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  1. This guild skill has a typo in description. It is not that big problem, but Aigrind should see that. Mistakes come from time to time, no one's perfect. 🙂 Have a great day! 😄
  2. This happens on EU-Emerald MC side. Please check thus out. Screenshot is attached. I'm sorry for creating another topic. I think severe actions needs to be taken. This is not stopping. And they also advertise purchashing the currency for other games.
  3. Hello, this guy is advertising the gold purchasing site on EU-Emerald, MC side. This happens likely 24/7. Please do something about this. I can't say that it is a scam because I've never paid for the services myself. I know Miracle Coins can only be bought. Please consider taking an action which will prevent this from happening. I will attach the screenshot so you could see what is written in the message and the hero-name of the user. This is going on for the long time, he was level 3 warlock with another name, now he's a level 3 rogue. Nodlya - you'll see in the screenshot I've attached.
  4. Wow... Haven't done it in my whole life. :O
  5. What about test server? It ill be this week? Please reply, thanks in advance. :)
  6. After current event ends, when next one starts? I mean, after boss die and event finish, when next one starts? I hope i will get a response. Thank you in advance.
  7. He's right the amount of good luck tokens given as reward is too low...
  8. Now again it is outdated... What's going on???
  9. Now it works but why when enterning horror map client just close?
  10. Daria, this test server version says that it's outdated... What to do? capture
  11. As in the title, how and when does this new event start?
  12. Will test server be online also next week and when official server are stopped for adding update? Thanks in advance for your response.
  13. Support this guy, like his video, subscribe to his channel!
  14. I really want this costume. Djfromhell is pro btw.
  15. Yeah we all agree GM don't ignore this but say something. Put it in nect update, everyone wants it!
  16. This costume is the best one I've ever hear about! Add this please. @Daria what do you think about this, does it have any chance to be released?
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