best '' Expert skill '' for you!
    3. Expanding the bag, stocking items and saving daily quests. (blue quests)
    If you followed my advice for beginners, you should already have some amount of gold collected from missions on the previous map and you should be doing the same with your missions in Irselnort - Ash Coast. But this time, after delivering the yellow missions, you will begin to receive different blue missions in all unlocked cities and they will be repeated every 3 days.
    How to increase the points received of these missions (XP) and maximize the efficiency of your '' Elixir of Knowledge ''? 
    Complete all you can in these 3 days, but do not hand them over to the dealers yet! Lets deliver all at once, preferably on the 4th day at least 45min before quests reset when the daily offers change in the market (the right time to start delivering will depend on your server's reset and your own avaiability to play) doing so, you should have time to deliver them and still use your Elixir for the next quests that will appear after the ''reset''. So you will save enough gold and gain a lot of experience !!
    However, in order to do this you will need to invest by buying '' extra pockets '', each one opens another 5 spaces in your inventory: menu> character> bag . 
    Another common thing to do when you don't have enough space in the bag is to put 40 identical mission items like a fake sale on market, you can search for its value in the merchant NPC > search the market> loot and put up for sale by a price much higher, so no one buys it and you can redeem when before you deliver the mission.
    4. Irselnort, Chainless League and Berengar Six Shadows
    In Irselnort you will have 5 cities in which you will do quests in exchange for experience as well as the first map, but the mechanics of some quests will be different and more difficult. In the 4th city, you will receive the ''Chainless League'' quests in which you will be sent to the opposite map of the island to elimitar enemy bosses.
    You will need a group and possibly help from more experienced players to complete these quests, it's tiring and some prefer to do it over night, but upon completing you can buy in Nadir (city in the middle of the two rings):
    Berengar Heroic Sets of level 15 level 15 accessories of unique rarity  
    Important! Note that completing the * Chainless League *  is required to progress in the game and you can't continue without completing these quests. Other than * Berengar Six shadows * that is not required ..
    Completing '' Berengar Six Shadows '' is almost impossible alone, fortunately there are always other people needing to complete this quest. It requires a lot of team work and patience: make sure your group knows their role in the game, and the tank must always be accompanied by a healer and support classes (eg. necromancers / priests) to reduce the chances of failure in this mission.
    Hint : Tanker, provokes one of the sorcerers (npcs) using aggression skill (hit once with a long range weapon also works) and position the group in the bottom corner of the hall, so the others will not attack. And your group only needs to kill one of them to get the mission item.

    5. Labyrinths
    These are so complex that they need a space exclusive for them. There is a complete guide on the Astral Labyrinth  here
    6. Norlant swamps and their valuable loots!
    When completing missions in Irselnort, you will have access to the 3rd map, Norlant. This is what I would call a bonus map, since few missions are neccessary for you to advance straight to Ayvondil - Eternal forest.
    Oh, but don't be mistaken! Norlant is one of the most generous and also challenging maps of Arinar .. you find quests with surprising rewards that contains all sorts of common quality equipment, rare, unique and heroic level 14 to 18, enchantments and others that you can sell or use.
    Learn the quests once and you will make a good amount of gold no matter what level your character is. Since the drops on this map don't have character level limits. It is worth consulting this Norlant Swamps Full Guide see . 
    Note that there is a quest called '' Norlant Aqueducts ''. You can do the quest, kill the mini-bosses and receive items from them. The secret is here: before reporting the quest, you cancel it. But why would I cancel? Because doing so you can do the mission again, and again, get rewards from the bosses again, as many times as you want! 

