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  1. Please, provide phone numbers (all), transaction ID from PayPal and few transaction IDs from MOL. Thank you. 2013/1/15 marvin camacho > 991306 Best regards, Warspear Online Support Team Inbox Older Newer (this report was on january 16 until now developers keep ingnoreing my report why?)
  2. two weeks past developers still not reply on my email (still counting how long it takes till i recover my character bongxbo)
  3. agen if u want more info about bongxbo character in us sapphire just reply me on my email: [email protected] they wer asking my miracle coins transaction about that char all i can show was two transaction becouse mol points hietory of transaction was deleted.. in that case they ask my mobile number and i give to them after i give those jnfo they ask another question wtf
  4. i recive reply about accout recovery of my characters named: Bonxbo(shaman) level 20, and after i reply their question about that character they dont reply until now. why they dont realese my hacked character they ask many question about that character .. if they donnt beleav to me so its the second time they made this to me after may character marszs deleted... im loseing hope and beleav for these pepol.who made tgis game
  5. i send a repot and 24 hrs. past still developers did not send any reply.
  6. hahaha wish you in real life r.i.p jk.. player is always a players .. u cant retire for being a player. but u can retire on your job XD.. hmm nno good bye . good luck haha
  7. i know whose players doinv this ahahaha joke
  8. yeah you all good but not the best if want to be the best try to beat all class the no dought your not only the you will be the legend but wer not recognize whose the best becouse of high amp. and about mobile phone android much advance in movement and nokia was late a bit... play the best as you can but dont expect other players admire ypu that ypjr the best stupen was the new handler of the old stup is dodge type but now new stup is gouge tyle
  9. yeah but i only tradee with pepil i trust
  10. i want to trade my 1 million gold in elf side on mcs side if ur interested pm me here or in game thanks
  11. why is their a single mom in poll? ahahaha make a poll whose the best misstress in ws ...ahahaa
  12. i.vote patah hahahaha my first crush in w.s but shes merried and the are toys ahahaha...
  13. i can stop playinv warspear until they lowerd mcoin price jist like the cirs release of mcoin haa
  14. mod pls develope gouge skill of rouge can make it the gouge can add damge just like beast trap,chop hihi
  15. their is update that barb was op and that update was in rank era idk if barbarians have a chance to beacame op agen
  16. many are getting inrested about new update but eventualy the update sucks. and when the update is released it turned out to be a dissappointment...
  17. connecting........ 30 past and it says connection to server is lost duck....
  18. there seem to have a problem in us sapphire server it takes 16 minutes logging in.ive tried to access it through another server and it took me only a few seconds and am in.whts wrong? please fix this bug and also gouge it took .4 seconds to spell in volcano arena and sometimes lagging
  19. marsz


    i start wondering i realy hard to connect warspear.. it took 7 mins
  20. problems in android too cant see top fighter in arena... connecting took 5 mins and it sa ys "server is lost"..
  21. i rock arena hahaha ill use hanamitchi hahaha good luck noobe with high amp gears hahaha i smells blood... ill promise even earth qake cant cath me ... also traps
  22. haha we will see whose gonna rule arena... cant wait yeahhhhhhooooooooo.... good luck pro players ...
  23. i required if u want a pvp wear costume like panda etc.. lets have make custume code maybe for those not wearing costume lets just say his belong to ganker hahahaha..
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