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  1. The War absolutly of course it was fun.... but the way how mc end its really no poin to hepy abot that !!! issue about no team work on mc or mc lazy all undisputed last night, never see mc war together like that even it just defends banner all over time war.. over populated of elf n BAD CONNECTION FROM SERVER yall cant denied its main point at war yesterday.... FIX N BALANCED for both side... so we all can enjoy d true FUN of battle for teritory....
  2. Just one suggestion.... remove this battle for god sake until both side can balance dont add this dumb batlle N abot d time... i think its perfect !!! MOST player playing at that time Not offend, US sapphire not means US ppl owned Sapphire server. Why yall so bothered with this "US" Letter. in fact Most player on US Sapphire Not From "US".... But Its From "Foreign" Which US ppl always adressed to player not coming from US what war when just few people got involved pliss.... just be more realistic n once again not means to offend
  3. wiw ru liat lg neh forum... Trnyta pembalut aktif baCot dsene yach :good: :lol:
  4. there is no different after update yesterday... arena still bug wtf with 4v5 :nea:
  5. Better Go sleep.... waited too long :facepalm: Maybe server need 24 x 60 minutes for maintainc :crazy:
  6. BUBAR BUBAR.!!! We Pensi jg yo :dirol: Bye smua... ::)
  7. Setau w.... BB tipe apapun G bisa maenin ini game !! Liat di Warspear-online.com[download], kayakny g trsedia bwt osny BB.
  8. Gueeeee...... dari mana aja, g prnh kliatan ??!!!! Miss U O:-)
  9. SO ?!!!! ....Qta mesti bilang WOW gitu !!! :spiteful:
  10. Sorry.... ru liat lg ni thread, dr kmaren ta' cari g dpt2!! Bangkit gmna, member yg gntayangn ja w cari2 g da :facepalm: Pada maen ato g sih nie... >:D
  11. Pada spam ja ni kekny :unknw:
  12. Leader??? Bingung klo dsuruh milih :unknw: Bingung bkn krn saking bnykny pilihan, tp bingung krn g da pilihn sma skli :lol: Player indo bwt rusuh aj pling jago 8)
  13. BIG HELL NO :wacko: N this vote its lame.... many discussion about this pot problem come up when this game still in beta vers a.k.a long long time ago... But till now how pots cooldown working nvr change 8) so rich ppl... just play an usual :facepalm: Dont too dependent with ur pocket, thats not gud for ur health :rofl:
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