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  1. we got scammed earlier, we lost our relics and no one knows who stole it, so this should be really needed, TYs
  2. So alot of players across the globe is using a vpn, the reason is because other countries like China and Russia has a cheaper Mcoins than their own country, not because of currency. So I'm suggesting developers to Make Mcoins Affordable for every country. Me as an example: " I live from Philippines, and mcoins here is really expensive, 10k mcoins here is 3,950 Php. For us this is really a pain, Normal worker earn around 2,000 Php - 4,000 Php per month, how ever government employees and others business owners earn around 5,000 Php - 10,000 Php, and students are mostly
  3. So based on my observations, i saw most players really needing this stuffs, and i think the game developers should add these features to help players and satisfy players. 1. Sale Calendar - This allows players to know what date items will be on-sale and it makes easier for players to plan things to buy the items they needed. 2. Party Search - This allows players to search more easier and join easier to any party in the location where they standing at, it also allows players to
  4. thank you to everyone who responded.
  5. i need the step by step process of how to report a player. where to go? what to do? which one should be? how to know if the report is verified?
  6. Is this a bug or u really made bosses and mobs to resist Sap skill ? if yes, this is really a bad thing, nerfing bladedancer's skills. what a shame
  7. I need reason why GM banned me? is there anything i have violated ? i think i did not violated any, im appealing this unfair banning.
  8. another bug i found, hp bug, look at his/her hp, already 0 but still can heal and make action.
  9. weve been here for 7mins lol
  10. Could anyone please send me the links of Test Server please, i've been looking for an hour, i dont know where to find it. thanks
  11. i really think that everyone would love this, like everyone i asked about this suggestion and they all said that it is ma great add for the game.
  12. How much time should we wait for Baits to respawn after being killed ?
  13. Dear GM, Please fix the area bugs in Kronus and Techno Dungeon, where it shows some delay and differences of the position of our character from the real position. Our skills is getting delayed because of that, even though we doesn't have any lag. It shows that we are standing near our ally, but it still takes time before the skill activated to the ally or to the mobs. Please fix this ASAP Thank you GM.
  14. Dearest GM, I would like to suggest to add a Voice Chat feauture in-game. It will be so helpful for those parties in dungeons and arena. Almost every online game now have Voice chat features, I hope Warspear Online will add this feauture too, to help players to connect more. Thank you GM !
  15. Dearest GM, I would like to suggest you to change the Guild Points reset time in our Guild, please make it same as the Tournament ending time. This is very helpful for those Guild Leaders to kick those who didn't make the minimum Guild Points required on the said tournament. Please i think this suggestion is very needed, i know many people also wants to change this Guild point reset on guilds. Thank you GM !
  16. Hello GM, I would like to suggest to you developers to add a Solo DG on our game even there is no event. It would be great for those players who want to spam alone and enjoy some dungeons alone. I would like to suggest to put the same drops and same gp and difficulties for each Solo DG. For example, Solo DG of Kronus, 400 gp per run without upot and same equipments received like the original dungeon. This might be helpful to satisfy players who are really bored without an event, this is a great suggestion, trust me. I hope you will add this to the game because this is maybe one of
  17. If gm wont listen to players, this game will fall down.
  18. Im not even seeing any positive comment here, means this update is really bad.
  19. this is waste lol it is the 2nd most trash update ever, 1st was when they added gold to mobs and killed the farm sites. LOWER THE GUILD POINTS USAGE ON GUILD SKILLS LOL !! THIS IS REALLY NOT GOOD, OR ADD MORE GUILD POINTS IN EVERY QUESTS AND DUNGEONS, ETC
  20. The costs of guild skills is too much, please lower the cost , lol
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