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    kimkaa reacted to benjaminbt in One year ago I retired from Warspear Online   
    One year ago, on the 15th of August I officially retired from Warspear Online. That was the last day in the upcoming 10 months when I logged on for a longer time. After that, I only checked up once or twice a month, to see if everything is alright with my character, Tatelan. 
    I thought I would share a brief story of the past year, since it is very interesting what happened after I stepped into real life. I warn you in advance: it may sound too uplifting, but this is only because I don't want to (and have the time to) explain everything that happened.
    During a period of two and a half years I levelled up multiple characters, became well-known ingame and supposedly had a lot of fun, however, my connection with people in real life was not too perfect. I was always showing more than I really was, so people weren't suspicious what was really going on. You know, I like talking and interacting with people. But as I recall, I wasn't very good at it. I kept to my fixidea "I don't care what others think of me". This was visible on my look, my clothing (just compare the photos of last and this year's photo contest, you'll see the difference), my attitude to others. I talked a lot of nonsense at that time.
    And the reason I neglected myself and others was the fact that EVERY free time I had was occupied by Warspear Online.
    Good job, Aigrind, you've developed a game that kept me playing nonstop for more than two years. 
    You may ask: "Hey! Aren't you a student? When did you have time to play?"
    The answer is simple: at night.
     In my case being addicted meant playing whenever I could. And that was the time from 9 PM till 3-4 AM at night. Insane to say, but I mostly slept 2-3 hours a day. 
     Of course, my parents didn't know about it. Playing at night had no effect on my health (looking back, it's a miracle) my grades at school (It had actually, but  parents took it as a bad start of high school. Well, not really. I was playing instead of learning...), I did all the stuff they asked for.… Why would have they been suspicious?
     In short, I was a nerd gamer.
    Last summer I had a job and I helped a lot at the construction of our new house. I simply had no time to play, and when I had free time, I strangely had no mood to play.
    Quitting an addiction is hard, but in my case it was only a matter of a few weeks not being able to play. I realised I did not need Warspear Online to occupy myself.
    It is hard to believe that only a single game kept me from a lot of good thing in life but that is the truth. I suddenly had a LOT of free time.
    I read a lot before, too, but only to be able to say "I read that book". Thanks to my photomemory I was able to read Pride and Prejudice in a week, Orwell's 1984 in two hours. And when I said " I read it", it was the truth.
    I spent last summer with reading a lot, but this time I looked for deeper meanings, for interesting thoughts and I was thinking a lot about them. I also read psychological books and philosophers' writings. Doing it to improve intellectually. I also had time for crafting, and I realised I have quite cool ideas to create them (as you may have seen it too, on the specific thread of this forum.)
    When I returned to school in September, I returned completely changed. 
    Of course a lot of people realised it. Being able to speak about things and to think about stuff deeply, they visibly started to appreciate my presence in the group.
    I made friends with quite a few people in my class, my grades improved a lot, I have goals for my future.
    In May I played a dungeon for the first time in the past 10 months. Since then I am online more often, not because I am addicted, but because I enjoy playing. Big difference!
    So where are we now, one year after leaving the game? I finish high-school next year, but I already completed half of my final exams. My look's changed too. I have healthy and strong connections with the people who are important to me.
    The whole thing may sound a bit sugary. I can assure you things weren't as easy and fast as written here, but I remind you that this was only a brief story. But this doesn't change the fact that my story seems to end well, and this story started when I gave up my addiction to Warspear Online.
    Nowadays you can find me ingame often, but September comes soon when I will have other things to attend to. Of course, the forum is always a place I visit often. It's a cool place and doesn't take too much of my time.
    Thanks for reading, feel free to comment your thoughts about it!
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    kimkaa got a reaction from Speedom in Arena lvl 10   
    Just for fun. I personally like playing low levels. It's the best feeling in WS when u humiliate higher levels with a low level character
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    kimkaa got a reaction from Speedom in Real heroes of arena   
    Well, I understand this druid. Nothing was more annoying than afking teammates in arena.. Gotta give it a try at least.
