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  1. Peter_Munk why you don't give chests to playerd if we don't win 1st beacuse we all voted and helped your game, I voted too. Please.
  2. Okay thanks, hopefully there will be update so there would be something new right after event, maybe you have surprise for us who knows.
  3. Yes now it works, thanks for fixing, and when event ends, today or?
  4. And yeah, on news, your link for vote don't work, it not redirect players to site, it just don't work, doesn't matter how much time i press link, it don't redirect me to the voting site.
  5. Aww Peter can't wait to read more about Arinar! Thanks for reply.
  6. I really love how you make stories, I can't wait next chapter Peter! I also voted for your game on voting site! Hopefully after event to have an great update!
  7. Will we get chests after that or it is required game win #1 to get chests or after that everyone gets them? Please I'm confused with this and I voted anyway
  8. Not a bug. You can't be healed or supported from anyonw while the potion is active. You can use potions, foods, or heal yourself if you are healer. After the effect of potion, you can be supported by your allies again.
  9. I can't connect to the game while I have good internet connection. My device is Nokia E75-1, OS is Symbian 9.3, RAM is 128 MB, but I have 53 MB free when I try to enter Warspear Online. I tried Light version of the game, it says "Could not connect to server" tried full version, same message pops up when I try to enter the game. Please help me, or if it is a bug please fix it, it starts to happen an hour before cooldown about server's stop began. I thought it was just because the server was stopping, but after update, on new 4.9 client, the same message pops up. Please help me with this. Please fix this problem, everything online works, just can't connect to Warspear Online. EDIT: I forgot to say Warspear Online is installed on my 512 MB SD Card.
  10. Will the servers be turned on in 20 min??? Then it will be 3-7 min more than 3 hours. I really can't wait please reply...
  11. Yeah. I didn't clicked an button. I now put it
  12. I put the file. I'm confused why it doesn't show up... EDIT: Fixed it.
  13. Hi, I post my photo but it doesn't show up there, why? Check my topic please. I can't see my pic...
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