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  1. Imagine if in game mods we're added and they would start abusing their powers for personal issues/opinions. That would be a mess.
  2. Got loads of screenshots of some people trading chars, or even buying chars before even leveling them in order to play the game. Unfortunately it seems you can't get the constant mcoin buyers banned for this.
  3. Nevermind. I ran some junk clearing program and it started working
  4. I did reinstall it and tried both light and normal version. It still just gives the same message.
  5. I have Sony xperia play with Android 2.3.4. I know it says in website you need to have 2.3.6 in order to run the game, but it worked fine until yesterday. I have been using this phone for a while and it's worked ok, but now suddenly it won't work. I just get a message saying the app has stopped unexpectedly. Any ideas why this might be happening? And like I said, it worked fine for a long time till yesterday.
  6. Not saying this isn't happening, but there's a difference between disagreeing with ur religion and being disrespectful.
  7. vavavi

    My goodbyes.

    Awkward isn't it xd
  8. Easy if you have music and good team to talk with whilst at it
  9. vavavi

    My goodbyes.

    It really can become an addiction. First you buy small amounts then realise how easy it makes everything. Eventually you'll be buying large amounts just because you've forgotten how to manage without it.
  10. There's plenty of good priests out there. You don't only need to look at their amp. Kirihito, inkognito, playkillz. All good priests.
  11. I earlier said nota was, after some thinking I'd say inkognito is one of the best
  12. Yeah, why is armistice cooldown still same even after downloading new client?
  13. I'd really love a reply. Need to know before buying the gift card.
  14. Hey, I've recently decided to buy mcoins(well I've bought before via sms but it's expensive) and I want to buy through Google play. Problem is, that I can't buy from there, when I go to in game option of buying, I get PayPal, gift card and credit card as payment option. I stumbled across a topic about this from last year where it said I'd need to download game via Google play and not the apk file to get the option. I did that and still don't have other options. I wanted to ask is it possible to buy through Google play otherwise? Or if I was to buy a 50€ gift card for example, and used it on the option to redeem, would I get 50€ worth of coins? There's only options for 38 and 80€. Thanks
  15. I usually spend mty time in pvp cave sitting and talking to people, and i cant help noticing that every once in a while someone asks someone to fight them for a reward, like gold/signs for example. The problem with thus is that you cant force the losing playdr to pay. So my suggestion is that there would be a way of making sure to get the payment. For example, you could challenge a player, deposit the reward into some storage and after the fight the winner could acces the storage.
  16. For lvl 14 3/5 sounds reasonable. And saying that mana burn is useless in farming isntt completely true. For example, many dungeon bosses use skills which require mana, using mana burn on them will male killing them easier since no skills. I have lvl 5 drain on my priest and it has turned out to be very useful in dungeons. But each to his own, thats just my opinion.
  17. vavavi

    Symbian problems

    So this means i have no way of accessing my char until i get a new device?
  18. Hello devs,mods or admins. Basically hi anyone who might be able to answer me. Ive had some crashing in ayvondil for a long time, but its gotten worse now. Earlier today i walked to tlaskoe quest area to do a few quests(this was on my roommates android based tablet), and after a few hours i try to log on my char and i cant. Everytime i try to log in the client crashes. After this i tried logging on my other char, which was placed in irselnort, and it workked fine. My question is, that is there any way of fixing this? I cant log my rogue at all only because its at tlaskoe area and my phone cant take it without crashing. Thanks in advance for the answers. Im sure you deva have bigger problems also, but if this is happening to many ppl its serious enough to atleast look into.
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