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  1. A priest is amazing to counter locks if youre used to playing one. If you want fast kills a bit easier ranger with good dmg and mdef is the best choice.
  2. Not my words, its from eula. And neither is it my concern what others do with their accounts.
  3. Actually EULA states that the access to ones account is only granted to the creator. Anyone else accessing it is forbidden and can lead to a punishment.
  4. This could work if the price was defined by something else than market which can be easily manipulated. Other idea could just be risingthe sell price of higher level items to npc, for example like 20k for lvl 18 items or something similiar. Then again market system could just have an option to put an buy offer on an item which other players could view. For example, Player A wants to buy sudden doom blade for 30k but cant find anyone selling. He could put the offer in market and wait someone to respond.
  5. The lack of space is exactly why i have 5 lvl 1 elves on us/eu just to be able to make char there someday xd
  6. vavavi

    Hey Warspear

    I understand if ppl need help with a boss, but when they ask you to help kill some mobs for a regular quest it just gets frustrating. Money wise the ones who say they "need" a costume are the worst. Only if it was like a repair or something.
  7. vavavi

    Hey Warspear

    People who ask for like 500g and once you give it to them they start pming every day for more gold or help with everything.
  8. Notorious B.I.G,matoma-Old thing back (feat. Ja Rule and Ralph Tresvant)
  9. The minimum to do is to atleast allow the gear to be returned. If it really was a bug it cant be blamed on the player. And boss contest made it pretty clear spawning items and giving them to a char isnt a problem to devs. It would just be the reasonable thing to do.
  10. vavavi

    Bots in WS?

    What of the person simply is watching a movie or a video or anything that is keeping him from being fully concentrated to the game? It leads to just killing a mob or two every once in a while.
  11. I don't recall tornado being out in the same day as song. And I don't know about us, but in eu that's literally what every druid does. Idk if there's any good priests or necros in us but clearly you haven't fought one if you can state you "rape" them.
  12. Im sure you werent the only one to change their build at that day. And priests/necros are superior compared to druid/shaman in both pvp and pve.
  13. The game has a few of these weird bugs that happen after a very specific chain of events. No-one bothers to report them since they usually Fix themselves after relog. For example yesterday I was going circus dungeon and was just about to summon a minion before we entered. I klicked the use button but at the same time party leader went for dungeon so we entered. In dung I didn't have a minion and couldn't use one. After it ended I just relogged and it was fixed. If this is the case here it's just fair to try fix it somehow. It's pretty clear that No-one who has an arena char with so much effort put into it would be careless about this.
  14. vavavi

    Bots in WS?

    If someone has the patience to grind for gold and quests doesn't mean they are a bot. And ignoring party invs and pms is just normal. It gets annoying when random ppl you don't know start pming you "hi" or asking for gold/help.
  15. Finally I can find out when I first played. Can't check on old druid since I don't remember any of it.
  16. Circus dung with 4 rogues and 1 deathknight
  17. Imagine if in game mods we're added and they would start abusing their powers for personal issues/opinions. That would be a mess.
  18. Got loads of screenshots of some people trading chars, or even buying chars before even leveling them in order to play the game. Unfortunately it seems you can't get the constant mcoin buyers banned for this.
  19. Nevermind. I ran some junk clearing program and it started working
  20. I did reinstall it and tried both light and normal version. It still just gives the same message.
  21. I have Sony xperia play with Android 2.3.4. I know it says in website you need to have 2.3.6 in order to run the game, but it worked fine until yesterday. I have been using this phone for a while and it's worked ok, but now suddenly it won't work. I just get a message saying the app has stopped unexpectedly. Any ideas why this might be happening? And like I said, it worked fine for a long time till yesterday.
  22. Not saying this isn't happening, but there's a difference between disagreeing with ur religion and being disrespectful.
  23. vavavi

    My goodbyes.

    Awkward isn't it xd
  24. Easy if you have music and good team to talk with whilst at it
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