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  1. This guy has finally graduated from a local University, and now this guy wants to take his final Master's Degree which is the "Master of Warspear''. Its just a simple graduation suite and made original by the work of yours truly, me. I made this costume just for fun and just want to add some ideas if this costume is good for Warspear. This costume contains Mortarboard (head), Tie (for men), Hood (for women), Gown. This costume contain the element of Love and Success! Original maker - Rapagilaz (Bladedancer of Eu - Emerald)
  2. I suggest maybe you should make 2 - 3 sure drop in dungeon. Like 1 sure drop of pots, 1 sure drop of sphere, then a chance to drop equips, weapons, or relics. This could stop players from getting frustrated getting def spheres or pots every time. I hope you could understand why i'm suggesting this.
  3. my Live video is finally done ! Check it out at our Videos from the Game on our Forum section.
  4. Watch and dont forget to subscribe for more videos ! https://www.twitch.tv/videos/218788945
  5. what will happen to those pots that has been activated before this problem occured ?
  6. Forever Connecting, lol wtf, game has been hacked again ?
  7. i mean with my mobile which is 50 kbps only, its not lagging, but when i use wifi with 350 kbps, its lagging and not loosing the slow internet connection icon, idk why is my wifi which have higher internet speed is more laggy than my mobile data.
  8. Binbasi and Yogamaster is a same user but 2 accounts, Dear Gm, please help us to get the guild Fukumc back, my friend Lordtaz which is the creator and the current leader of the guild was got very busy and he didnt know that the leadership will be passed if 9 days inactivity. Im the second in command of this guild, im also the leader of this guild, but this time Taz forgot to pass the lead to me, so the guild leadership has been passed to this guy that we didnt knew that was a scammer, taz made him heir so he could use exp skill. but we didnt expect that the leadership will be passe
  9. My internet is fast but i dont know why im still lagging at warspear, it always lag without any reason. Im the only one using the internet and only using warspear, but it still have lag. Is this warspear's problem ?
  10. Dear Daria, Please bring back the old counter attack. Its too much nerfed. It only activated by chance, and thay chance gives only low damage like 60 dmg and 0! (critical). How can that help? its so nerfed. please bring back the old Counter or make a book that can remove an Expert skill to a Slot so we can buy Book and replace to the Counter Attack. Please Bring back the old Counter. CounterAttack is the only hope for bds. Please
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