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    Legionn reacted to x in Quiz of the day XXI   
    Right! It can be also a "Dummy" or even a legion player, but this has a low chance to happen.  
    DarkXLight, you got the 2nd like!
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    Legionn got a reaction from ilxxxll in i got scamm :( plsss see my screen shot   
    What does the system tell you everytime while you are in-game?
    Selling/buying/exchanging accounts will get your account permanently banned.
    Send a ticket to support and ask for a ban.
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    Legionn reacted to Jigsaw-PZ in Je Suis Charlie   
    Do you hear yourself? Ignore it? What you just said is very bias of you, just because you see it as a small matter and it doesn't offend you doesn't mean we should just "ducking ignore it". what would happen to the world if we all ignored matters that offended any of us? They continue to scorn, mock and deride what we believe in and you expect us to turn our backs to it?, let them continue? As if ignoring everything would solve the world's problems?! Am not as single minded to resort to violence, but i have every right to protect against it.
    We are as much offended by the drawings as we are by the terrorist reaction to them, don't get that confused. There are extremists in all corners of the world and this is especially true in religious or political matters. These extremists only make up a very small percentage of the Muslim population and as i said earlier; Those who use the name of the holy father to commit these violent acts are merely wolves in sheep' clothing and we do not agree with their actions. Most of us are everyday people living a normal life following the teachings of the Qur'an. To think we condemn these murders is a general misconception with people who have been spoon fed the anti-Islamic view point. I sincerely hope most of you don't think that way.
    Yes your right, draw or write whatever we so choose. And stand against anything, but their problem is that they protest against terrorism by offending an entire religion, instead of singling out the terrorist they target the whole religion as if we are all the same. This continues to show light-minded people that Muslims only exist to exert fear and terror into people. Fueling an increase in far right members and Anti-Islamic group, harming the livelihood of Muslims everywhere. I don't know about any of you, but i don't see the justice in that.
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    Legionn reacted to Jigsaw-PZ in Je Suis Charlie   
    Charlie Hebdo's "free speech" defense for every time they mock millions of peoples beliefs is completely ridiculous and dangerous, they have created violence and unrest since day 1. Creating uproars in the Muslim community not because of "free speech" but to trying to gain notoriety even if it means the lives of innocent people. They released nude cartoons of the holy figure with highly offensive titles, which they continued to repeat even after their editor was sent to court for anty-terror laws, not "free speech" but terror, the people who claimed to speak for free speech were seen by their own nation as no better than terrorists.
    They deliberately published cartoons of Mohammed "during" times of violent protesting in the middle east for no reason what so ever. It angers me to think such a company has been allowed to continue in this day and age.
    Even though i may have strong feelings against them, i do not condemn terrorist acts no matter who its against. As Muslims, to commit violent atrocities using the name of the holy father is not who we are. The only people who get hurt are bystanders and innocent Muslims all around the world, who will be seen as pro-terrorists because of this. As i speak there are revenge attacks occurring in France right now. Muslim owned businesses and mosques in France being burned and shot down after the wake of the charlie hebdo incident.
    "The people who committed this crime have committed a crime not only against Charlie Hebdo, but also against the Muslim community."
                                       - Houria Bouteldja
    My thoughts go out to all the innocent lives that were lost due to this incident. We can only hope no more are lost in these following days: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-30790409
    Am all for freedom and free speech, but is it so hard to be respectful of religion?
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    Legionn reacted to r0land in Popups 3   
    from your permission, I close it, there's nothing to discuss here.
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    Legionn got a reaction from Nosotraes in *changed By Legionn   
    Trying to open the same topic while it was already deleted wasn't a good idea. We don't discuss these in forum. Mute for 2 days.
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    Legionn got a reaction from Nosotraes in Arena Improvement Suggestion   
    I don't think that this suggestion will be put in the game. Your statement is totally wrong. There are many ways to gain money without paying. You just need to work hard, thats all.
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    Legionn got a reaction from Saber in PINOY SCAMMERS   
    We don't discuss this in forum.
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    Legionn got a reaction from Nosotraes in Lol Noob   
    Too many spam topics...
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    Legionn got a reaction from Hizcanavar in Warspeartr Production Kuruldu   
    Merhaba arkadaşlar,
    Aldığımız bir karara göre Warspear Online Türkiye ailesi olarak WarspearTR adlı Youtube kanalımızı kullanmaya karar verdik. Paylaşmak istediğiniz güzel videoları bize yollayabilirsiniz! Üzerinde küçük oynamalar yaparak kanalımıza bunları koyacağız. Bu konuda fikri olanların yorumlarını burda görmek istiyoruz.
    İyi günler,
    Warspear Online Türkiye Ailesi
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    Legionn got a reaction from Pvphealerx in Lvl14 "pros"   
    I don't want any more fights. The hate comments are removed and the topic is back up.
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    Legionn reacted to TheCabbage in Ask Choosen Quest   
    You have to give that book to the Earl after you've placed all the other books correctly.
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    Legionn reacted to PoleyKathi in Us-Sapphire's Top Players Of 2014   
    The last warning by me too folks
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    Legionn got a reaction from arifkan in your account has been blocked   
    Maalesef şuanda teknik durumlardan dolayı bu mümkün değil.
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    Legionn got a reaction from nikdevil in Lilliii scammed eurichous   
    Please, use support not forum
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    Legionn got a reaction from arifkan in your account has been blocked   
    Aynen öyle
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    Legionn got a reaction from x in Who know where is Legionn ?   
    I'm back. I have not been able to log in due technical issues. Thanks very much zombatar
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