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  1. I just explained how the math works. At 60% you'll have a 100% dodge chance against -40% accu. But since cap is 63, and with the suggestion of talent being 15%, that cap goes to 78%, meaning at -22% accu its a 100% dodge chance. And since kick is -45% accu, at 23% accu you would reach that 100% chance.
  2. Thats like a 5% increase in max dodge cap, thats a big deal. It means that now anyone whos at 13% or less accu, and gets kick landed to them wont even be able to hit the rogue, since the dodge chance will hit 100%. Its virtually allowing you to hit a 68% max dodge cap. If it was any higher, the levels would start reaching ridiculous heights. At 15%, anyone whos at 23% or below accu, would not be able to hit the rogue at all during kick. Like, straight immortality to the rogue since dodge chance will go to 100%. And let's not forget that even a 80% dodge chance is nearly virtual immortality for a class that can disappear. So currently with that talent and kick, rogues can reach a 80% dodge chance against ppl with as high as 33% accu, if the talent was 15% they'd reach that 80% chance against 43% accu. With that talent at 15%, they'd be reaching 73% dodge chance even against maxed 50% accu. A 73% dodge chance against people who have specifically maxed out the stat to counter dodge, that would be ridiculous. Even with the 5% its already a 63% dodge chance vs people with 50% accu, which by itself is already too much imo. And let's not forget all this would be on top of their mage barrier like guaranteed dodges. It really seems that if the buff is anything short of a permanent immortality, you will complain. It's just so stupid.
  3. Rogues aren't even that weak. They're the highest burst dmg pvp wise in the game, before update atleast, then bd will take that throne. Watching these complaints, it seems like you people want a skill that makes you immortal in a situation where your char is supposed to be weak at. Assassin type classes aren't meant to be strong at fighting classes that specialize in brawler type gameplay head on, such as chiefs/bds/reapers/barbs. Now you got a huge defensive buff to cover that weakness, and cause it doesn't make rogue completely immortal, theres complaining. It's the exact same way how people complain about dodge. Yes, dodge alone won't make you immortal, like any other stat, but it's a really good defensive buff. This update buffed rogue so much, to a point where pvp wise it easily is better than seekers probably ever were, for sure better than they are now with update. And the same ppl who said seekers are broken now complain the same power level isn't enough for rogue. It's just funny.
  4. People just like to ignore stealth existing, idk why, it's so strong both offensively and defensively. Even this length is way more abusable for rogues than mages since they can just wait the cd in stealth. Rogues got a massive defensive buff for pvp and a massive dmg buff for PvE, but still all the rogues just complain. How can you even take it seriously at this point lol.
  5. Wanting a mage barrier but one that lasts triple the time, lul
  6. For elf side i'd say priests/palas are the best pvp supports currently. For PvE druid is fine also, but lacks a bit comparatively.
  7. The priest changes seem nice. Truce change is a bit of a weird one, but not necessarily a bad one. It does still virtually make the target do no damage to you, but the downside is you'll be vulnerable to their stuns still. Using truce on warlocks over damage classes for example used to be a great choice in places like seals, where it allowed you to avoid their aoe stuns for a short while. I suppose it does go both ways too, since the priest will now be able to cast stund on truces target aswell. It certainly does promote a new way of playing at the very least. As for tears change, for pvp that makes sense. The current way it worked was kind of abusable, but for PvE it is a bit of a bummer. Priests ability to support in PvE got nerfed with gods help being made worse already and now this tears change takes away the great utility of being able to help teammates clear out mob groups. Maybe this could be changed so the additional scans for targets from teammates/character only applies to monsters, while ignoring players? This would keep the abilitys utility in PvE situations while still removing the abusable aspect of it for pvp.
  8. Surely that new truce description is a mistake? Leveling it would literally do nothing else but make you do less damage, while the enemy does same on every level
  9. This would just result in most wars gmbecoming draws in any somewhat equal server. Or at best 1 or 2 flags. There are some decent ways to counter ls spammers, bds being budfed for elf, and chiefs using frenzy on stun buffs for example for mc
  10. I dont do daily arena alot so wouldn't know whos booked or not. The few ones you see books activating on though are super tanky. Also the main reason for that is that generally its alot more pvp elf demanding than mc. Half the mcs i run into when do end up demanding are either not properly geared or afk.
  11. I don't actually. Or its the reality that mc side players seem to lack any motivation or unity to compete, in EU atleast. It is a rare sight that MC side in eu would come together to actually compete, making it really difficult to have those people stand out.
  12. I wouldn't call a nearly 10 year old bd fresh. If i somehow run into an equally geared dk ill grab a clip. Not sure if eu has any fully booked dks though, but the ones who do exist do fine with shield.
  13. Dks seem to survive against my bd just fine. 2h ones a are less tanky sure but thats the tradeoff you sign up for not using shield.
  14. You don't, thats the point. Other melee classes aren't able to charge in and tank everything either. Theres a reason guilds rarely accept classes like rogues, reapers, bds or seekers. Every class is supposed to have a weakness.
