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  1. Hi, I post my photo but it doesn't show up there, why? Check my topic please. I can't see my pic...
  2. Hi! Is there any plans about releasing new factions and classes?
  3. BUG! When leave arena the arena time stays, it not dissapear and still countdown.
  4. You must download v4.7.1 from site, I did it and then that message dissapeared.
  5. The result was 0 - 0 because 80% or more players were blocking t5. Really little amount was attacking... Really boring...
  6. Please gm reply me is battle always in the same time, and it will happen on the weekends also?? Please reply
  7. Yes i'm on gmt +1 but i'm at school then. SNORLAX, Will it be available on WEEKENDS?!
  8. Will it be available also on weekends at the same time?
  9. When will be the first war on eu emerald? Please reply fast snorlax.
  10. Если вы не выпустить обновление сегодня я буду удалять все мои символы!
  11. If you don't release it today I delete all my characters and quit.
  12. TraitorV

    Please GM...

    Please release the update today or tomorrow!
  13. Он будет выпущен сегодня? Или сказать точно, когда на этой неделе обновление выйдет!
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