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  1. until now kuzmitch not provide certainty, whether to wait or give up hope
  2. Warspear Online v.3.0.0 Log created 27d 7m 2012y at 18:23:49 Running on: Nokia 6120c (B14.01) User locale: en Free heap: 20916000 System memory pool size: 1259520 Free heap after system init: 19394432 Display mode: EColor16MU Opening pack file: E:\data\Warspear\warspear.pak Opening pack file: E:\data\Warspear\warspear.pak.1 ERROR: pool alloc failed. no more memory. failed to alloc 200004 more bytes. ERROR: decompress failed ERROR: PackDir::ReadDeleted cannot load file. Init render Free memory before Render2D init : 18057028 Init Render2D : width=240 height=320
  3. I think not because ram memory problems, because these are all valid in s60v3 and v5
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