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  1. This is more expensive than a SMS payment. Increase amount of Miracle Coins for xsolla or remove it. Because it costs more than normal SMS payment and it doesn't work above this amount. Or double Miracle Coins for it or remove it because it is worst than sms. Increase amount of Miracle Coins if you want me to use it!
  2. Why you don't make also full screen this normal client? Because it makes gameplay so good. It works smooth also. Will you consider making it available soon?
  3. Okay. But can it be accessed with my client? I want to play there when it is available or there is something required to play there?
  4. Why you don't let others participate there too? Will you tell us next time? I don't understand russian at all... So will you tell non-russian players next time on international forums to participate? I've seen this on youtube and it was good.
  5. I hope GM will reply my question. Or at least they tell me when I can play there because server is cool.
  6. See this video and tell me I want to play there too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwkXhgrpk7U
  7. How to enter test server peter??? See this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwkXhgrpk7U Please I want play there.
  8. When the servers will start up amd when we can download new client??? Android.
  9. Hmm, then they lose one player. Everyone who has weak devices can move to lite version, my phone didn't had any issue... Every game has sound and music... But whatever...
  10. Okay but please as soon as possible, or I will quit, without music I can play but without sound, no ty.
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