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    kimkaa reacted to nabnecro in Dear devs, root is not a silence. ;)   
    Maybe change root so that you are allowed to use only 1 skill when on it's effect. With this change, it would still be useful for kitting melees but at the same time, people caught on it still has a chance to survive by using a defensive skill. I mean root is a basic skill with 5 yard range that can immediately win the fight (it can lead to infinite stun in case of 1v1 or quick death in case they have a BD on their team). And please don't start with "it's hard to cycle stuns". Everyone and their grandma can cycle stuns, it's not even hard, if you think that is something hard to do you must suck at video games in general.
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    kimkaa reacted to Gladiator in Dear devs, root is not a silence. ;)   
    I was gonna say that. People still think cycling stuns is hard, where literally every Warlock/DK that I fought cycles with same order with the same way, and I know that they are new players at their class. Maybe timing skills was hard when there wasn't too many stuns as now and before Cooldown enchants were a thing when you needed to stun just before they use a certain skill by counting cooldown seconds.
    Regarding topic: I don't really care what other games have as mechanics for the roots or stuns, but I just see that Druid is not balanced, therefore a stun needs to be nerfed, be it roots or another skill. And the idea that roots shouldn't silence makes sense, it must only root them to not be able to move or use jump skills. Even if with nerfing its silence they increased the duration since it would be just a movement disable, it would be fine. Tanks are getting more op every update anyway.
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    kimkaa reacted to Gladiator in Dear devs, root is not a silence. ;)   
    What talent? xD 
    Give me a class with expert skills and I can "master" it in one week.
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    kimkaa got a reaction from Higgings in Arena lvl 10   
    Just for fun. I personally like playing low levels. It's the best feeling in WS when u humiliate higher levels with a low level character
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    kimkaa reacted to Kaleidoscope in Item descriptions   
    This is a thing I've had in mind for a while and am finally posting it here.
    I think it would be pretty neat if you added descriptions to items in the game. They'd give us insights of the items origin, or some lore, or just some details. It would make the stuff we own feel a bit more unique because we will know what we are actually carrying around. The items would play a bigger role than just being there, lore wise. Of course I am not talking about every and each item that is in the game, it could only be unique/heroic equipment, costumes and skins.
    They could also tease us about new upcomming stuff. A good example would be the technopolis skin set, which was, I believe, released way before we actually had access to pelion and the technopolis dungeon. Descriptions could reveal if it really hails from the land it has in it's name etc.
    Opinions? :)
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    kimkaa reacted to Akasha in Warden - monster or cheater?   
    Does it hurt devs/adms to answer this topic? Well, ofc that we will see after all if they're going to fix or not, but giving an answer to everyone here would be nice (and respectfull). 

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    kimkaa got a reaction from REAPER in Halloween «Chaos Arena»   
    Haha like this fancy bug. Might be fun
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    kimkaa reacted to Hamstring in Mcoins   
    Hola, cg on your mountain of coin! Hurrah!
    Chests is a quick way to meet disappointment if you ask me.. sometimes can luck.. most of the time you'll walk away with less than what you would have made selling the chests or items with that coin. That's my experience with chests anyway.
    Otherwise, see peclebs reply above 
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    kimkaa got a reaction from Speedom in US lv10 Strongest Casters PVP   
    Going off topic but here is a pvp vid of my sham!
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    kimkaa got a reaction from REAPER in [2017.07.17] Beauty contest. Voting stage.   
    spawn is awesome
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    kimkaa reacted to Gladiator in Sad story: Lost some gold   
    This is embarrassing... I know.. don't laugh please. 
    Today around 22:40 CEST I accidentally pressed "SELL" in the dealer for an item that had 29,999,999 as a price, I lost 165k as a fee. 
    I just wanted to check what's the max price possible to sell stuff and what's its fee, but I accidentally pressed f2 (sell) instead of f1 (cancel). It's dumb but don't laugh.
    If there is any hope of getting the golds back I can provide the character's name and the server, or tell me if I need to contact support, if there is no hope, show some support: 1 like = 1 prayer
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    kimkaa got a reaction from Turtle in Real heroes of arena   
    Well, I understand this druid. Nothing was more annoying than afking teammates in arena.. Gotta give it a try at least.
