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  1. ugh i dont have any idea why that last photo is there, I kept deleting it but when I click Post, it will come again. Help pls @Holmes
  2. Good day Warriors! Since we are all trying our best to do the fastest run in Spring Dungeons, here is the perfect guide for you! By the way, I have a link of my video of proof at the end this topic on how I did fast run in Spring Dungeon. Just follow these easy steps: Step 1: Enter the dungeon 🤪 ofcourse how can we start if you are not going to dungeon? love you! 🥰 Step 2: Look around you 👁️‍🗨️ Step 3: Entering the rooms in correct order 👌 First enter the 1st room to the left 2 times! you need to finish th
  3. it is lagging when loading things aswell. Like opening some stuffs in menu
  4. @Holmesgame is currently laggy on pc, i just slept 6hrs ago, now i woke up and play its kinda laggy. time check: 12:52am (CET). Im not saying internet problem or connection problem, but when im starting to walk or crossing to another area, the game suddenly stops around 1 to 2 seconds. This isnt like this earlier, can you check it out pls?
  5. @Nolanwith full screen, you cant see time/date
  6. all drops goes to npc as always when spring xD i dropped 10+ items with 261 runs, all drops goes to npc cause all are not good stats
  7. Hello gm, can you add time in chatbox for PC users too ? tys
  8. so whats special about warspear to be tried to play by other people who dont have any idea about it? if theres limited options on it
  9. huh? then why theres spring solo dg if not for mmorpg? xd its not a Massive MultiParty Online RPG xd
  10. so how can player show hardwork if they are not getting party for a certain dungeon? it is really a great idea, it will keep people being more productive.
  11. Since solo dungeons is possible and happening only when spring season, why dont admins and developers add solo dungeons on a regular season. Since it is pretty hard to find parties for some dungeons (ex: Sea dungeon). So I think it is helpful for players who are having time making parties and wanna unwind on a solo dungeon.
  12. Warspear is upgrading time to time, and also guild levels are rising up to max levels. Since theres alot of high level guilds, why dont admins and developers make tournament rewards for top 4 to top 10 guilds regularly.
  13. Is it possible to lower the cooldown of this skill? It is a good skill but the cooldown is kinda high, like it takes 2 to 3 times the cooldown of Flash Strike and Hamstring.
  14. Hello GM and developers, after the spring 2021 update, pc users is unable to use guild skills very fast like before. Also game is sometimes not responding after doin this clicks. But most of the time, this is what happen, I made a video so you can see what I am talking about. PS: no edit or skip, it is a raw video. 2021-03-20 01-00-46.mp4
  15. no one even using this skill since the first rework 😅 it is very useless even if it is 4/4! -Rapagilaz
  16. Theres still slots on the side of the skills, pls put it the new slots there so it will be easy to click, than double click it
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