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    baskentliii got a reaction from Dieinpeace in Post an insane lie about the person above you ^   
    i didn't create the forum's rules
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    baskentliii reacted to mailliwdxb in Im an idiot.   
    Lolz i rate this topic 10/10 *continues eating popcorn*
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    baskentliii reacted to lallouss in SCREENSHOTS FROM THE GAME   
    i quit my mod duties, i wish devs to demote me but they wont chat with us much 
    being moderator is a tough job, sometimes disguisting and received 0 privileges hardly could be compared with the amount of aggression which may be caused by your moderator actions.
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    baskentliii got a reaction from Panchen in Guess Who Will Post Next   
    pew pew...
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    baskentliii got a reaction from supladah in Warspear full screen   
    Hello guys, here is a video i made for those pc players:D who wants to play ws fullscreen.
    here you will learn how to make ws full screen

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    baskentliii reacted to Bopp in Top 10 Bladedancer 2016 US sapphire   
    I hope you know other languages if you are going to elf
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    baskentliii reacted to Jzargo in Post an insane lie about the person above you ^   
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    baskentliii reacted to snorlax in Emojis :)   
    Hello! Try these things in a chat line inside colons.
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    baskentliii reacted to Panchen in Guess Who Will Post Next   
    no chikn nab namechanger wil get me 
    nao bak to wat's important! summon Bornito !
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    baskentliii got a reaction from Dozy in SCREENSHOTS FROM THE GAME   
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    baskentliii reacted to cybernem in arena lv 14   
    No resilience, no dodge, low critical. How 12% life steal is going to help you when you have low DPS plus only one damage skill merc strike? Please delete your trash rogue.
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    baskentliii reacted to Lyzoic in arena lv 14   
    no. we could pvp when test server is on next time
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    baskentliii got a reaction from Higgings in Secret reserve   
    Maili,If you want to be happy with a class just delete ur dk and create a bd.
    The best solution.
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    baskentliii reacted to galvatron in This needs to be fixed !   
    I can summon this topic up with this statement. If your playing on Mc/Forsaken side and the quest are too hard and you jumped to the elf side because it's easy, maybe your not "TOUGH" enough to handle Mountain Clan side. Or your too soft, if that's the case play as an elf.
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    baskentliii got a reaction from Panchen in Guess Who Will Post Next   
    Shaman master is not around.
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    baskentliii got a reaction from Itachifire in arena lv 14   
    I have posted them many times.
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    baskentliii reacted to Itachifire in Level 14 Players attack & defence   
    I guess since thats the condition in lvl 14 it should be real easy
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    baskentliii reacted to Koff in This needs to be fixed !   
    The t1 dice quest where u need to walk to every town and lastly back to the first one 
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    baskentliii reacted to graybeardx in This needs to be fixed !   
    collecting dices...
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    baskentliii got a reaction from Panchen in Guess Who Will Post Next   
    nope, it's bornito *hi* 
    panchen :3
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    baskentliii reacted to Vera_Z in How Do You Earn Your Gold?   
    Greetings, brave one..
    How do you fancy this Tavern?

    Aye, the stench is alarming, but what can we do? We are full of hot-headed adventurers and thugs where their smell all mixed up. But you'll get used to it.. Moraktar, where I came, is far worse.
    Come sit, lad. Join me here at my table. I just have one question to ask.
    See this crown? Hm, hm.. Faceless', made of gold.

    I just want to know..
    How do you earn your gold?

    Are you..

    "Mucha Butcha"
       (The Farmer)

    If you are one of the brave warriors who spend most of the time out there hacking some monster's head and collect it's valuables.. you're probably "The Farmer". You either sell the collection through a trader or second-hand dealer. Not for bored grown-ups but, a very decent way to earn gold. I salute these kind of warriors.

    "Not Paid, No Aid"
    (The Bounty Hunter)

    Ha ha, these guys.. do they still even exist? Not in my Realm at least. Though I heard in Sapphire Realm, they have a large group of this bad boys. They call themselves "The Mercs", but tell you what.. They're Sentinels, I find it odd *chuckles*.

    Oh well, these kinds are the one who stares at you while they drink their poison. See that guy? Aye, the one besides the youth. He's probably "The Bounty Hunter". Need to kill a Boss? he'll be there.. ambush an opponent? right behind you. But he won't do a thing unless you give him a pouch full of glimmering gold coins. I can't say it's not right but.. we're at war anyway.