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    kimkaa reacted to benjaminbt in Why walk so much?   
    The title says it all. Why do we have to walk so much in the game? Especially at the beginning of the game. From a two hour questing, more than half of the gameplay is walking between quest scenes. Tap, tap, tap.
    This was annoying, right? Well, this is why I literally hate questing in Warspear Online. Go here, go there, talk to that guy on the other side of the island, who will send you back here anyways, visit these five locations, kill a thousand monsters with no damn reason, struggle with collecting their stuff which is not even hundred percent that it drops, but most importantly: walk, WALK, WALK! 
    Because we have no other goddamn idea! Walk and tap the screen! Tap it, I say!
    Please, consider adding instant travel to quest scenes. It will make questing a bit easier and much more enjoyable. It will take away the problem of searching for the quest area as well as the problem of reaching it. A LOT of MMOs have this feature, why leave out Warspear Online?
    Or if you are really stubborn and don't want to improve your game this much, then at least make teleport scrolls cheaper and usable for any areas. I don't see why didn't you do this in the first place.
    Thank you!
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    kimkaa got a reaction from Turtle in SCREENSHOTS FROM THE GAME   
    You have to give the costume away in order to advance on yellow quests, But you could stop doing the main quests and level up with blue event quests.
    That quest is in forsaken t3 where the ships are.
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    kimkaa got a reaction from Turtle in Warden - monster or cheater?   
    Warden not so op in 1v1 but being able to tank 2 parties alone for minutes is kinda ridiculous in my opinion. Not how it should be?
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    kimkaa reacted to Jzargo in Warden - monster or cheater?   
    so Roland's quote "if you can't kill someone in 1v1, kill him with your friends" is kinda debunked with warden class?
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    kimkaa got a reaction from Hamstring in US lv10 Strongest Casters PVP   
    Hi everyone so for a while I've been interested in creating videos and finally decided to study some editing online. I came up with this PVP video for you. Not the most visually breathtaking piece since I'm just a newbie xD. Anyway, my necromancer vs a +10 arena rewarded druid.
    I just created my channel but I will be making more videos soon! Actually there already is an amplifying video too, go check it out.
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    kimkaa reacted to Zilvinas Zavis in Friend list fix   
    Hello guys,
    There is a little but very frustruating problem with friend list. I dnt remember exactly but I think after "New heroes" update friend list became messy. It used to be a-z and now it is just random I don't know if it's supposed to be like that but I would love if good old a-z came back. I hope i ll see bug fix notification in game soon .
    P.S maybe just mine friend list is bugged what about you guys?
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    kimkaa reacted to Shitzo in Multiple set of skill builds   
    Exactly this.
    I'm using a pure dodge build atm, it sucks for arena and vs druids compared to using damage accessories with lifesteal to sustain the free damage you get from being cc chained nonstop and having low level gouge, which is hell. Plus having Sinister Strike on 4/4 would be a HUGE help in arena too but I have to sacrifice points to put on dodge skills to beat BDs that hit like trucks.
    I'd enjoy the game 5 times more if I was able to have both dodge and PvE/Arena based skill builds.
    I mean it's nothing game breaking. There are literally zero cons to having this implemented, since you can do this by having 100 Book of Oblivions in your bag (which is @#$%ing stupid) and changing your skill build depending on the situation.
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    kimkaa got a reaction from Omercix in Arena skill books   
    Make these books for all levels. Let experts be for 18+ but make arena books separate and be level 1. It's frustrating to get them from chests even though there is no use for them. Yeah, we can sell them for 10,000 gold but that is nothing to be honest.
    I already got 4 ferocity books and 2 resilience books on my level 14-15 characters and it's really annoying. And they were level 1 chests..
    Do not abandon low levels 

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    kimkaa reacted to Gladiator in [2017.07.06] Guild Castles. Part II   
    It's good and all, it is a new content after all. But we still haven't seen anything from it, so some eagerness is to be expected.
    Though I really hope that there would be good stuff for lower level guilds, because then roughly 80% of the players wouldn't have anything to do with this update. Participating in the war just for fun doesn't sound motivating. I mean look at wars and events, they have rewards and they still get inactive sometimes. Maybe if leveling up a guild was easier. It takes just a lot of time and effort to level up a guild after lvl7. 
