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  1. mmmmmmm ok bestappever info day result day 9 today 16 not info uuuuu ok wait 15min
  2. yes and not 3min =problem mmmm min 1hour max 4hour today warspear on mmmmm 1hour
  3. nice peter and roland good update x3 beer today free jorge pay wow plis on no patience (*_*)
  4. I continue taking beer. Peter to give the chests and then already we will see the position
  5. there will be no winner today will have to wait until tomorrow. I see that they are irresponsible in bestapp
  6. I know her and I'm very impatient. I need to know whether much or little lack peter. this update I love and can not wait more Just tell me if there is little to much for my little is 7 days much is 10days you again invite two beers more
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