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  1. Dearest GM, I would like to suggest you to change the Guild Points reset time in our Guild, please make it same as the Tournament ending time. This is very helpful for those Guild Leaders to kick those who didn't make the minimum Guild Points required on the said tournament. Please i think this suggestion is very needed, i know many people also wants to change this Guild point reset on guilds. Thank you GM !
  2. Hello GM, I would like to suggest to you developers to add a Solo DG on our game even there is no event. It would be great for those players who want to spam alone and enjoy some dungeons alone. I would like to suggest to put the same drops and same gp and difficulties for each Solo DG. For example, Solo DG of Kronus, 400 gp per run without upot and same equipments received like the original dungeon. This might be helpful to satisfy players who are really bored without an event, this is a great suggestion, trust me. I hope you will add this to the game because this is maybe one of the best upgrade to our dungeons in-game. Thank you GM !
  3. If gm wont listen to players, this game will fall down.
  4. Im not even seeing any positive comment here, means this update is really bad.
  5. this is waste lol it is the 2nd most trash update ever, 1st was when they added gold to mobs and killed the farm sites. LOWER THE GUILD POINTS USAGE ON GUILD SKILLS LOL !! THIS IS REALLY NOT GOOD, OR ADD MORE GUILD POINTS IN EVERY QUESTS AND DUNGEONS, ETC
  6. The costs of guild skills is too much, please lower the cost , lol
  7. isnt the right size ??? so whats the right size then ?? 277 ?? why it shouldnt have been in fb in the first place ???
  8. How much damage can be blocked by Magic Transformation ?
  9. not just wild magic set, but reduce all cost in cc shop lol XD
  10. agreed ! GM please add more spaces in our bag
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