    I'm personally fine with it, after all I'm in one of the best guilds in the game :D But worried (and kinda warning too) about players getting mad after they see the update.
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    kimkaa reacted to TheCabbage in An Irselnort dungeon for low levels   
    This post from 2014 hoped for a dungeon for lv 14s, as the noob islands' dgs only drop up to lv 13, and easy bg is recommended for lv 16s. The devs were probably planning something back then - and I hope they are still doing that, but here's my take on the topic.
    The dungeons have all four difficulty levels and are located in the t3 area of both factions somewhere in the wilderness. The dungeons are similar for both the Sentinels and the Legion, except for being mirrored, and when I say ogres, it's centaurs for the other faction and vice versa. I use the Legion side in my descriptions.
    Each level has its own story quest, but they are not required to move forward with the story. The quest for easy mode is given at the same time as the quest to move to t4, and the quests for higher difficulties become available after completing the quests for lower difficulties.
    Easy - Recommended level: 12 (max 18) - Drops rare level 12 stuff (basically the ones you can get from vendor but with different looks)
    "There's a cave we hadn't noticed, and it appears one of the Darmah tribe warlords is inhabiting it. You have to kill the ogre, as he might become a threat if ignored. Bring me his club as a proof."
    This dungeon is supposed to be easy, not too unlike the ones on beginner islands. The design is very cave-y and pretty linear. The objective is to kill all monsters; in the first part five packs of one elite and three strongs, and in the second part the boss who uses bleed must be killed in addition to the five packs.
    "The ogre is slain, but you look worried. What is it?"
    Normal - Recommended level: 14 (max 18) - Drops lv 14 unique equipment
    "Are you saying that you saw some centaurs deeper in the cave? That is very worrisome indeed. It means that the cave has an opening on the other side of the mountains. You have to go in there again, find a foreman of the centaurs and bring me his orders - maybe a little chaos gives us some time?"
    The normal level of the dungeon is pretty normal: The packs in the two stages are full of elites and 80% of them must be killed. The boss is pretty straightforward as well, and uses fear and a defense-reduction skill.
    "If the caves are still open, the Legion could use them to strike from the behind. However, first we have to cleanse the underground passage from the malicious ogres and centaurs."
    Hard - Recommended level: 15 (max 20) - Drops heroic Berengar's equipment (the same you can get from the Guards)
    "Our scouts saw a shaman of the Darmah tribe blocking the way. He is a formidable opponent, and thus should be dealt with before we can advance. If you can acquire the stone in his stave - give it to me. The warlocks could use the stone's magic for their own purposes."
    Hard is not actually that hard. It's just more of a maze, much longer and has traps there and there. If you can survive the dozen waves of elites three times, the boss is quite easy, even though he has more health and damage than your normal lv 16 mini-boss. The boss' skills are blinding (which is not that good when there are traps around), druid's water skill and druid's lightning bolt (protip: It is not advised to have the "wet" debuff while blindly walking in a trap, as you might have some electricity go through you).
    "The armies of the Legion are almost ready to march through. And this stone full of nature's energy you provided, it will be most useful. Thank you, {name}."
    Heroic - Recommended level: 17 (max 20) - Drops lv 16 unique weapons 
    "I take my word back. The Sentinels have found about this tunnel as well. The Legion won't retreat, but if the situation runs out of your hand, you may have to collapse the cave. Here, take this enchanted stone. Once you crush it against a wall, the magic inside it starts to work and causes a huge explosion after a short while. If it comes to this, at least try to take as many long-ears with you as you can. Before you go, I just wanted to say that if you stumble upon some lost relics, please salvage them."
    Step 1: Fight your way through packs of ogres/centaurs and Sentinels through two stages. Traps are there especially to annoy melees.
    Step 2: The third stage requires you to kill only a couple of mobs; at the end is a mini-boss, a Chosen Commander, with Harad's Banner, Fetters of Justice and the pala strong blow (used to cause a nasty dot) for skills. (Sentinel side: The miniboss is a dead commander with the same skills but with darker animations.)
