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  1. This seems to happen to too many people to not have some truth behind it.
  2. Does the random 3x3 arena have rewards available the same as other categories?
  3. Allow mana to go negative again from mana burn, make priests great again ;-;
  4. While bds damage is insane, its everything you have basically. Having 0 gap closers youre easily kited. One idea could be, as said above, making pob an active skill. Even though with dispelling relics and stunners it could get frustrating to use correctly. Rush is a skill that could use a change. One idea would be to lower the stun duration/chance, but giving you immunity for the first second or so of you actually rushing. It's hard to come up with a solution for bds. If you mention rush immunity the first reaction usually is saying it'd be broken. But honestly if you trade off stun duration or chance from a skill that already can fail and is affected by position bugs for a second of immunity it isn't as bad as it sounds. Of course this would mean toning your damage down a bit aswell, having power of blades as an active skill would do that. If you use it before stunning, youll leave yourself open for more stuns, and if you use it after your stuns you'll lose time to deal damage freely. For warlocks you could simply make one of the stuns unresistable. Or have stone body grant you immunity after being used, giving you an out if your stuns are resisted.
  5. If the topic keeps constantly getting closed it sort of should justify creatin another. The topic itself is worth a discussion, but it seems people can't do that without drama and flaming.
  6. The thing about contender awards is that they're good right now, but if higher damage weapons come the % ones will eventually outpower them
  7. Your basic hit was dodged that activated reflexes. Thats how it's supposed to work. Either im missing something here or theres nothing wrong.
  8. Even though i might disagree with the topic, i was sort of under the impression that the forums are meant for discussions about the game. Obviously i'm not saying drama here is good, but people having different opinions shouldn't be a reason to stop coversations happening.
  9. Need a 10 min pot that gives the same buff
  10. Seems that us has way more palas and rangers. I could only name a couple decent ones from eu
  11. Rogues are one of the best pvp classes imo. I have a +10 bd and losing to correctly built lower amp rogues isnt that rare. Also before this whole "you only play elf" thing, i do also have a rogue. It seems to work just fine vs anything. If you build your rogue based on full resi and damage its sort of obvious you'll be stunned alot, same as bds are.
  12. I've dissassemblied a fair amount of blue shields and weps from 1st island shops and only managed to get amplified and energy catas so far.
  13. I have no clue where else to put this topic so here goes. I've been trying to do the achievement catalytic reaction. Basically you have to dissassembly items to get every type of catalyst from them. I haven't had any problems until now. I've gotten every other type of catalyst except common, and from what i've heard you can only get them from green/grey types of weapons/shields. Heres the issue, i can't find a source for either of those types. Im sure there used to be green type of weps in first island shops, but now all i could find were blue. To make it short, where can one aquire green/gray type of weapons? And is there any other source of common catalysts from dissassembling items?
  14. Couldn't find an older one. Any of you actual oldies got one saved from further away?
  15. vavavi

    semi retiring.

    What statistics? Can you provide some? Because i see elves doing just fine
  16. You could teleport over walls in dg and such. Also in seals could reach the enemy teams spawn
  17. Woop can finally use stun crystals again. Havin it cut rush short was such a pain
  18. I wouldnt call guild buffs nothing. They add all pene,speed,cd,accu and crit just like castle does. Only diff is that you lack the defensive stat bonuses. Access to these is just as limited as castles once more of them come out. I do agree that it sucks that only 2 guilds have access to castle buffs atm, but if that wasn't the case there'd be no point to even go for castles.
  19. Tbh you could say the same for any guild except the 3 lvl 10 guilds. Disable guild buffs aswell if its so unfair to work and pay for an advantage
  20. It is around 100k gp for full buffs. If a guild doesnt have skills leveled and need gp that can get costly.
  21. I can agree it gives a huge advantage. The buffs are insane. But atleast it has a cost to use
  22. vavavi

    semi retiring.

    1h palas with shield and a phys set are a pain. I was 1 comboed by a +8 pala doing that when we tried. The damage output is more than most people would think with that build.
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