    "Supply and Demand"
          (The Re-seller)

    Wonder why prices at the market change? I mean.. one day it's affordable, the next day the price got doubled, or the other way around. That's the work of "The Re-seller". Some buy cheap stuff to sell it on a higher price, some have the quantity so they sell it for lower price because why the hell not? "It's just good business" as what they say.
    "One VS One Hundred"
       (The Task Manager)

    You got patience and up for some adventure? You're probably "The Task Manager". Not the one you know, but these kinds aim for the promise of the errands' rewards. That's right, They scour different places looking for quests and collect rewards if done. A bit slow to earn gold in my opinion, but worth the adventure.
    (The Gladiator)

    Ah, the arena freaks. Not really sure if somebody do this, but it still produce gold. You see, they fight in the arena, buy potions with their winnings and sell them for gold.. to buy arena tickets. Hm, hm.. *scratches chin* it doesn't make any sense. But hey, "The Gladiator" must have loved the arena so much. Let's leave it at that.
    "Maze Runner"
      (The Seeker)

    Thanks to these guys, you don't have to explore ruins for your gears. But that's if you have gold. What if you don't? Then maybe you can become one of them. "The Seeker" makes camp near the dungeon. You can't blame them, most of the time you need companions to explore so.. they're there, waiting for somebody whose aim is also the treasures of the ruins.
    "Miracle Man"
      (The Coiner)

    The Nobles of the Realm. They have this chest, full of coins ten times worth of gold. "The Coiner" use these "shards of the spear" coins to buy something that cannot be bought with gold. But thanks to them, they made it possible to be bought with what non-noble's currency has. It's just a shame that these "heavy pockets" abuse their wealth to gain more privilege. Well, that can't be helped I guess?
    (The Crafts Master)

    Not many of us are talented as the ones who makes great stuff with fine quality. "The Crafts Master" have the ability to craft specific item of your request in exchange for gold. Sometimes it depends on the deal, it's either you'll provide the materials for them, or you'll buy the finished item itself. Believe me lad, if you have this kind of talent, use it. Loads of gold will come to you.. even beard.
    (The Scammer)

    I don't know why I bother including this one, they probably won't confess anyway. Well, here it is.. the scumbags and insects of the realm. "The Scammer" makes their riches literally out of nothing. They'll fool somebody being trustworthy or they are just devious and tricks anyone. Nothing much to say with this bastards, you know how they work, Bah! 

    "Gold Fleas"
     (The Beggar)

    Ever had that experience where someone will poke you and then say something like "Gold Please" like you owe them something? "The Beggar" aye.. They even curse you if you fail to hand something over, like "What in the Nameless' name?! What am I, your bank?" *sighs* You might be wondering why I include this nonsense but, I think it's still a way to earn gold you know.

    "I'll Be Back"
    (The Farminator)

    Aye, I salute those brave ones who spend their time collecting scraps for gold. But sometimes I found odd individuals who work aimlessly and slaughter monsters without remorse. The weird part is, you greet them joyfully and they will just stare in your eyes for a moment then resume the massacre. In some cases, they stare at my lower part instead of my eyes, like they can see through inside scanning it.. awkward indeed. Well, "The Farminator" might be similar to "The Farmer", it's just that their soul is not there and they're awkwardly weird. I hope their soul will get back soon, without the memory of the scanning part, of course.

    (The Deceiver)
     (Make-up by Sofilock)

    Want to know what is worse than "The Beggar"? Well, we have "The Deceiver".  Most of the brave warriors of Arinar are male. And what are male's weakness? That's right, Steam sales... Eh? No? What then? A female? Hmm, maybe you're right. But speaking of which, there are some brute-looking thugs who might be a "flower in the night", if you know what I mean. Aye, they sweet-talk you without knowing who they really are nor what their intentions is, in exchange for a gift or a weighing pouch of gold. But, these muscular-maidens' poison words won't work on, yours truly, The Vera. Why? Heh, my heart is already captured by a lady who laid a forgotten trap, never to be checked again.
    Uhh.. I shouldn't have said that..

    There you go lad..
    I know I won't have an accurate results but, who cares?

    Thank you for stopping by my table..
    Here's your booze. [Velvet Beer]

    You can sell it for gold. *laughs*


    NOTE: No monsters are harmed while making this topic.
    I soaked myself with health potions that I bought. *grins*
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