  15. Rogues, bds, seekers and reapers also only do melee damage, mostly anyway. High bursts of it, but they're unable to just do that freely while being immune and under damage reduction. Also they don't just passively do aoe dmg like eagle does. These classes are balanced in group fights because they are counterable, while chiefs just aren't.
  16. Paladins and dk are tanks, aren't those the exact classes supposed to be there tanking the dmg? Sure, phys chiefs aren't capable of doing anything from far away, but that doesn't mean they're supposed to be tanking all of it either. Same way bds, rogues, seekers, reapers(reapers kinda can with dd) can't just run into the frontline and deal their massive bursts. Chief being able to do equal single target dmg comparable to all those classes, while also doing massive aoe, and being the tank is just plain broken. Imagine if seekers could just run in, survive and constantly slap ppl around with their attack instinct. That would be ridiculously overpowered, much like chiefs are now. Except that chiefs do this aoe passively even if you somehow land a stun through their nearly permanent resist.
  17. Chiefs aren't inherently a frontline class though. They're perfectly capable of hanging in the middle of the pack, casting their high dmg aoe skills. The fact that a low def cloth user class can even play frontline better than tanks designed for it, speaks volumes already about how broken their skill set is.
  18. Orcinus book simply takes the already existing issues to a ridiculous extreme. The issues exist without it too. You cut out the part where i said its at the very least a cycle of permanent resist/dmg reduction. Eu situation is different. The mc side in eu lacks the leadership, unity or just general interest to even try and compete. It ends up being one mc pty with the chieftain wiping the floor with every pty, while elf spam parties avoid it and spam while it's inside arena. You can look at other more active servers and see how it is there. Heres BR server for example.
  19. 50% dmg reduction is way too strong. Seekers get that but it's at the cost of -70% max hp. And yet ppl claim they are super tanky. Having these lvls of damage reduction is just too much for a class that can heal and do massive aoe and single target damage.
  20. You're looking at every skill individually. Yes, if you look at one skill or aspect of the class at a time there is no issue. The issue is the combination from all of these. Just having long dmg redu and resist on demand is extremely strong. At the very least that ends in either being permanently immune to stuns, or on massive dmg reduction. Once you add those 2 in combination with the ability to heal (which already interacts way too strongly with resilience relic due to rugged ensuring survivability at those low hps), strong damage, movement speed and having an aoe sap root combo (at -50% dmg/speed its the strongest sap in the game as far as im aware, while being aoe) you end up with an unstoppable force of nature. Like come on, we're talking seeker levels of dmg reduction, sometimes even higher, for 0 cost. To put it in perspective, seekers sacrifice 70% of their max hp to achieve that. On top of that, chiefs have rogue/bd levels of single target burst, with a resist longer than mages all the while having the fastest movement speed in the game. On top of passively applying bleeds to anyone who dares to come close. Then you sprinkle in the strongest aoe sap in the game and add root effect to it, and for funsies add extremely high aoe capability(because why not). All of this on one class. You can't cc them, you can't burst them, you can't even run away from them and you can't even catch them if they find themselves in a risky situations. What's the counter play here? It's way too much for one single class.
  21. You're comparing a DoT skill that takes 5 separate skill uses to setup, and comparing it to a instant damage a skill. Not to mention it also gets ramped up by max mana, reaching higher levels easily. Idk what you're trying to say, 2 completely different skills.
  22. Don't think theres a single elf class that can do everything even close to how chiefs can. Bds have massive dmg and are tanky, being very strong in arenas, but in mass fights they're worthless due to their lack of range and stack resist being only viable with a small amount of cc. Mages are sort of the opposite, they're great in mass fights but lack in single target dmg, making them not ideal for small scale arena fights. Bm is possibly the only class close to as versatile as chiefs are, but most people seem to agree those indeed are broken.
  23. The pve side is a problem too. Like at this point seekers can solo dgs just as fast as other spam parties without a seeker. Either all other damagers need to get a pve buff to be able to atleast compete against seekers, or it should be toned down a bit. Something as simple as making their self buffs last a little less would already balance it alot. Currently excur or however it is spelled lasts like 40+ seconds with continuous relic, making it so that the seeker rarely has to self buff again before everything is dead. Or simply just adjust other classes to be able to match the PvE damage output of the seeker. Personally I don't see any downside to that either, would just make PvE more enjoyable for everyone.
  24. Phys chiefs have extremely high single target burst, idk what this is about. On top of the burst they just also passive apply high damage bleeds to anyone who happens to even get close.
  25. The problem isn't just the resist. Mages have it too, yes, but for one its shorter (no extension from debuff removal) and secondly they don't have everything else chief has. Orci book simply highlights the already existing issue to a ridiculous extreme, the class is just way more versatile than anything else. It just has everything, from dmg reduction to heal to speed to massive dmg in both aoe and single target, all while still having access to a extremely long resist and a magic ban equivalent and for some reason a -50% dmg and speed aoe sap that works like a root. Like, why?. It's like 5 different classes best skills taken and put all into one. There is a reason this class is best in all types of arena, whether its 2v2, 3v3s or higher and gvgs. That's just way too much for one class.
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