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  1. Heal classes are generally meant to be mainly playing a supportive role. They're not meant to be tanks that can run to the frontlines and withstand massive amounts of damage.
  2. Correct me if im wrong, but sanguine protection is a damage reduction skill right? Comparing that to a shield with limited capability isn't exactly a proper comparison. Yes while its true dks aren't the ideal class for gvgs, that same goes for basically every tank. Can't have everything on one class. Also yes, mages magic ban is a hard counter to dks tankyness, but its also basically the only proper counter that elf actually has. Also it's only super effective in a situation where the mage has a partner that is able to even deal the required damage after it has been used. I can't see a mage being able to beat a dk in anything short of atleast a 2v1 situation. Seekers dmg is insane, that much is true, but they don't have that much resist either. The only reaist buff that is in any way viable in arena is their short 8% boost after stealth. Druids i can see being a hard match up for dks, but for them theres also simple counters. A chief for example can simply just remove their heals and leave them extremely vulnerable to just instantly dying, much like what a mage can do to dks defensive skills.
  3. The major differences between shields and a dmg reduction are that every hit, even if not instant dmg lowers them, and correct me if im wrong, the shields don't actually take the characters defense into consideration. So for example a palas shield can be a 10k shield, but its raw 10k dmg, not damage that would be done to the pala through their defenses. As far as i know anyway And yes the 5 stacks would end fast, but only in situations where multiple ppl are targeting the rogue. If 1-2 ppl only target, it does take a while to land 5 instant damage skills/autos, by which time the rogue can just disappear with stealth and renew those stacks. 60% is alot, like really alot, seekers have 55% at 2-3k hp and people say they're extremely tanky. Now having a higher dmg reduction than that with no lower max health really easily takes it overboard. The idea is interesting, and creative, but personally i think if the numbers aren't toned down/something else changed it could really fast turn into rogues taking even lower dmg than seekers and being at 10k hp at the same time. For example making the dmg reduction equal to half of the rogues dodge would be strong, but not borderline immortality.
  4. A dk using 2h isn't supposed to be as tanky as a shield user though. Surely with those gears and books you could easily just use a shield and be extremely tanky. Block is just raw dmg reduction, it's not just the def increase from shield. Dks should lose tankyness the same way wardens and paladins lose alot of theirs for using 2h weapons. In this video your resilience is being lowered by the "wrath of gladiator" skill that is a reward from arena rankings. And fron what i could tell from the video, it got to tick down for a good while, meaning you could have lost as much as 30-40% resi by the time you died, explaining the high damage taken at the end.
  5. Priests don't have a resist skill, or a passive heal, making them just dummies with 0 survivability when stunned. Necros have identical heal/shield with the same talents available, never really ran into an issue with them being too tanky once caught. I'd argue that the thing that makes them really hard to kill off, atleast in a 1v1, is their left side branch talent which removes stuns passively with aura. Similiar to what necros have on their poison shield.
  6. 4 or 5x 60% dmg reduction only on instant skills from a skill thats relatively low cd is really strong. With rogues being able to dip in and out of fights very rapidly with stealth this could really easily turn into a case of nearly permanent 60% dmg reduction. Atleast if i understood it correctly as 60% dodge=60% dmg reduction. Thats a higher dmg reduction than seekers have in exchange for -70% of their max hp.
  7. That reflex idea is fun, but it would need some sort of adjustments in my opinion. I'm not sure if you meant for the the 4 second cooldown to begin as the stealth begins (repeatedly leaving only 1 second for anyone to hit the rogue), or if the 4 second cooldown between stealths only starts once the 3 second stealth has ended. Either way, it could become very spammy, especially with current stealth mechanics giving the rogue 2 seconds of untouchability on every stealth. Something that could be interesting with this is removing the 2 second immunity, but adding an ability that removes 1 negative effect every time the rogue stealths. This would leave it vulnerable to some counterplay from DoT damage sources, but would also allow the rogue to more freely use that said stealth, avoiding situations where the passive stealth activates just as you get stunned/silenced, wasting the whole thing. Regardless, interesting idea.
