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  1. The Ship Graveyard has tons of quest-only caves that are on their own map layers. Since you can't re-visit them, it only makes sense. However, all the revisitable caves (basically those with all the bosses) are also on these separate layers that can't be accessed from the overworld map, making it unnecessarily difficult to track party members. In other words: Move the following caves to the map's sub-level 1: Sea Tramps' Sanctuary (both west and east) Seagull & Pelican Island Caves The three caves where Levadis, Inker and Admiral reside
  2. Would be nice if we could opt in only for some notifications - currently it's all or nothing. Maybe someone wants to be reminded of special events but doesn't want their phone ding every time chippings extraction is complete; or the other way around, where someone needs that craft notification so that they can start the next one immediately, but doesn't care about wars. Pictured (inside the spoiler) are screenshots from the notification settings of this game, and a game that I think does great in this aspect. As you can see, system settings allow not only enabling or disabling specific classes of notifications, but also whether the specific classes are silent or appear while the phone is locked.
  3. I spent way too long making this. Don't even know why.
  4. Totally out of place for Morgana to mention me, and there's someone in this thread with the same initial 5 letters.
  5. Summoning is a dangerous art. You might want to call upon a powerful sorcerer, yet one wrong syllable brings forth a vegetable instead. But thanks for the hug anyway.
  6. Could add the clause that they must be in the same guild as the leader of the party that got the kill, otherwise there'll be a dozen randoms just standing in corner and waiting for free points.
  7. Eventually, they'll realize attacking me is a fool's game.
  8. Not a display bug or bad grammar, and I don't know if devs already know this or have silently fixed this, but in this quest there are only supposed to be two mobs. Seemingly, two more spawn every time the elite is killed and this resets only when the server is restarted, leading to these 20-mob hordes.
  9. Wild suggestion: Each flag after the first one has HP dependant on the time it took to tear down the previous.
  10. Can confirm. I hit it a while back, and if my memory doesn't fail me, the limit was ~1000.
  11. TheCabbage


    I have the same mails and judging from the date, they're from spring king 2016. Back then the event rewards used a different system and that's probably why those weren't automatically removed with the latest update.
  12. 4. It's somewhat annoying, but an easy way to tell how much buying in bulk "saves". 5. Good idea. 7. Actually nice idea though few people would be seeing that 9. That would destroy the market when people wouldn't sell miracle items to get gold. 19. Do you mean a chat that doesn't occupy the entire screen? If not, you can already press Z to instantly open it, type and send your message and then F1 out.
  13. My uncle once won bronze in a junior skiing competition because the other two participants were professionals. The trait seems to be genetic.
  14. The new classes that came in 7.0 have some extra legendary achievements like being the first charmer to get maximum reputation with a faction. Yes, that's dumb.
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