    7. Economy, Gold x Miracle Coins
    Inside the game you will find different coins traded for various purposes, but two main currencies, which allow you to buy almost all items in the game are: gold and miracle coins. These are the items that drive the economy in Warspear online, if you don't want to invest real money in the game or want to max your investment, these tips are very important:
    Attention! Gold is only acquired in game, not even AIGRIND promotes the sale of this currency - the purchase of gold for real money is prohibited and if discovered will result in the blocking of your account based on the breach of the End User License Agreement. As well as obtaining Miracle Coins from other websites other than the Official Warspear Online website, refund purchases and receiving free items from fraudulent accounts.
    7.1 Miracle Coins
    You can buy it using several payment methods and purchase items from the miracle shop to your own use, or to sell these items in exchange for gold to purchase equipment or other items that aren't available for in the Miracle Shop. If you choose the second option you need:
    Familiarize yourself with the market values of items on your server 
        they can vary a lot from one to another, knowing the market values will avoid huge losses for you! Study the market and find out the players' favorite items and invest on them
       never buy items for resale without having certain buyers, if you intend to sell via second-hand dealer, understand that even some 
       popular items may not be so successful during some festivals, where players prefer to buy festive items and etc. 
       So look for offers to buy in the trade chat available in the cities, announce and sell what has the best 
       cost x profit. Take advantage of daily promotions with 50% discounts
      - What is the advantage of selling on the same day? 
         there are more interested buyers since they will also pay a hald of what they would give for the original value; 
      - "What's the advantage of selling it later?"  
         the sale is slower and there are fewer buyers, but you buy for 50% less than the market traditional value during special offers    
         and sell by normal price, if you wait the following weeks;  Buy / Sell * Signs of Impermeability / sets signs * During the weekend
       these items can be purchased with up to 60% off the weekend, every weekend, so wait until then.  
    How to get Miracle Coins?
    Website oficial - https://warspear-online.com/pt/payments Completing free offers available at Miracle Shop (offered by advertising companies) Participating in Official Forum / Steam Contests. Official Giveaways & Exclusive Offers
      7.2 Gold
    Gold is the main currency used by all players to trade their items. Especially for FtP mode, these tips will help you obtain and manage this resource in the best possible way:
    How to get Gold?
    The best way to get gold currently in the game is by farming monsters , but there are very important rules you need to know:
    If the player's level is higher than the monster's by more than 5 levels, he will not obtain gold! ⚠ Group Farm at the same location: The amount of gold changes depending on the size of the group and the level of the highest level player.  The amount of gold depends on: monster level difference in levels between the player and the monster a bit of luck
      Monster Levels:
    Check out the types of mobs (npcs) and your chances of dropping gold:
     Normal - normal chance to get gold
     Strong - greater chance of getting gold
     Elite - much greater chance of getting gold
    Note: small red crown (mini boss), big yellow crown (boss) and big red crown (raid boss) have drops of special items.
    Difference of levels between the player and the monster:
    the best way to farm gold is in groups of 5 players of the same level. Neither alone nor in groups of 2 to 4 players!
    Other ways to get Gold:
    Completing daily quests
    this is the second best way, especially upon reaching the Eternal Forest (Ayvondil), you will notice a significant improvement in the amount of gold received from the daily quests compared to Irselnort, as well as receiving many pots and scrolls that you can sell to traders / npcs in exchange for gold. Using your stamina to farm bosses and dungeons every day
    you get 4 daily. These special mobs drop unique loots that you can later sell to players or use, in addition to pots, scrolls and quest rewards. Reselling items
    you can purchase items with promotional discounts from players who purchase them from Miracle Shop and resell at the second-hand dealer. If you already have a good amount of gold in your bag, you can also buy items from other players during events (when the value is lowered due to many drops) and resell after the event, when they are no longer available for purchase or drop.  
    8. Guild
    I have skipped this subject so far because you still don't see the great meaning it has until you've taken your first steps alone .. yes, painful long strides when you're alone, but only then will you recognize the value of our guilds, brotherhoods created with the goal of sharing knowledge, experience, team work and perhaps the most special gift hidden in Arinar, faithful comrades of war and even true friends ...!
    If you want to dedicate your time to the game, you can contribute donating Guild Points (GP) to the guild  of your choice while doing your quests in exchange for skills and exclusive guild buffs. Plus, a chat guild where members can help each other and other benefits which vary from guild to guild. So, look for a guild that matches your expectations. It's worth insisting to enter in an active guild if you're really committed. Once you accept an invitation (you need to be invited), if you leave you will have to wait 24 hours to join another.
    It's interesting to know the system as a member first. If there is a great leader inside you, you can have your own guild in the future!
    9. Crimson Corundum & Champions Coliseum
    If you already have an interest in obtaining these coins to get the heroic sets of level 20 or exclusive costumes, but your guild doesn't win weekly Guild Tournaments (the fastest way to get these coins), I have good news! It is still possible to achieve this by doing special quests and dungeons.
    In the Labyrinth and T5 Irselnort missions, you can get up to 150cc / day, in a little over 1 month you will have collected 5000 and you can buy the armor and helm of the set available in the * Guild Merchant  * (Nadir-Sard, Main Dock of Ayvondil).
    Another way to get parts of this set is by making guild dungeons at Nadir-Sard. Champions Coliseum drops level 20, 22, 24 and 26 equipment. Attention! To enter, you need to be with an entire group consisting of guild members, the guild level limits entry into some difficulty levels.
    10. Battles for Territories
    Massive battles are help in the Ash Coast, they're made up of invasions to the enemy alliance, where you get bonuses as a reward for capturing territories. You need to destroy ''banners'' in each enemy city while fighting with other players to win.
    Usually the alliance itself will choose a leader who will give the commands in the global chat and the best way to win will be listening and executing their strategies. Even if your alliance loses, you'll still earn an incentive bonus (10% physical and magical defense), so it's worth participating and having fun! 
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    Their level is rounded up to a multiple of five; as such there are only level 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 minions. For example players from levels 21 to 25 all have their minions at level 25.
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    Their level is rounded up to a multiple of five; as such there are only level 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 minions. For example players from levels 21 to 25 all have their minions at level 25.
    I'd prefer something more like this image, a list of skills isn't very informative if I'm a newish player and have no idea what a library or a charmer is.

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