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  1. Okay but please as soon as possible, or I will quit, without music I can play but without sound, no ty.
  2. Enable sound on full version because without sound it is kind of stupid gameplay. Just sound, music is not needed please.
  3. Who downloaded v5.0.0 client? I did and I really love it! Also music turned on on Android full version! I wish they also fixed crashing problem.
  4. I love new client aww now pic fills whole screen on my s3 neo. :* Best developers Aigrind!!!
  5. Thanks Aigrind! Please can you send reply here when exactly we can download the new client? Thanks, and did you fixed crashing problem on Android?
  6. Nice Peter! Thank you very much for this chapter! Can't wait for the next one!
  7. Still bestappever.com not say anything... Hopefully next week then.
  8. What is happening with that site... Now is 10th july.
  9. I'm very impatient, why that site need so much time, they promised 8th july... Peter don't ban me I don't ask anything . Why they need so long to put results omg...
  10. Really? Aw that's bad... But I hope it happen today!
  11. Ok sorry peter, I subscribed for those mailing news so they will maybe e-mail me if results are available! I was not stubborn just a bit unpatient because 8th july already passed! Hope you don't ban me. :/
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