  8. Theres multiple people with all of these books and none of them come even close to the abuse that those examples show. The books aren't the problem.
  9. Obviously not. Which is why chief is a problem.
  10. If the books were the issue, other classes with the same books could do the same, but they can't.
  11. That teleport will still more often than not put them in harms way. And 5 seconds really is not long, its probably not even long enough for the person who died to get their passive skills back up.
  12. For that resist buff on pull seeker would have to lose 30% of its damage. Sure if rogue got 30% dmg taken away for 20% resist for a bit that would be fine. What you we're suggesting here was a raw 50%, yes, 50%, nearly DOUBLE of those 2 combined, with no downside. More reasonable would be for rogue to lose stealth dmg buff completely, even on the first hit, in exchange for 20% resist. That would be in line with your example. Side note: For a seeker to even activate both at the same time, you'd have to come out of stealth, then jump, and then start doing damage, giving up another stun and majority duration of the 8% buff. While also losing 30% dmg.
  13. Yea mages have a similiar resist. They also come with way less damage, no movement speed and no heal/dmg reduction on demand.
  14. Seekers issues aren't relevant to this. Also their resist is only 8%, while lacking any ranged attacks, which rogue has 3 of, one of which is a stun. Also they don't gain any damage from their stealth, while rogue does. 50% would be broken because it would end in a cycle of coming out of stealth, being resist buffed to near 100%, and being able to stealth back with barely any time for anybody to do anything to cc the rogue. Complete immunity to cc like that on a extremely high damage class that can come in and out of stealth is a massive issue. The 8% seeker has is already a problem when buffed. 50% is complete overkill.
  15. 50% resist is a ridiculous idea, rogues would be running around with resist buffs literally unstunnable, just to stealth again and repeat it. Imagine a unstunnable class that can appear from thin air, hit 4k autos on full awarded ppl, which has 100% resist, heals, has maxed out dodge, and can disappear from a fight at any given moment.
  16. 2 classes can be broken at the same time. It isn't mutually exclusive.
  17. Guess all we can do is hope the rebalance thats coming will be something that keeps the majority of people happy. Personally im excited to see a meta shift atleast, whichever way it goes. Maybe will even get to upgrade and play rogue if they become unstoppable.
  18. That BM is barely hanging on to its life vs a low dmg class by spamming pots. Also the reason you ended up taking so much dmg is the biolysis effect from arena reward skill thats lowering your resilience. '
  19. I mean it looks like hes mainly afk autoing, barely see him use skills.
  20. The major problem with chiefs isn't the damage itself, it's them being unstoppable and almost unkillable with their extremely long resist skill and rugged/heal combo. Not to mention you can't even run away from their damage since for some reason they need to run fast too. Point being, the damage only becomes too much when theres literally no way to counter it
  21. I mean that chief was afk majority of that video, it didn't even use skills lol. The pala doesn't even have bleeds on him
  22. I'd love to see the gears and amps of these people. Surprisingly it isn't shown here, wonder why
  23. Other things seem nice(except adding even more damage for reason), but a flat 33% dmg reduction on reflex for no downside is alot. Getting a slight resist boost on dodges seems far more fair than that. Like say 7,5/10/12,5/15% resist boost when reflex is active. Or you could combine both of your suggestions in a way. The guaranteed dodges on reflex would be way too abusable, especially with how current stealth works. Instead it could accumulate stacks of reduced damage. For example 20/25/30/40% stacks of reduced damage, while working the same way as suggested with dodge.
  24. I like the idea, but thats alot of buffs for no downside added. For example adding the aoe healing effect to it seems nice, but reducing its duration, for example to 5 seconds, would balance it a little bit. The def increase seems a bit redundant, since lock will be full hp after the use of this skill anyway. And 100% resist is really strong. Instead, you could add a 80% dmg reduction to one hit from an auto attack/an instant damage skill after the skill ends, alongside with 1 guaranteed resist stack, instead of immunity for 3 seconds. This would give the lock time to evade instant death and cc after the skill, but would also keep it balanced.
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