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  1. hahaha thanks, my mom loves doin puzzles.😂 and we have alot of puzzle picture frames in our home.
  2. maintenance still on-going 😞 i hope drop rate/chance could be fix too, we are getting double chance of Common Craft Materials 😅
  3. ''10 Steps To Become OP Without Money" This guide is perfectly made for those players who want to start the game and to become rich and OP without any money being spent. Note: Focus on 1 character at a time. This guide wont work without Hardwork. STEP 1: Questing. This is the most important way in Warspear to level up and gain more golds as you do higher quests. Focus on Yellow Quests. STEP 2: Sell all Scrolls & Potions that you don't need. Doing quests will sometimes award you with Scrolls and
  4. it does, there not even a 1% chance of getting Rare/Legendary/Unique items. Plus its "2x" and theres still none
  5. @Cardinal @Peony @Akasha @Reivenorik any answer?
  6. this event is definitely scam, im not even getting 2x equip drops, not even a single costume or book meanwhile a player who just did 20 runs got a book. sounds fair?? so heres the logic? more runs, Less chance. 95% of runs i only got common craft resources and some bs mana pots sounds fair for 100+ runs?
  7. @Daria @Akasha @Holmes we should receive compensation gifts for this unexpected maintance. im pretty sure mobs already killed me cause of this 😆 cant delete that emoticon lol fix that too, im using mobile phone
  8. Can anyone explain to me what is Status Markers? insert pictures if neccesary. Thank you!
  9. Fix your servers! We always having lag in Main Menu and Character Selection (Forever connecting) Fix this server crashes! GIVE BACK OUR STAMS AND UPOTS WE USED WHEN THESE SERVER CRASH HAPPENED WHILE IN OUR DG SPAM. Fix your server connections. You're making your players mad!
  10. With this number of completed dg, i didnt even got a single pene book, even a single midnight owl costume. Drop chance is being stupid. Too unfair for people who really deserve the drop!
  11. i tried old and this latest, the older has wider view and better graphics, and both can be fullscreened, the latest windows is kinda blurry and when u press Alt+tab and go back to ws, the windows is not fullscreen again, so old windows ws still better when it comes on fullscreen
  12. Guild skill ''Guild blessing'' should be banned from Guild Castle Wars, its so op that everyone is invulnerable and the whole guild members can directly attack the throne. @Reivenorik
  13. Unbind Scroll -This allow players to unbind their equips to allow them to sell or transfer equips that they are not using. -To prevent bag slots to be filled with items that is not important. This should be added on mcoin shop to allow non-mcoin users to also have the opportunity to sell or trade their stuff that they dont need anymore. LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS SOON THANK YOU !!
  14. Minimum wage here in Philippines is 500 php, and maximum mcoins costs 3,950 Php.
  15. so just lower the prices of mcoins here in Philippines, cause in that 3,950 Php in my country, you can live for months or buy new phones or do shopping alot, cause its really high amount of money. Even 200 mcoins - 79 Php is expensive, other games like League of Legends, Dota 2, Ragnarok, Rules of Survival, Pubg, etc. They make affordable prices like 20php to 1000 php, and that is affordable for us.
  16. its not. its so expensive here, even workers with good jobs cant afford to buy mcoins.
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