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  1. There are many ppl with same name as me, he'd have to hack every1 to find me.
  2. Notification: Client 5.0.0 can be downloaded on warspear website but servers are still down.
  3. GM in the future when there is maintence and update make the play button gray and not glowing, and when update done make it glow. I think its better than notifications screen poping out when you press play.
  4. Now everybody is just clicking on the start button hoping it will open xD
  5. Limit was 8k wep costed 7990, than limit was 13k wep costed 13k and now limit is 24k. How much do you think wep will cost.
  6. Omg it will be impossible for normal ppl to buy arena gear now. 24k ap for wep lol
  7. Why nice try? 50% are just downloaded pics from internet, 30% those pics drawn and maybe rest 20% are combination of couple monsters. There is less than 1% chance that anyone has drawn a original boss that canot be found on internet.
  8. I don't think devs even watch these until uploading is over
  9. When making a post u have choose file option. Use that to find a file and use attach this file, but young need to do it in full version of forum, no option in mobile version.
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