    Step 3: Click the stone in the wall to collapse the cave. This spawns an ambush that must be killed completely and in one go for the party to be able to proceed. There's plenty of time, but if, for example, the tank dies after killing half of the ambush and the party has to wait for him to come back and the ambush disappears, it can be resummoned by clicking the stone again. The ambush consists of one ranger, two bladedancers, one druid and one mage who summons fire elementals until she's defeated. (Sentinel side: The ambush consists of one hunter, two dks, a shaman and a charmer who summons wolves.)
    Step 4: Enter the golden portal and escape the cave, on your way kill a few packs of monsters and avoid a myriad of seriously annoying traps.
    Step 5: You have randomly stumbled on a secret meeting cave; the tribe leaders are there (if the leaders were already somewhere there, these can be heirs or something). The ogre has charmer's meteorite skill and shaman's earth protection, and the centaur spawns magic spikes everywhere that poison people who stand in them (works like fire last christmas). Once the other boss is dead the other has an increase in damage in order to prevent this becoming a snoozefest.
    Step 6: Exit the dungeon.
    "I felt it: you had to use the stone. Luckily the other way we've found looks far more promising... Wait, what is that in your hand? Can it be? You've located the long lost {item name}, which can be used to {do something}! I'll send this immediately to more experienced shamans. If this is truly the real thing, our victory is three steps closer."
    Mythical - Recommended level: 19 (no max) - drops heroic accessories of level 16
    "What were you thinking when you blew the cave up? Don't you know the Chaos itself lives under Irselnort? What you have done may have doomed us all, and I would execute you if we weren't in war and didn't need every able hand! Go back to the tunnel and drive back all that isn't from our world. Irselnort is already chaotic enough."
    Phase I: Chaos monsters sprawl around every corner. Each group of monsters has one or two casters that get ranger's scattershot effect when they are hit, possibly backing into another mob of angry creatures. Strike from the side or utilize corners.
    Phase II: A seal is blocking the heroes' way. It must be destroyed, but it has two buffs that each reduce damage taken by 50% (in addition to regular defense). A little further away are two pillars of sacrifice that constantly lose health but cannot die. They also grant the damage reduction buffs to the seal while under 67% health. The healers in the party should keep the pillars from dropping too low while the others kill the seal. One set of not very strong adds is released when the seal has lost half of its health.
    Phase III: Mini-boss. In the corners there are 4 zones that each reduce the boss's damage when at least one player is standing in them. The party must choose between a fast kill with a lot of pressure on the tank and a slow kill with much better survivability rate.
    Phase IV: Same mechanic as in phase I, but the runners summon reinforcements.
    Phase V: Another seal in the chaos-infested  tunnels. This one has 8 damage reduction buffs (12.5% each), and a dynamic puzzle with each step harder than the previous. Poor choice unleashes a pack of deadly monsters, proper choice gives a luck buff and removes one stack of damage reduction from the seal. The luck buff lasts 10 minutes and stacks up to 8, and is removed when the player exits the dungeon. The buff increases dodge and critical, as well as the gained guild points and the chance to get something great as the final reward.
    Phase VI: Boss (chaos creature, a beholder or a gollum perhaps). At 50%, 25%, 12.5% and 6.25% he splits in two (the clone starts with same amount of health as there was on the boss when it splitted), which means poor management will lead to an insurmountable 16 bosses at the same time. The bosses use panic (necro), area root (elm, warning given) and a massive damage attack with a lengthy cross-shaped area of effect centered on them (warning given).
    "The chaos creeps through everywhere on this cursed land. You must have seen the morlocks in the cities. If you ever want to be helpful to the war effort, descend to the tunnels again and let us fight the battles we'd die for, not the ones we might die on."
    Here it was. In case you were bored after the first paragraph, here's a condensed version: Easy is, like, very easy. Normal is similar to easy tower. Hard is like hard tower with traps. Heroic is for the first part like heroic tower, but with an annoying ambush-styled wave after boss, and after that is a room full of traps (think swamps or last christmas (but not that hard)) and some mobs, last boss is a double (with fire poison!).
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