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  1. Peter there are achievements in groups(party) Only it is solitary. and achievements guild
  2. You do not imagine the heat that it does here I expect to explain good, use to me google translator.
  3. I will try to explain well My idea is that to be able to obtain the bonus habra that minimum to give him an assault to the opposite flag To avoid people who alone takes advantage of others To prevent the people from using several devices I wait to have explained well google traslator
  4. do not get angry peter We look forward any more if we win, I'll buy you a beer
  5. spain 21:39 +2 hour 20min bye bye day 8 :-!:-!:-!:-!:-!
  6. What will happen if there are no results today? The chests are ready or will have to wait? For once you give something
  7. as they will be counting the votes? so difficult it is to Warspear winner? and then not have chests that will be incredible mess here? all day counting votes,using an application counter of votes.
  8. patence impossible bestappever plis top 1 warspear possible use photoshop warspear top 1
  9. peter top 1 chets top 2 ????????? top 3?????????? top 4?????????? top 1 = today free chets ? o next week o next year
  10. Website voting is now closed Thanks for all of the votes for your favorite apps. Thank you all for your support. Once all votes are in, we will begin tabulating the results and will announce the winners at Macworld/iWorld Expo. The results will also be posted here on Best App Ever. Check back here for the results, right here on Best App Ever. You can also connect with us other ways:
  11. today 00:00 o tomorro info ? top 2 o top 3 ? free chets :-)
  13. really 2hours impossible, 4/6 hours possible :-)
  14. End event and welcome new update ? ROLAND O PETER
  15. my axe level 10 +9/+10 = 470sign = no amp
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